Lucky October (The Sequel) 🍀

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Danani Wed 13-Oct-21 14:02:06

Starting a new thread because we’re one chatty bunch. 😂

@squiff70, @apwilso, @SammiStap, @FlyOnTheWall89, @Effram, @wingingthis, @Digby86, @bundaberg84, @BH1926, @cruz86, @Elsols93, @Firsttimetrier, @mummytobe93, @lemons44, @Tefiti3, @jadeypies, @Dob29, @Missy95, @shortmamashortcycles, @mummybearto3bg, @positiveornegative

I’ve probably missed some 😬
Help a girl out and add anyone I’ve missed pls! 🙌🏻

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FlyOnTheWall89 Wed 13-Oct-21 14:04:21

Hahaha the sequel lol.

Squiff70 Wed 13-Oct-21 14:17:00

Thanks for the tag @Danani!

@FlyOnTheWall89 please don't feel like that. 6 months TTC is a very enduring and emotional journey in its own right. I am still keeping everything crossed this this cycle is successful for you!

BrightThing Wed 13-Oct-21 14:18:28


Can I tentatively join you? I had an early miscarriage last weekend and think I’d like to get straight back on the wagon. We weren’t actively trying so I’m now trying to read up on what all the acronyms mean and the best time to have sex etc!

HRHXO Wed 13-Oct-21 14:19:27

Hey! Jumping on if I may! I posted a couple of times in the last thread but I'm a little behind as I'm only CD8 so didn't have much to add previously.

I've just started using OPKs yesterday and I'm still receiving low readings but I think tomorrow I will use my CB smiley face ones. At what point is it best to start doing OPKs?

I used them inconsistently when I first came off the pill back in April/May but never received a high or peak reading...

Good luck to all!

Cruz86 Wed 13-Oct-21 14:19:53

Love The Sequel 😂

I don't think I've ever been part of a group where we've had to start a new thread!

@Squiff70 so sorry to hear about your losses, what a journey you've been on 😔

Mummytobe93 Wed 13-Oct-21 14:19:59

Wow, we’re not even halfway through the month ad there’s already part 2😂It’s definitely a lucky month 🍀🍀☘️

6DPO, I’m constantly peckish and feel cold all the time.

My poor DH must think I’m bipolar or something… Last week, in my fertile window, I was all over him till late, had sexy pj’s on etc. This week I’m passed out in the sofa at 8pm with my fuzzy socks & dressing gown on, and my hair tied up in a messy bun😂

Bored of the TWW😪 My easy at home tests should arrive today, with all my will power I’ll try to hold on until Saturday morning with testing.


Coco9910 Wed 13-Oct-21 14:23:06

Just bringing myself over..I read the thread daily but don’t always have anything to add! I’m 12dpo today and doing well resisting testing (helps having no tests in the house 😂) xx

Danani Wed 13-Oct-21 14:24:52

@FlyOnTheWall89, if I may add to what @Squiff70 said, I also think 32 and 34 is very young. You have plenty of time and you are not late or behind in any way. That being said, I hope you get a juicy BFP this cycle!!!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

@BrightThing, hello, welcome! I’m sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I really hope this is one lucky cycle for you, lovely! For what I’ve heard, you are super fertile after a miscarriage so I think it’s great you want to jump right back in! 🍀

@HRHXO ooops. I knew I forgot people!! 🙈
OPKs…not sure if there is a specific time to start with the cheapie strips, but with CB depending on the length of your cycle, the leaflet it comes with has a table with what day to start using them. Also, first use with the reader is always blank circle, do not panic. Good luck!!! 🤞🏻

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Danani Wed 13-Oct-21 14:27:03

OMG @Mummytobe93 the COLD and TIRED sound so so so promising!!! I swear I’ve seen so many people on here experience on of the two and end up pregnant! Eeeek fingers crossed for Sunday morning!!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 I have a good feeling about this!

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Shortmamashortcycles Wed 13-Oct-21 14:28:16

Yay thanks for the tag! I may be a bit quiet as I'm 1DPO so not much to report for at least a week!

@Danani, I do recommend checking your cervix to help confirm O. Mine was open (i.e. fertile) at 10pm last night and closing (post-O) at 4am. Sadly I know that because I woke up panicking that I hadn't ovulated yet and was fully prepared to wake DH up early for emergency DTD. Luckily for him, the ship had sailed...

Danani Wed 13-Oct-21 14:28:18

@Coco9910 so. so. SO impressed with your willpower!!! Are you waiting for missed AF before you test or? 👀🤞🏻

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Danani Wed 13-Oct-21 14:30:19

@Shortmamashortcycles ahahaha well done you!! 😄
I really don’t get the whole cervix checking business. 😬🙈 I don’t know how to check, I don’t know what to look for and don’t know if I would be able to tell! Any tips??

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Squiff70 Wed 13-Oct-21 14:31:26

Hi @BrightThing. So sorry for your loss, I'm so sad for you.

Shortmamashortcycles Wed 13-Oct-21 14:32:31

@Squiff70, your daughter and mine are almost exactly the same age! I'm so sorry that your journey has been so tough, but she sounds like a very special girl. ❤

Really hope the road for you is smoother this time. If it helps, my niece was a twin for a little bit, and it was incredibly hard on my sister, but my nephew turned up with no dramas when she was 39.

Squiff70 Wed 13-Oct-21 14:35:54

@Mummytobe93 I also remain optimistic for you! That mental image was quite something! grin

@coco9910 you have better willpower than me. We expect a full report in the next few days grin

@Shortmamashortcycles why on earth are you checking your cervix at 4am??? Is that what time you normally get up?

BoyMum18 Wed 13-Oct-21 14:35:57

Losing all hope of bfp this month. I'm 12dpo if I ovulated when I think I did. And although I've had so many symptoms still negative after negative.

Squiff70 Wed 13-Oct-21 14:38:13

@Shortmamashortcycles aww that's so nice that we have daughters of the same age.

Your niece still is a twin. She will always be a twin. I'm so sorry for your family's loss.

Mummybearto3bg Wed 13-Oct-21 14:38:29

Hope we get lots of bfp this month!!! Xx

Bundaberg84 Wed 13-Oct-21 14:38:42

Thanks for the tag @Danani smile

@Mummytobe93 I'm the same haha

jadeypies Wed 13-Oct-21 14:40:11

Thanks for the tag @Danani I literally am rooting for all of you girls!

@Squiff70 you must be a very strong woman to be raising an even stronger daughter. Hats off to you, I hope you get a healthy bfp ❤🤞

@BrightThing I'm sorry for you loss hun. Just wanted to give you some hope... I had an early miscarriage (hate the term chemical) last cycle and started bleeding sept 20th. 2 days ago I got another bfp so maybe there is some truth in the very fertile after miscarrying train of thought.

Baby dust to you all, can't wait to see the next lot of bfps x

Mummytobe93 Wed 13-Oct-21 14:40:25

We will see @Danani 🙈

@Coco9910 I’m also impressed with your will power girl!

I also can’t really check my cervix, it freaks me out ! 😬

Coco9910 Wed 13-Oct-21 14:52:11

@Danani yes going to wait and see if AF arrives. I’m due on Friday I think so I’m getting a bit anxious now 😩😂

@Squiff70 @Mummytobe93 haha my last two cycles I’ve tested a couple days before AF was due but with waiting I can live in hope for as long as possible! 😂

I didn’t realise being cold was a symptom? The past two nights I’ve got in bed before my partner and we have like a teddy fleece duvet which normally makes the bed so warm, and when he’s come up I’m like “I’m cold..” and he can’t believe it because we have the nice thick duvet on 😂 and I’ve been starving at bed time the last two tummy rumbling and all. I’m trying not to think too much into it though xx

HRHXO Wed 13-Oct-21 14:56:36

@Danani thanks for the advice! I probably would have panicked seeing nothing on a CB OPK. I'm 31 and TTC #1, been off the pill since April/May but weren't actively trying and I didn't even have late AF so have been a bit paranoid that I'm not ovulating. I am going to start CB tomorrow then and hopefully figure it all out!

lemons44 Wed 13-Oct-21 15:01:51

Wow a new thread already. We are a talkative bunch. Thanks for the add @Danani

@FlyOnTheWall89 I'm 31 and OH is 37 and we are trying for baby number 1. I think this is cycle number 7 for us? I think our issue is we haven't been DTD enough if I'm honest. We aim for 3 times in the 6 fertile days but sometimes only hit 2 times. So I'm wondering if that's our problem. But we do hit the right days as I temp and take OPKs so then I think well it shouldn't matter so much about how often when I know we are getting the right days? Everyone I know has fallen pregnant in the first month (including all three of my sisters!) so I expected to fall quickly as well and it was kind of a shock when it didn't happen straight away. OH isn't worried at all and likes the chilled approach so I don't want to put on any pressure. I guess we'll just keep going and hope for the best!

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