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The newspapers have changed their tune this morning

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Ifeel1000yearsold Fri 08-May-20 09:04:39

Just that really. Headlines now saying lockdown until June. Very different from yesterday’s headlines.

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BeforeIPutOnMyMakeup Fri 08-May-20 09:06:20

The newspapers are run by owners who want to dictate to the government how they should control the crisis.

Michelleoftheresistance Fri 08-May-20 09:10:11

It reminds me of what the police say when there's a serious crime splashed all over the papers: you have to keep feeding the papers a 'new' thing to say every few days, otherwise they just start making stuff up to keep the story running, regardless of the damage it may do.

Toomboom Fri 08-May-20 09:15:21

That's why no one should believe everything they read in the newspapers! Each paper tends to say different things as they have their own agenda. Unfortunately too many believe everything they read.

I read the papers daily, but mostly take what I read with a pinch of salt.

Wait until Sunday when Boris will tell us what is going to happen.

Cornettoninja Fri 08-May-20 09:16:12

Our media have run into trouble before from irresponsible reporting and I agree with @beforeiputonmymakeup’s assessment. The headlines yesterday were based on nothing.

Two clear sides have emerged in a lot of countries and both are spinning baseless propaganda to back up their arguments. It’s frustrating that even during a global pandemic people can’t put their power struggles to one side.

EricaNernie Fri 08-May-20 09:22:19

they have a quote from Starmer on the front of the daily telegraph shock
in the rest of the piece do they criticise him?

but the mail has stuck with its megan and harry exposure

FlowersAreBeautiful Fri 08-May-20 09:27:43

The government through the BBC briefings have been (to me anyway) consistent in their stay at home message. It's the media who are fueling the rise in people going out with headlines like these. It's confusing (some) people who are using it as an excuse to relax the rules. The media can't be sensored but if we are in this situation over the winter, I hope the government will crack down on this as it's undermining the message they are trying to convey

Asuitablecat Fri 08-May-20 09:35:10

Have they been called the head about spreading rumours?

Asuitablecat Fri 08-May-20 09:37:22

Are they worried that if everyone goes out and we spike, we'll blame the press?

Bertoldbrecht Fri 08-May-20 09:39:09

Lets see a multitude of threads over the next few days whipping up demands to relax it even further. Seems to be a bit of a thing. Happened a few weeks ago.

Cornettoninja Fri 08-May-20 09:43:31

The government need to up their communication to the public imho. I know they’re working within the constraints of a lot of unknowns but the lack of openness about what their current plan is just allows speculation to run rife and evolve into ‘fact’.

Take the whole ‘restrictions will be lifted on Monday’ the whole discussion centres round what hasn’t been said and vague interpretations of supposed hints. I think the government does things like that at times on purpose to test the public mood but this crisis needs decisive, firm actions and is not the time to fuel oppositions in the community by leaving the public to fight it out amongst themselves armed with media spin.

They need to make decisions (and change them if need be) and own the consequences from that. Public pressure shouldn’t be as big a factor as it seems to be when the public just don’t have access to the same resources and information our government does.

That’s not to say I believe in a totalitarian government but I do understand that they will be privy to information that we just aren’t - or we are but we don’t have the same expertise on hand to advise us on the intricate meanings and possible consequences of our interpretations. There are some situations that just can’t be dealt with effectively by following the public mood.

There’s such a huge reluctance from people to admit what they don’t know for fear of losing face of looking stupid.

thatgingergirl Fri 08-May-20 09:44:06

I'd like to think they got a negative response to yesterday's irresponsible front pages (and not just from the government).

The PM needs to realise he should have emphasised that any "easing" would be absolutely minimal when he talked about it though - he must know the media will blow anything out of proportion.

Impiz Fri 08-May-20 09:46:37

The government has been clear and consistent all along!

On Monday they said that Boris’s announcement would move from Thursday to Sunday so that data released yesterday could be included in the decision making.

They also said Sunday would NOT result in any restrictions being released but that it would actually be Boris setting out the roadmap for the future

The press have been a fucking disgrace!

Cornettoninja Fri 08-May-20 09:50:21

Are they worried that if everyone goes out and we spike, we'll blame the press?

Doubt it. They’re the ones who make the headlines and they’re not going to be quick to print headlines saying they’ve done anything wrong.

The only times I really remember the press turning on itself were when princess Diana died and the phone bugging scandal and even then it wasn’t in an apologetic way, more of series of finger pointing amongst themselves.

Patterjack Fri 08-May-20 09:50:46

I'm not looking at the press anymore, I can't keep up with the differences in reporting every day 🤷‍♀️

Redolent Fri 08-May-20 09:52:20

Yes they probably got a bollocking from their Tory overloads. Too late. The alcohol for today has already been purchased.

SmileEachDay Fri 08-May-20 09:53:57

Yeah I noticed this. Even the Telegraph, who were screeching “MAY 11th. JUNE 1st” re schools is now mumbling “ummmm 🤷🏻‍♀️“

Cornettoninja Fri 08-May-20 09:54:53

@Impiz, you’re not wrong but a large proportion of the public don’t watch the PM announcements or indeed any politician statements and choose to get their information summarised from one of the main news sites/publications and even then people don’t tend to seek out multiple sources and stick to whatever paper satisfies their personal bias.

The government can clearly see this happening so need to make more of an effort to circulate their intentions if these major news sources are reporting incorrect statements so there can be no doubt about their meaning.

CuriousaboutSamphire Fri 08-May-20 10:05:15

How would they do that, if their target audience deliberately avoids any news that comes straight from the horse's mouth?

They could talk, tweet, sing, tap dance and ride a bloody unicycle. Some people will still prefer to get their news pre digested.

Futurenostalgia Fri 08-May-20 10:08:20

Yes it’s ridiculous and people have latched on to it, especially the schools reopening.

Apparently now there’s no change for the average person in lockdown, just garden centres reopening from Monday confused.

80sMum Fri 08-May-20 10:08:54

Things are already changing. The little shop in our village has posted a notice to say that it is reopening on Monday and our local recycling centre/waste tip is also reopening. Cost Coffee opened several drive thrus last weekend.

Somehow or other, businesses must be allowed to reopen soon or the whole country will be bankrupt - and that could have far worse consequences than this virus, I think.

SinisterBumFacedCat Fri 08-May-20 10:09:13

Are they worried that if everyone goes out and we spike, we'll blame the press?

I should think they will just turn it around and blame someone else. A bit like when the paparazzi killed Diana.

Chillipeanuts Fri 08-May-20 10:17:13


The newspapers are run by owners who want to dictate to the government how they should control the crisis.”

Exactly this. The media and business leaders are driving this whole thing now, for their own purposes.

I still don’t think the majority of schools will be back until September, secondary certainly. (Mystic Meg that I am 😁). Even if they are, so many parents just won’t send their children in that education as usual won’t be tenable. Likewise, pubs and restaurants may reopen in a few weeks but people can’t be forced to go to them and many won’t.

The transport and teaching unions are very unhappy about current proposals and it will take a long time to satisfy them in respect of the health and safety of their members. I heard a minister on the radio saying the government and local councils are looking at ways of facilitating people cycling and walking to work. Not a lot of use if you have an hour long train commute.

Some people are expecting way to much from Sunday’s announcement, they’ve read into what they hope to see and are likely to be disappointed. This is going to be a long old haul.

SmileEachDay Fri 08-May-20 10:22:33

I hope we get something sensible and detailed like this:

Michelleoftheresistance Fri 08-May-20 10:32:44

The damage has been done. The street is full of cars and families assembling for VE day parties, family reunions going on, and these are neighbours who have been responsible and careful since the start. The message heard by many has been it's all going to end on Monday and families can get back together again, so what's the difference in doing it a few days early?

Too much govt dithering and no grip on the press or attempt to redirect/correct constant misinformation.

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