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Anyone testing this week??

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charlie0692 Tue 03-Dec-19 09:08:22

Hey, currently around 8/9dpo. I had a static smiley on clear blue ovulation test Sunday 24th so assuming I ovulated the next day? No idea to be honest, it's my first month trying them. Af due on friday (6th), I am dying to test but going to hold out until friday (well try to anyway!). Been getting some cramping this morning (I get this a few days before af due though so I'm guessing I'm out this month, but trying to stay positive). Anyone else testing this week?

wannabebump Tue 03-Dec-19 10:13:43

Me! CD28, positive OPK on CD20 so 8dpo...Ovia says AF due Friday as well...cramping today though so I fear AF 😢

charlie0692 Tue 03-Dec-19 10:47:25

Snap, I have my usual af symptoms unfortunately 😫 keeping positive though, were not out just yet! X

Beku94 Tue 03-Dec-19 10:51:16

Me too! Wanna take an early one on Sunday, but not holding out hope as I'm a terrible poas er! My fttc too, that would be a stroke of luck! Xx

wannabebump Tue 03-Dec-19 12:27:42

I POAS last night...not a four hour hold...why? Just because 😭 Thursday or Fri AM for me if I can contain myself that long x

MummaShu Tue 03-Dec-19 12:34:20

I am testing every day because im 5 days late. No signs of AF or pregnancy either! confused

charlie0692 Tue 03-Dec-19 12:55:58

@mummashu you may have ovulated later than you think and so it may not come up in hpt yet? X

MummaShu Tue 03-Dec-19 13:00:50

@charlie0692 I hope thats the reason... i had a positive opk on day 19 which is normal for me but i also had one on day 33 (my due date- mistook opk for preggo test) so who knows lol.

charlie0692 Tue 03-Dec-19 13:06:42

@mummashu fingers crossed that's what it is then 😊 I am so tempted to test tomorrow, I'll only be around 9dpo though. My luteal phase doesn't seem very long. Af due on friday which would be at 11dpo, does that seem right? I have no idea

MummaShu Tue 03-Dec-19 13:11:30

@charlie0692 that sounds about right. Mines at 12/13dpo normally which is not that much longer! I understand its so difficult trying to hold off on testing... it takes so much willpower!

charlie0692 Tue 03-Dec-19 13:14:47

@mummashu tell me about it 😫 I tested from about 7dpo last month, cost me a fortune in frers hahaha told myself I'm not doing it this month. I have one lonely little test just sat in the bathroom though. So tempted to try tomorrow 🙈

Dollywilde Tue 03-Dec-19 13:16:40

Ooh OP we're cycle twins! I also got a static on Saturday 23rd so am assuming I'm 9dpo today smile sadly though not my first month - cycle 8 for me... have so much crossed for this one.

I'm planning on testing Sunday morning if AF hasn't turned up before then as I'm due Saturday. I'm actually away with DH and some friends so hopefully that will distract me from testing on Friday/Saturday!

No symptoms other than slightly sore boobs but that's normal for me in the lead up to AF sadly so I'm none the wiser...

Chlosavxox Tue 03-Dec-19 13:17:14

If you want to test before your period then definitely get a first response test - I tested 5 days before at 9dpo and got a positive last month smile

Dollywilde Tue 03-Dec-19 13:17:27

Oops sorry just read back and I'm actually one day before you but still pretty close!

wannabebump Tue 03-Dec-19 13:23:06

@MummaShu fingers crossed for positive for you, read so many posts on here of not getting positives until really late for AF.

@charlie0692 i worry my lp isn't long enough for me either.

We've been trying since Sept 18, 1 ectopic in the summer.x

charlie0692 Tue 03-Dec-19 13:54:12

Hey everyone, this is cycle #6 for us, we have a ds already who is 21m. I got pregnant the month after I come off the pill so we were really really lucky, no such luck this time though. No symptoms for me either other than the odd tummy cramp today but that's normal a few days before AF. Wishing us all a lot of baby dust for this month!! X

charlie0692 Tue 03-Dec-19 14:00:30

@wanabebump so sorry to hear about your ectopic, xx

wannabebump Tue 03-Dec-19 17:47:00

@charlie0692 thank you...just so glad to be back on the TTC bus & hoping for the best! X

Lilly950 Tue 03-Dec-19 18:02:52

Hi everyone,
I’m on CD26 so AF due Saturday AM! Cycle no.2 and came off the pill in Oct, I’m 9dpo and my boobs hurt like crazy (I usual suffer with boob ache before AF though) and I seem to be hungry ALL THE TIME, way more than usual 🤣

HE88 Tue 03-Dec-19 18:39:09

Hi all I'm due to test this week as well but really trying to hold off can't be doing with the disappointment as been ttc for 2 years. Got my positive opk on the 23rd so I'm around 9/10 dpo. I've had mild cramps every day since ovulation and the last couple of days felt quite sicky especially morning and late evening also had a pink tinge in my cm yesterday and this morning. Not sure whether to take these as positive signs or not.

Jurassiclover Tue 03-Dec-19 18:40:47

Testing on either Weds (4th) or Thurs (5th)

Af due 4th but no indication she's going to arrive! Also pretty much symptom less though so not expecting much

claireb707 Tue 03-Dec-19 19:49:45

I'm 2 days late, currently 17dpo (cd31), done 3 tests so far all neg

HE88 Tue 03-Dec-19 19:57:22

@claireb707 fingers crossed you get your bfp soon.

teachpeace Tue 03-Dec-19 22:41:17

@charlie0692 @Dollywilde a cycle triplet here! I stupidly tested yesterday even though I knew it was too early just find the two horrendous!

wannabebump Wed 04-Dec-19 06:44:08

@claireb707 are u testing again this morning? Good luck x

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