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Hate hate hate Tesco’s

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Itwasntme1 Tue 07-Apr-20 00:11:00

I have sat up to midnight for the last seven nights trying to get a slot for my elderly aunt and uncle.

I just got so excited that I managed to get a slot on 27 April and the site came up with a little oops something went wrong, kicked me out and now all slots are gone.

Why is it so bloody hard. I could actually have cried. I was so excited that I finally had some good news for them.

youkiddingme Tue 07-Apr-20 00:13:11

I've just been in a queue for ages, got in at 2 minutes past midnight, nothing left. And then we get inundated with emails and TV ads from Tesco, with all sorts of recipes - really? erm the ingredients to make them would be blooming marvellous.

Bunnybigears Tue 07-Apr-20 00:13:54

It's a very hot and miss kind of way to get their shopping to them anyway as the pickers can only pick what's on the shelves. I know a few cases where the elderly recipient has had to go to the shops anyway after the delivery because so much was missing. Are they too far away for you to take the shopping round? If so there are lots of volunteer groups doing shopping for people try the local facebook page for where they live.

LoveLongLife Tue 07-Apr-20 00:15:42

Op, same thing happened to me. Check your email to see if you got confirmation?

GreenTulips Tue 07-Apr-20 00:16:10

There also other suppliers

Morrison’s are doing basic boxes but try local farmers and butchers for fresh food

teddyfleece Tue 07-Apr-20 00:17:52

me too, but I do have an email conforming the order, but its not showing in 'my orders'

LoveLongLife Tue 07-Apr-20 00:18:08

OP, I got the same oops message while checking out and then nothing showed up in the 'my Orders'

I waited about 5 minutes (panicking) and then the confirmation email came through. When I logged back in my slot was visible, but it was a hard 10 minutes thinking it got lost and it didn't.
I've been trying for weeks and am listed as vulnerable but can't get a Sainsbury slot either.

Lou573 Tue 07-Apr-20 00:18:56

I just had the same thing but have an email confirmation? It’s not showing in the app though...really fed up with Tesco, they have made this very difficult and we’re not able to get out at all - have a vulnerable person letter. Will not be using them again when this is all over.

Pipandmum Tue 07-Apr-20 00:19:21

I kept on getting 'something went wrong' until I realised I had more than 80 items. Once I reduced it it was fine. But I only got one slot in a four week time frame.

Itwasntme1 Tue 07-Apr-20 00:21:54

Thanks all. They have a stubborn independent streak and a Tesco home delivery is about all they will tolerate.

I am self isolating so trying to organise things remotely for them.

TheY live rurally, but I have the numbers of their butchers etc so can get small parcels to them, and make sure they have food. Tesco is just handy to get them one big shop, with all the little things that the butchers and greengrocers etc won’t have. They are set in their ways and this is proving a big challenge😊. But at least they have agreed to stay in the house and garden.

Oh well, I will try again tomorrow.

Dilligaf81 Tue 07-Apr-20 00:22:08

Whereabouts in the country are they?
Look for wholesalers who would usually supply restaurants as they are now doing deliveries. Or what about meal boxes or meat from muscle food online and a veg box. Most of these sites do extras as well plus milk and more have just extended their range of foods and other items.

creaturcomforts Tue 07-Apr-20 00:22:34

I did manage to get one slot but for Asda at 4am as I couldn't sleep but it does seem hit and miss. I don't usually shop with Asda after I'd waited in several times last year and the order hadn't arrived but im grateful for it as I can't take my daughter in the supermarket with me! I'm not shopping for anyone vulnerable but as a lone parent and a non driver I find shopping difficult. I did feel guilty about getting my one slot though as other people really need it! No food in the house though and nearest supermarket a long walk away.

Itwasntme1 Tue 07-Apr-20 00:23:36

This is exhausting😊. Sorry all, I just lost my temper and needed to vent.

There are people much worse of and we have alternatives.

Sleep now.

RedDiamond Tue 07-Apr-20 00:25:49

@Itwasntme1 - Try about 3pm in the afternoon. I got one at that time last Thursday. They are not always released at midnight. I hope you get one soon. flowers

Didkdt Tue 07-Apr-20 00:26:36

Been there I thought I'd booked a slot but I was booted out
Local boxes Milk and More
Amazon Fresh and Prime Now
Apparently Iceland but they don't deliver where I live
Muscle Food boxes
Deliveroo do Co OP deliveries in some areas
I can't offer more than that. It's not like a supermarket shop but I don't know when I'll be able to achieve that simple task again

HeddaGarbled Tue 07-Apr-20 00:30:29

I know it’s frustrating but I think there might be a reason why the supermarkets are struggling to meet demand at the moment.

AmelieTaylor Tue 07-Apr-20 00:34:31

It just did the exact same thing to me!

Also trying to get groceries for my 90 yo Aunt & only Tesco will do.

Thanks though guys, I do have the email...I’ll see if it’s sorted itself out in the morning...or not.

@Lou573. I think that’s a bit unfair. They’re a supermarket, they’re doing their best, it’s not their fault every man, his dog & its mate suddenly wants to order online & they’re coping with CV with their staff etc too. All considered I don’t think they’re doing badly. Far better then Sainsbury.

middleager Tue 07-Apr-20 00:35:38

My second night with no joy.

I too managed to get an Asda slot at 4am once!

I think you might have to ring local independent farm/grocers/butchers stores, use milkman as suggested previously.

I've not managed to get a Morrisons or M&S box. I think COOp might do a click and collect option.

AmelieTaylor Tue 07-Apr-20 00:37:47

@Itwasntme1 Try looking in yourvemail or signing back in . Thanks to @LoveLongLife 🌷I realise it has captured my slot 😍

middleager Tue 07-Apr-20 00:38:43

I think you are going to have to tell them that 'only Tesco will do' is not the only option.

Or put a call.out on their local FB pages for local volunteers.

Itwasntme1 Tue 07-Apr-20 00:39:41

Also I know it’s not Tesco’s fault, they couldn’t have predicted this massive surge in demand and change in how we shop. I am amazed their website is still standing.

I just need to cool down and regroup.

Sorry all.

Teddypops Tue 07-Apr-20 00:40:30

Try as many devices as possible, I had 3 devices and only 1 didn't freeze. I went for click and collect though as thought I would get a better chance .

Itwasntme1 Tue 07-Apr-20 00:44:47

Oh. Dear. god. It Just appeared.

I am beyond happy. They will have lime marmalade and beetroot and kitchen roll and Hp sauce and roll on deodorant and white bread (and many many other odd things). Well they probably won’t, but they will have slightly similar alternatives😊.

How can one Tesco order weeks away from now make me this bloody happy.

I clearly need to play this game with a cooler head.

HippoMumsy Tue 07-Apr-20 00:47:29

Woohoo! Great news op xx

bridgetreilly Tue 07-Apr-20 00:48:07

Well done, OP! Now go to bed.

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