Conceiving after miscarriage

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Tina12745 Sat 23-Oct-21 23:26:55

Looking for some positive vibes from others that have been through similar 💫I had a miscarriage in June, had my first period last month. Tracked ovulation and ttc straight away this month, feeling deflated as af has arrived right on time tonight 😢

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Bellesjp Sun 24-Oct-21 20:50:23

Hi @Tina12745, so sorry to hear about your loss, can I join you?

This is my first month ttc after losing out baby on 10th September, she had turners syndrome and hydrops and so we sadly had to terminate for medical reasons as she was so poorly.

My first af since is just finishing and want to get trying this month as it look us 7 months to conceive last time and terrified of it taking so long again

I hope this is our month 🤞🏼 x

Shortmamashortcycles Sun 24-Oct-21 21:17:39

Hiya - just waiting for AF after my first full cycle after a missed miscarriage in August. Various reasons meant we didn't manage to DTD as much as I'd like, so not hoping for much.

I'm so sorry to hear about both of your losses - it's so unfair and painful. In my case, we'll never know what went wrong - we'd seen a heartbeat at 7 weeks and had no sign anything was wrong until the 12 week scan.

I had a counselling session and the advice there was that the bad days are the ones where you're doing the most work - being honest and processing that this is grief and it's real. That's really helped me to lean into the full range of emotions as they come and go.

Hoping you're both doing ok this evening, 💕

Tina12745 Sun 24-Oct-21 21:37:54

Hey @Bellesjp thank you so much for sharing your story with me and i'm so sorry for your loss❤️

Fingers crossed for our bfp in November, it would be lovely to go through this together and even better if we both got that bfp next month 😀 xxx

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girlmummy25 Sun 24-Oct-21 21:42:08

Im so sorry.
Just had my 2nd miscarriage whilst ttc baby number 2. So gutted. This will be our 12th month of trying and im finding it heart wrenching now.
Wishing you all the luck x

Tina12745 Sun 24-Oct-21 21:44:12

Hey @Shortmamashortcycles thank you so much for commenting on my post 😀 my doctor referred me to counselling as i was so anxious and stressed that my period had not returned. Probably a coincidence but two days after my first session my period returned and it was a huge relief. Ive had three sessions now and im so glad i went ahead with it!

So sorry to hear about your miscarriage experience, i was bleeding quite heavily at 7 weeks. I went to EPU and they said baby was fine and had a heartbeat, diagnosed me with a small bloodclot and didn't want to see me until 12 weeks

A week before my 12 week scan i booked a private scan as i was certain something wasn't right as the EPU refused to scan me, my tummy was scanned and there was nothing on the screen. So basically the baby had come away without me realising.

Sending you lots of luck for your bfp hopefully in the near future ❤️

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Kelb79 Sun 24-Oct-21 22:05:39

Big love to you all ❤️❤️
I’m in the same boat….
Missed miscarriage last month at 8 weeks after a viability scan showing heartbeat and good growth at 7 weeks
2 years TTC to get to that point and we were so over the moon, we had given up hope but conceived naturally.
Now we’re both broken if I’m honest but really want to get trying again ASAP - I’m 42 so time isn’t on our side!
Being tested for folate or b12 deficiency - hopefully they might face found what caused both our issues to conceive and the miscarriage but I’m angry that they didn’t test for this sooner! 😕 maybe it could all have been avoided? We’ll never know 🤷🏼‍♀️
Praying for November good news for all of us 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


Tina12745 Sun 24-Oct-21 22:13:32


So sorry to hear about your miscarriage, im also trying to ttc my 2nd too xx

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Tina12745 Sun 24-Oct-21 22:17:02

Hi @Kelb79 thanks for sharing your story and i'm so sorry for your loss! 😢 just having a few of you ladies comment on my post has really helped me this evening. Xxx

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Rainbow78861 Mon 25-Oct-21 00:09:44

Hi @Kelb79 so sorry on hearing about your loss I'm the same as yourself mmc in July just started ttc again from Sept got my period on time after my d&c but was very veryyy painful! I've just turned 30 and apparently the docs said mine was due to chromosomal abnormalities and that it's very common! ☹️ I had no pregnancy symtoms at all sending you all baby dust!! I've just joined this too 💕 i'm new!!

swanswallow Mon 25-Oct-21 09:15:30

Hello, I'm in a similar position. I had a missed miscarriage in August, took forever to get negative tests (quickly followed by period) so just started being able to TTC this month.

I got feelings of my period being on its way yesterday and got a negative FRER. I did ovulate very early this month so it wasn't unexpected but did bring up some difficult feelings. I conceived on first cycle with the miscarried pregnancy so did hold out hope.

I've started pregnacare to try to delay ovulation a bit and also bought an ovusense to try to track my temperature (I get up at irregular times so the usual temping doesn't work for me).

It is so hard being patient though isn't it. We kept the news of the previous pregnancy to ourselves and its so hard when family keep making comments about how there will be a baby on the way soon. I am avoiding them, to be honest.

I think its about bearing in mind that increased fertility after a miscarriage isn't just for one cycle. I know it sadly doesn't work out that way for everyone but it still does give me hope.

Chanel05 Mon 25-Oct-21 10:24:23

Sorry for your losses.

I had a mmc after 8 months of ttc and seeing a heartbeat. It then took another 8 months to conceive my daughter.

Ttc #2 now and hoping that I'll be spared the heartache this time.

Bellesjp Mon 25-Oct-21 11:06:15

@swanswallow I'm trying to hold onto the fact that apparently you're more fertile for 6 months after loss 🤞🏼

I've also been taking extra vitamin b6 which is meant to help regulate your cycle. I started taking it the month I fell pregnant last time so hoping it helps again!

LaForza101 Mon 25-Oct-21 13:42:41

I'm also in the same boat. I had a missed miscarriage in June discovered on the 12 week scan. I'm in my second month of trying to conceive again and finding it hard. I'm in my PMS week and all my emotions are churned up again. Last month I got myself too excited and was gutted when I started spotting a day early. This month I'm just wanting a small sign that things are going back to normal. I'm hoping even if it is negative my luteal phase and period flow will go back to their pre-miscarriage state.

Wishing us all good vibes!

girlmummy25 Mon 25-Oct-21 14:28:36

@swanswallow i have ovusense too!
Used it for the 1st month last month and was actually pretty impressed.
Will be using again from tonight!

itsfineyes Mon 25-Oct-21 14:29:42

@Bellesjp sorry for your loss thanks. There is actually no scientific evidence to show that you're more fertile after a mc. I don't say this to be cruel and unkind because I was in an extremely dark place after my mc, I say it because it sadly isn't true. I held onto this after my mmc and only after a lot of research did I find that this wasn't true. It put me in such a dark place because I panicked as each month ticked by and I still wasn't pregnant. I felt even worse after the six months.

I truly hope you have your rainbow baby soon.

Bellesjp Mon 25-Oct-21 20:44:01

Hi @itsfineyes sorry it's taking so long for you sad it truly is crap and so unfair.

From what I've read there's varying research and evidence, and I was told by the hospital after my first miscarriage that I would be more fertile so who knows, I guess it's chance just like everything else x

Tina12745 Wed 27-Oct-21 09:24:33

Morning ladies, how are we doing today? Was hoping to be pregnant this month so that we could share the happy news at xmas but obviously wasn't meant to be! Im due to start testing with my clearblue connected app from friday so on to another month! Sending positive vibes to you all ❤️

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Kelb79 Wed 27-Oct-21 11:03:14

Hi everyone ❤️
Sending love to you all, this is such a horrible horrible time, I could never have imagined how much it would hurt 😞
I’m a month past the D&C now, ive been tracking my LH levels rather than HCG testing as I felt that positive pregnancy tests would just mess with my head!!
LH levels were at a massive high when I started testing, higher than I’d ever seen before, so I’m guessing that’s the HCG (that was 2 weeks post D&C), I had loads of CM then too so I guess pregnancy hormones were high.
Levels have gone down and down since, no sign of OV, no sign of AF, I’m reading into every possibly symptom of anything right now 😵‍💫 it’s a nightmare!!
Am I ovulating? Is AF due? Could I be pregnant?! I just want to know where I am 😩

Bellesjp Wed 27-Oct-21 11:27:04

I'm cd11 today and hoping for peak opk this weekend or start of next week 🤞🏼 before my tfmr I used to ovulate between cd18-20 but not sure if will be different now. Have started dtd every other day just in case anyway!

@Kelb79 I hope you get some answers soon, have you had a negative test since? I didn't get a negative test until af arrived about 5 weeks after and I don't think you can ov until hcg is back to 0. For what it's worth I still was getting faint bfp but my lh was showing as low but know this can be different with everybody. Might be worth checking but know it's upsetting still seeing those 2 lines 😔

I wanted to be sure of having bfn before testing next time so that I didn't get my hopes up seeing a bfn when it could be left over hcg from before x

Irishfarmer Wed 27-Oct-21 11:54:47

@Kelb79 I had a d&c just before Christmas last year, I think it wasn't til nearly the end of Jan before my HCG levels went back to normal.

@Tina12745 two of my sisters both got pregnant very quickly after there miscarriage's so here's hoping. Neither had a second miscarriage though like myself. I knew there was something wrong in August but didn't fully MC until mid Sept. I went for the "natural" way, only because I didn't trust the doc in the EPU. My GP took my blood on the Friday which I brought home with me and brought it into the EPU on the Monday, they then took bloods to compare the two. The doc came in with the results and said as you can see there is a sharp difference in the HGC levels, which sample did you bring in with you and with one did we take here? It was just two lines on a page with the ref no of the blood and the HGC levels + a few other bits. So I had no idea! She said it is important as she needed to know if it was going up or down. Again told her how could I possibly know, I gave the blood to them and they took the second sample. She left for a few mins, came back and said the lower reading was from today so it is going down and offered me the pill to bring on miscarriage, but I had zero trust in her at that point!! Not sure if she was just a crap doctor or it was a language barrier thing but no way was I taking those pill. When I went back for my follow up after the mc the doc I spoke to was brilliant and I asked him a tonne of questions. And he said when I get a positive get referred straight to them, regardless of how many weeks I think I am.

Anyway rant over! Don't think I was wrong not to trust her though.

Shortmamashortcycles Wed 27-Oct-21 11:57:24

Hi all,

@Tina12745, I'm in the same boat as you. Just waiting to see when AF will show up - definitely not pregnant this month. Pretty sure I ovulated 5 days later than I usually do. Not sure if that's an MC one-off or my new normal, but either way I'm late, not pregnant and bored of this cycle now!

@Kelb79, the limbo is so frustrating, I'm so sorry. If you want to confirm you're not pregnant, then I guess doing a test (while horrible) will put your mind at rest. I definitely had an anovulatory cycle straight after the miscarriage, which is very common. Your body is probably still figuring out what's going on! It's so hard to wait, but you're still in the window of "normal" for waiting for period post MC.

@Bellesjp, good luck tracking! Hope you get a nice clear peak to set you on your way.

LaForza101 Wed 27-Oct-21 12:07:25

I should be testing on Friday (12dpo, period used to arrive 13dpo) if I don't get any spotting beforehand. I have some nice things planned for the weekend to help if it's negative but I'm honestly finding this week so hard. I get so much more sad and emotional before my period now. As soon as it arrives I'm okay - I'll enjoy a drink and psych myself up for another go. It took us a fair few months to conceive last time so I'm not expecting much this month

BellatrixK Wed 27-Oct-21 17:11:19

Hi everyone,
Please can I join? I had an early miscarriage at just 5 weeks in June and then another last week at just 6 weeks. I am both determined to try Sharon straight away and also terrified of this happening again.

Kelb79 Thu 28-Oct-21 12:02:02

@Irishfarmer omg what an awful situation!! I’d have had to do the same, no way would I have trusted the EPU doc at that point!! I wouldn’t go ahead with the D&C without a second scan, which was awful!! But the thought of getting it wrong was too much. My GP has been terrible throughout my experience, made loads of mistakes that have had repercussions, it’s so hard to trust anyone now!

@BellatrixK sending you so much love!! Two miscarriages must be soul destroying, I can’t even imagine how scared you must be, I’m scared enough after one. Have you had investigations? Do they have any idea what’s caused the MCs?

@everyone …. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ This is a club that I never imagined I would be in and never could have imagined would be so hard. I didn’t realise just how common it is and really wish people would remove the taboo and talk more so that anyone going through this didn’t feel so alone. I hope you’ve all got people you can talk to and hug it out with 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Because I’d had a viability scan showing a heartbeat we had started telling people, at first I wished we hadn’t but I realise it was the best thing as they were all so supportive. And I found out just how many people go through this in silence. Make sure you talk ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Here if nowhere else xxxx

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