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TTC 1st Baby. Keep positive thread. Please join

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MisssC3025 Tue 17-Sep-19 17:27:53

Hey everyonesmile

Please join me on my journey of TTC baby no 1 (5 months of TTC). It can be a rollercoaster of emotions and I think a positive thread of news, updates and tips is needed!

Feel free to introduce yourselves and explain where you're all at in your journeys. smile

SMiles14 Wed 18-Sep-19 15:38:18

Hello Ladies, in much need of some positivity during this process so wanted to join you all. I am 29, ttc #1, on cycle day 3 Today. On cycle 4 (I think) - Fell pregnant first month trying in April then had a MMC at 12 weeks in July. Been trying ever since but Aug - Sept was first normal cycle really. Very eager to make up for lost time and just be pregnant again already!
lots of luck to everyone!

croissantmonster Wed 18-Sep-19 16:04:11

@SMiles14 that sounds tough 😔 sending you some really positive vibes!! 💜

imnewtothis Wed 18-Sep-19 16:56:22

Sending you positive vibes Smiles..we can all do this together!

Makeafamily19 Wed 18-Sep-19 17:57:51

Hi all!
Cycle 4 (cycle 2 of proper trying!)

@StephyRose I get what you mean about the pressure of falling fast. Not from other people, I just think I feel like if it doesn't happen fast then there must be something wrong. Even though I know that isn't always the case.

Positive thoughts!!

Hey1256 Wed 18-Sep-19 18:01:27

@Makeafamily19 I know how you feel. I'm convinced there's something wrong I'm waiting for cycle 3 at the mo

DaiJai1066 Wed 18-Sep-19 19:29:37

I wish you all lots of luck!!! I’m not sure how to go about trying to conceive as in I don’t drink often but should I be stopping? Should I stop the occasional biscuit etc? I don’t want trying to conceive completely take over my life yet I want to live my life. Does anyone else feel the same? I have currently just started my two week wait although I’m not hopeful ☹️

DaiJai1066 Wed 18-Sep-19 19:30:17

On a positive note my partner is making dinner!

Hey1256 Wed 18-Sep-19 21:11:27

@DaiJai1066 yes I totally see where you are coming from about the alcohol. I have decided to not drink mom - fri during tww but if I have. Social event to attend then i have three max.

This to me seems reasonable as some people can take years to conceive and if I'm one of them I don't want a shit two years lol nine months is enough if we actually get pregnant!!

I also know that so many people don't even know they're pregnant and their babies are fine. As long as once I know I'm pregnant I stop then I think moderate low drinking is fine

StephyRose Wed 18-Sep-19 21:48:59

@Makeafamily19 Totally. I really feel the pressure as my Mum was a fertile Mertyl all those years ago and my sister fell with my nephew on the second or third month of trying.

My Mum keeps saying not to worry about it and that I'm my Mother's daughter but you dont really know what's going on inside until you do know ... if that makes sense?

Thank you, same to you xx smile

Xarx123 Wed 18-Sep-19 22:06:17

Hey 👋🏼

Hope it’s ok if I tag along.

This is my 3rd month actively trying after having my endometriosis surgery, 1st month trying I had a chemical which was quite hard.

Currently 7dpo I think as I haven’t temped this month as loosing the will having to wake up at the exact same time every morning as my schedule is all over the place. Symptom spotting just now not had cramping or anything but really grassy and creamy cm. Hoping this month is the month x

MisssC3025 Wed 18-Sep-19 23:14:28

@Lemonysherbet @DaiJai1066 @Chanel05 @imnewtothis hey ladies and welcome!
Thanks for sharing your experiences/journeys so far. I have everything crossed for you all.

Love the emoticons @Chanel05 😴😴 it's so tiring to DTD sometimes 😂

MisssC3025 Wed 18-Sep-19 23:17:48

@Rinoa thanks for sharing that link I'll deffo look into this!

About weight loss carbs are my demon!! However these last two weeks I've upped my protein and fruit and veg and my energy has peaked! Usually by 8pm I'm dead and now I'm up at 11pm not tired at all! Fingers crossed I keep it up!

Clomid I really need to look into. This something you can buy over counter? X

MisssC3025 Wed 18-Sep-19 23:21:19

@StephyRose welcome and you're welcome positivity is needed during these times! I empathise with you about pressure and how overwhelming it is! And don't get too hooked on symptoms as they could be AF symptoms and then it'll make you feel worse!

I chucked at your "cue eye roll" comment. Partners are so inconsiderate 😂

All the best keep us posted in the next few weeks !

MisssC3025 Wed 18-Sep-19 23:24:04

Hey @Tbug !

Ooo 6 months a month more than me! How you feeling? I have considered pregnacare.. how long have you been taking it? Any side effects?

Isn't it crazy that when you start TTC you learn so much! I was so naive 5 months ago! Thinking it would happen straight away!

MisssC3025 Wed 18-Sep-19 23:24:53

@Hey1256 ooo yes let us know how you get on with the clear blue monitor !!

MisssC3025 Wed 18-Sep-19 23:29:03

Welcome @Aw20hcs !! I hope AF doesn't arrive on 21st for you! Baby dust your way! Thanks for sharing your experience it's incredible that that works! X

MisssC3025 Wed 18-Sep-19 23:30:47

@croissantmonster wow really?! Omg good luck I have everything crossed for for you! Keep us posted won't you?

MisssC3025 Wed 18-Sep-19 23:36:46

@Jurassiclover @Positivity2019 @SMiles14 @Makeafamily19 @Xarx123

Hey ladies! Welcome and Thanks for sharing your journeys. It's amazing what we have all been/currently going through and we just try to stay positive! Strong women right here!! thanksthanks

Rinoa Thu 19-Sep-19 08:15:03

@MisssC3025 yes low carbing (Atkins, Keto etc) really helped out!

No Clomid is prescribed. We've been referred to go to a fertility clinic and they prescribed it to me. It's meant to induce ovulation as I don't seem to do so on my own. I'm on my first try of it and now 3DPO hoping it takes !

SMiles14 Thu 19-Sep-19 09:38:10

Thanks all for the welcomes smile I too need to lose some extra lbs, obviously put on some when I was pg earlier in the summer then the following month I got shingles which meant 2 weeks off work but I kept eating normally so piled on the pounds. I know I should be easier on myself but I just feel so bleugh. I am back to the gym after my holiday last week and eating well so hopefully they will start to fall off soon.

I agree that it's amazing how much you learn about your own body when you start ttc, your whole life you are led to believe that you will fall when you want to and its so easy, its so misleading! I do enjoy knowing more about my body though, noticing signs and knowing what they mean. smile

StephyRose Thu 19-Sep-19 10:06:26


Agreed! That's why I am glad this thread is here and even when and if AF does come, that's a good thing because it means I am healthy.

Positivity to you and all smile xx

croissantmonster Thu 19-Sep-19 10:24:11

@MisssC3025 yes and it stoped after about 4 hrs, just a trace of pink!! Dying to test but holding out until Sunday morning when AF is it'll be our 1st year wedding anniversary 💞 praying it's a winner!

@DaiJai1066 ahh I have the should I drink this/eat that dilemma 🙈 I was on holiday for two weeks until last night and struggled to decide when to have a glass of wine etc!

croissantmonster Thu 19-Sep-19 10:25:51

@SMiles14 I'm really enjoying learning about my body too! Mad to think so much just goes on inside there without us 'doing' anything, even just our monthly cycles!

imnewtothis Thu 19-Sep-19 10:38:54

I'm on the 3rd day of a flashy smiley today, really hoping for a static soon, trying my best to keep positive on the TTC journey bit it's so hard

Jurassiclover Thu 19-Sep-19 10:48:46

I could deffo do with loosing a few pounds myself. I don't think I'm massively overweight (size 10-12) but I definitely have a bit of a tummy. I also have hypothyroidism so really need to make sure I keep on top of that as I know that can affect fertility. Currently struggling with DP as his sex drive has taken a walk confused haha

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