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Someone help please who's more likely the father

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Lucozadex Thu 03-Aug-17 15:10:17

Please please someone help me get some answers! I'm worried sick
I no my last period was around the end of May I want to say around 17th but can't be completely positive.. My cycle is usually date to date so 28-31 days I think! I don't keep track of my periods! I was having sex with guy# 1 all throughout may & June but we split up end of June and I had sex with guy#2 on 23th June this was around 2am in the morning so 24th very early morning i done a clear blue pregnancy test on 29th June 6 days after & it came up positive.. Could a home pregnancy test detect that early? I done a didgital clear blue pregnancy test on the 1st July and it said 3+ weeks ..someone please is ther any possibility it's guy#2 from 23th 24th June or will this baby be from sex in May and June with guy#1? This is really important to me as it's weather I end this pregnancy or not

snackarella Thu 03-Aug-17 15:33:21

Guy 1

Bea1985 Thu 03-Aug-17 15:38:12

Guy 1. You did the preg test 5-6 days after sleeping with Guy 2 - it's not really possible for the baby to be his.

Betsyboo87 Thu 03-Aug-17 15:38:31

Yep agree guy 1. If you only DTD with guy 2 on the 23rd/24th then even if that was ov day it would be too soon to get a bfp on the 29th. Hope it works out for you.

Mrscropley Thu 03-Aug-17 15:39:45

Man 1.
No way would you have gotten a positive if it had been man 2.
Hope this helps. .

Calliwalli Thu 03-Aug-17 15:41:00

Most probably guy 1. The best thing to do would be to go for a dating scan (you can get one privately if you don't want to go through nhs). They are pretty accurate so should give you a more solid idea.

dowhatyouwish Thu 03-Aug-17 16:45:10

Your baby more than likely belongs to man number 1. I wouldn't give it to a mumsnet poll to decide the fate of your baby though. Definitely get to a doctor and have a chat and they can help you be more accurate

lovemelovemyboys Thu 03-Aug-17 17:33:07

90% sure its baby daddy no 1 however 10% of me says it baby daddy 2 due to the fact you can ovulate very late in cycle and still get pregnant that month

dowhatyouwish Thu 03-Aug-17 17:37:39

I would agree with you @lovemelovemyboys but I've never heard of a pregnancy test showing up positive 5/6 days after DTD. That's every TTC woman's dream haahahahha

lovemelovemyboys Thu 03-Aug-17 17:58:20

I no cause it happened to me 😋

Mrscropley Thu 03-Aug-17 18:06:21

I conceived on day 23 of a 28 day cycle but didn't get a positive til af was a fortnight late. .

pinkyredrose Thu 03-Aug-17 19:26:59

Ever heard of STIs?

SleepFreeZone Thu 03-Aug-17 19:36:10

Guy 1

NoMoreBones Thu 03-Aug-17 19:38:16

Guy 1

Lucozadex Fri 04-Aug-17 14:48:31

Did u get a positive pregnancy test early? This was mine 5/6 days after sex with guy#2
Looks quite Clear & dark am I right to say that? Or doesn't it matter positive is positive?

WineAndTiramisu Fri 04-Aug-17 14:51:34

I'd say definitely guy 1

Lucozadex Fri 04-Aug-17 14:57:04

Also would like to add because nobody's mentioned it yet I got a digital clear blue test result reading 3+
This was only 8 days after sex with guy#2 so 1st July. How reliable are these tests ..anyone had false results?

hiimmumma Fri 04-Aug-17 15:18:09

It's guy 1
You've got such a strong positive
And the clear blue is saying 3+ weeks.

If it was guy 2 it would say 1-2weeks if anything at all that early.

It's seems like your clinging on to hope that it will be guy 2 but it's really not looking like it is I'm afraid.

The best way to confirm is a dating scan if you can get one.

Sorry for in a tricky situation. I hope it works out for you flowers

ifeellikechickentonight Fri 04-Aug-17 15:22:22

Yeah, I'm almost certain from what you've said it's Guy 1. I don't think that's what you want to hear and like others say a dating scan will tell you definitely but it's very rare to get a BFP 8/9 days after ovulation and when you do they're super faint. Yours look much further along.

turquoise88 Fri 04-Aug-17 15:26:07

It's Guy 1.

There's no way you'd get a Clearblue 3+ 8 days after sleeping with Guy 2 if it was him.

Afishcalledchips Fri 04-Aug-17 15:26:21

Very helpful pinkyredrose hmm

TheHodgeoftheHedge Fri 04-Aug-17 15:29:12

Simply from the maths showing on the tests, it's obviously guy 1.
You can't be 3 weeks pregnant with guy 2 less than a week after you slept with him.
Have you been to the docs and got the ball rolling on dating scans/options? You did these tests over a month ago?

abigcupoffuckyou Fri 04-Aug-17 15:34:30

Very helpful pinkyredrose

I think it is helpful, OP needs to be having a lot more tests than just pregnancy ones!

It's door number 1. 2 is not possible.

Lucozadex Fri 04-Aug-17 15:43:02

Thank you so much everyone who's replied to this it really helps speaking about it & having other opinions
Yes I went to the doctors mid July was still so confused when I came out so waited a week called him back and asked for the midwives number I'm seeing her next week then she can refer me for a scan

FeralBeryl Fri 04-Aug-17 15:47:14

Another vote for 1 here too.
Please do not feel pressurised in to making any decisions you aren't comfortable with. The relationships board is helpful if you need to talk your situation over flowers

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