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Two week wait madness!

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Maybebaby76 Thu 06-Aug-09 14:38:33

I know all we can do is wait but isn't it just the hardest thing!!! angry

We have been ttc for 18 months, in that time we've had 2 mc and an ectopic, so I know we can do the first bit!

Just finding it realy hard to be patient and wait for that ever hopeful BFP (even though that in intself will bring a whole new load of worries with it)!!

Just wanting to rant and to see if anybody else is going through the same thing right now?? grin

Spirael Thu 06-Aug-09 15:49:26

I'm not in exactly the same situation, as it's only my first cycle of TTC#1. I guess it's a different set of worries for me, as I wonder whether my DH and I are even viable, or if I'm on the rocky road to discovering it's never going to happen!!

Still, at least I can share the pain of the horrid two week wait... As I've got another 13 days before I'd expect AF to come for an unwanted visit or I can start properly checking for that coveted BFP!

Before starting TTC, I had everything meticulously planned out and was determined to stay cool, calm and collected. But I'm beginning to realise that it's just not going to happen. blush I've been symptom spotting already, and I'm not even sure if I've ovulated yet!!

I've also managed to irritate a friend by having a minor sulk at her after one of my work colleagues just announced that he and his wife are expecting another child.

I'm happy for them, really! But I still feel irrationally sulky, and being told to get over myself by my friend wasn't the response I was looking for. angry

Being handed a nice slab of chocolate or a tub of ice-cream would have gone down much better... wink

Maybebaby76 Thu 06-Aug-09 16:10:22

Hey Spirael

Your message made me chuckle, he he! Just in that your reaction to the pregnancy announcement rings so many bells with me, oh and the symptom spotting, he hee!

Being told to get over yourself is not very helpful at all is it. I assume your friend has no children or is not planning to at the moment?

It is very easy for people who are not going through this journey to underestimate what a huge blooming deal it actually is.

I hope and wish that your TTC is a success. You must try and remain positive that this will happen for you, the odds are that everything will be just perfect. It just comes sooner for some than for others.

I think a positive attitude goes a long way and communication! This forum has helped through many a doubt and put my mind at ease on lots of occassions. It can sometimes feel like we are the only ones going crazy but it's good to know we've got company!

When I've got my time machine up and running, I'll let you know! 2 week wait no more grin

Spirael Thu 06-Aug-09 17:05:40

Yes, you're right about my friend. She's not currently married and has no plans for children, possibly ever! So I'm getting the feeling she's not really understanding my baby craving situation at all.

Oh well, at least my colleague at work planned to have the previous child and this new one. A lot of people I know seem to be 'accidentally' falling pregnant at the moment, which in some ways is even more irksome when you've been patiently waiting for years to make sure you're in the best possible situation!

With a bit of luck it'll be BFPs all around at the end of the month and everything will work out perfect for both of us! Then next year hopefully everyone currently hanging around MN while TTC will be sharing tips about caring for newborns. Staying optimistic does seem like the best thing to try and do!

In the meantime... A time machine would be good, or at worst a magic ball where we could look into the future and know the result ahead of time would work! grin I wouldn't be so wound up if I already knew what the answer will be.

Maybebaby76 Thu 06-Aug-09 18:40:08

So true!

I wish you lots of luck lovely! As my very fab friends (with bumps and babies) keep telling me, our time will come!

Keep me posted x x

Spirael Fri 07-Aug-09 08:21:54

When are you going to be able to test? From looking at my calendar, AF isn't due until the 18th August...which is a whole 11 days away! shock

I might be forced to have a sneaky test or two on the weekend before though, if I'm starting to get suspicious. Just on the off chance!

Is anyone else going to be testing on or around that weekend??

Maybebaby76 Fri 07-Aug-09 10:51:09

Aunt Flo has scheduled a visit this Monday...have to confess blush I've done a few sneaky tests already, ha ha!

I just can't help myself!

I have started buying cheap tests off ebay, saved me a fortune with this obsessive

Maybebaby76 Fri 07-Aug-09 10:53:51

compulsion, he hee!

Opps, posted the message before I had finished!

Hope the 11 days fly by for you...if you're anything like me though, the more you try not to think about it the more it actually takes over your brain!

I try and distract myself by filling up my time with as much fun stuff as possible!

Maybebaby76 Fri 07-Aug-09 10:55:09

...which actually doesn't always work hence why I am posting on here like a crazy lady! Ha haaa! grin

Gargula Fri 07-Aug-09 12:24:36

Just posted under May Bus but thought I'd respond here too as I'm on the dreadful TWW as well! My AF is also due on Monday and I'm trying to be very strong and not test before I'm actually late, so on the Tuesday morning.
I'm TTC#2 and only on my first cycle but I'm still desperate to test. Not gonna do it though - spent a small fortune on tests when trying for #1!

Meita Fri 07-Aug-09 17:00:50

can I join you for some obsessing and all?

We're TTC for #1 since February, and last month I was over the moon as I saw my very first BFP - but unfortunately I MC'd just a week after, and so I'm back to the game of waiting, symptom spotting and obsessing. Whereas I was pretty relaxed and in a positive mood before the MC, now I'm much more tense and worried. Ah well.

AF is due sometime from next Wednesday to Friday, but it might all be a bit off as hormones from the previous PG might have caused some havoc. We'll see. That won't stop me from testing if AF doesn't arrive soon!

Any fantastic ideas of how to make time go by faster? Apart from MNing, that is

Scarlett175 Fri 07-Aug-09 17:20:48

Hi everyone

Just wanted to join the obsessing ;)

AF due Thursday, have bought some First Response early tests (supposed to work 6 days before AF) but trying to stay strong and not test til at least Wednesday as I think these are more reliable the closer you leave it...

Have only been trying for 2 months but am officially obsessed with trying to detect random stomach cramps/symptoms etc... does anyone have experience of these First Responses tests and their accuracy??? I have read mixed reviews about them,,,,

Good luck to everyone, have a great weekend...

x x x

Meita Sun 09-Aug-09 10:38:30

Good morning, what a lovely day this promises to be!
You ladies all seem distinctly un-obsessed - at least no-one is writing in here, which indicates quite a degree of relaxed-ness!

This morning my temperature went up quite a bit. Last time when that happened, at about the same time in my cycle, I got up and peed on a stick (and it was positive - but I MCd a week later). Today I told myself "No no no no way!" As I was sure I'd just be disappointed - it's simply still to early.

So, got up, turned on computer, put the day's measure into my online chart. Then what I often do is look up my best friend's chart, she has been trying for her 3rd, since 15 months now - just recently they discovered they had Chlamydia and had it treated, and this now is their first cycle post-treatment, and she's about as far along as I am in her cycle. So, looked at her chart - and she was obviously less patient than me, she tested with an "early" test, and it came out BFP! I'm really pleased for her - though those early tests are always a bit of a gamble - but now I'm so sorry I didn't do a test too - it would have been simply brilliant to have both tested positive at the same time! (But then, had I tested, it probably would have turned out negative anyway... )

Anyway, I hope I've managed to get you all back to obsessing about tests and AF and symptoms... :-)

Have a nice Sunday!

Spirael Sun 09-Aug-09 13:41:45

Hi everyone! Mostly I've been following the advice to try and keep myself as busy as possible, so I don't think about it too much.

It seems to be working so far, and the nice weather has certainly helped. So far this weekend I've cleaned the house from top to bottom, washed (and dried) everything imaginable, cleared out all the out of date jars from my kitchen cupboard and reorganised it all, and I've just finished working with DH to attack the front garden!

As for symptom spotting in my moments of rest, I keep swinging back and forth really. One moment I'm sure I'm getting likely symptoms... Abdominal twinges, unmentionable digestive problems, etc. One particular thing is the last couple of days I've been really acutely aware of smells for some reason... Or am I noticing the smells now because I'm actually paying attention to them??

Anyway, a short while after dwelling on things, I suddenly realise maybe I don't feel bad at all. In fact I've had moments of feeling really great and energised, then I've run around doing a bazillion things! Hense the tidying of the house. wink

So... Mostly, I've reached the conclusion that I'm probably broken somehow. :P Does anyone know how long bodies are under warranty, and how easy it is to get a replacement???

aly323 Sun 09-Aug-09 18:22:24

Hello all! Mind if I jump on too? I just started posting on the first time frolickers link, but reading this, I feel that I could have written most of the posts so far! I'm 3 or 4 days into my two week wait and am already making myself insane. I o late, so AF is due around the 16th or 17th. I'm planning to wait until then to test, but I'm doubtful that I'll have the willpower.

This is my first month and I'm making myself crazy. I think I need to adjust my diet to include less "gassy" foods. Each time I feel a pull or a bubble, I go on an emotional rollercoaster. Every few minutes, I give myself a grope and get disappointed when my breasts feel just fine. I also need to stop telling people that we're TTC. It could be a very long haul for me if I don't just calm down!I'm also running out of things to research- I need my bfp so that I can obsess over that instead of TTC.

I'm looking forward to some BFP's on here in the next few days. Maybebaby? Meita? Scarlett? Gargula? I've got fingers crossed and am waiting anxiously!!

Spireal, it looks as though we're on the same schedule. I'm ready to start testing whenever you are!!! Maybe I should consider distracting myself with some house cleaning, too. No doubt the place needs it. DH has a new excuse for all his clutter- he's too exhausted from TTC hmm. A few years ago, he would have killed for so much BDing. Now it's "work". He'll use any excuse not to clean up.

WorrisomeHeart Sun 09-Aug-09 19:41:15

Hi folks, is there room for one more? I am on CD 25, 9DPO, and getting more and more excited as the days pass!! My temps have been consistently high, my boobs are agony and I spent most of the morning trying not to puke up my toast.. however I am still convinced that most of this is in my mind! Am planning on testing next Sat as it will be way past my longest cycle, but think I will probably crack and test mid-week... FF isn't helping with it's early preg indicator - 83 pts!
Thanks for letting me obsess with you! grin

Spirael Mon 10-Aug-09 10:38:21

We're getting busier in here! Has anyone got any good news from testing over the weekend, those who were at a position to do so?

Wow aly323, a lot of what you're saying rings true with me too! I'm having the same problem with being disappointed every time I feel fine, with the same lack of any breast sensitivity. But then I never usually have any problem with mine at any point in my cycle, so maybe I shouldn't be too surprised.

I'm also finding it hard not to tell everyone I meet that I'm TTC. blush It's been such a big decision so long in the waiting that it's all exciting. But then I also don't want certain people (like the boss!) knowing, as that'll pretty much kill any promotion prospects I might have in the near future.

My lovely DH has been really good thus far. He's been analysing temperatures with me, though has reached the conclusion that female bodies are weird. I can't say I disagree, really! Oh well, at least every time I've told him that now is the time to BD he's been 'up to the task', as it were. wink

Anyway, currently I'm back to feeling just fine. So, I'm starting to think that maybe nothing has happened this month. My temperatures were a bit confusing, so I'm not sure whether I ovulated on day 10 or day 14... If it was day 10 then I might have been a touch too late with the BDing, as I was away and couldn't get started until that day.

I'm going to do my best to hold out until this weekend before testing, I think! I managed to get a handful of cheapy tests from Tesco (BOGOF) so I won't be too worried about burning through them. I figure if I test on Saturday then it could be like a control if it's a BFN, and also a good way to practice the whole POAS fun! grin

I'm saving my shiny ClearBlue Digitals until I get something vaguely like a positive on the cheapies, I think. ;) Then I'll confirm the following day in digital.

Maybebaby76 Mon 10-Aug-09 14:47:30

Weeeeeeeeeeel, Aunt Flo due for a visit today....nothing yet but no BFP yet either.

Think the nasty Aunt may be on her way, grrrr!

Still, I guess that means I can forget obsessing for at least a few weeks, he hee!

Good luck everybody, thinking of you grin

Meita Mon 10-Aug-09 15:12:42

Well maybebaby, all is not lost - as long as she hasn't arrived, I wouldn't give up hope! AF might yet have an accident on the road and not turn up after all... fingers crossed for you!

Maybebaby76 Mon 10-Aug-09 15:48:21

I like your thinking Meita! That woman deserves a bit of bad karma, ha ha grin

zayja Mon 10-Aug-09 16:05:13

Ooo, obsessing during TWW is my favorite passtime, can I join?

It's so nice to hear from others in the same boat. Oh how I wish I could get things done around the house like spireal. My current schedule as follows:
-wake up and symptom spot
-console myself that it's too early to test
-console myself passing time on MN
-15min or so of housework
-eat (hmm I feel extra hungry today...)
-check MN for updates
-repeat until bedtime
-fall asleep wondering...

Well, if AF is on her way she should arrive in the next 3 days for me. Here's hoping she stays away for all of us this *lucky* month!

Meita Mon 10-Aug-09 17:11:23

waves at zayja we've met before wink

As you can see from my frequent postings all over MN, my schedule currently is not much different from yours. Good luck - and please please do report any BFP here quickly, pretty please?

zayja Mon 10-Aug-09 17:30:48

Same to you meita, I'm on here again blush although
I will definitely post any good (or other) news ASAP.

Scarlett175 Mon 10-Aug-09 18:50:04

Hi everyone

well after telling myself everyday since Thursday (the day I succumbed to buying early response PK) I got in from work today and got a lot of satisfaction from peeing on a stick til I got a BFN....

So now I am thinking that AF isn't due til Thursday, and how reliable can these early tests be anyway. Advice?? thoughts?? We have only been trying for 7 weeks and I am officially feeling INSANE. I have mother and baby magazine hidden under the bed (my secret vice) as am trying to maintain calm exterior to other half, and just have 'fun" trying.

looking forward to hearing good news from someone on here!!!!


Scarlett175 Mon 10-Aug-09 18:50:41

Hi everyone

well after telling myself everyday since Thursday (the day I succumbed to buying early response PK) I got in from work today and got a lot of satisfaction from peeing on a stick til I got a BFN....

So now I am thinking that AF isn't due til Thursday, and how reliable can these early tests be anyway. Advice?? thoughts?? We have only been trying for 7 weeks and I am officially feeling INSANE. I have mother and baby magazine hidden under the bed (my secret vice) as am trying to maintain calm exterior to other half, and just have 'fun" trying.

Good luck everyone....

x x x x

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