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Newbies and experts

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justb01 Wed 14-Aug-13 09:19:17

Hi, I'm a newbie here and ttc newbie as well! I'm looking for buddies to share experience. Who's with me?Experts tips always welcome
We've been ttc for fe months, before NTNP. However now I'm starting to feel the pressure for BFP.

broodysnoopstie Thu 03-Apr-14 13:58:32

new thread

Hope this has worked to give us a new thread!

broodysnoopstie Thu 03-Apr-14 12:25:48


broodysnoopstie Thu 03-Apr-14 10:21:10

One that is the perfect name for a new thread! !

Will check in tomorrow and let you all know how it went smile

Vickyvix Thu 03-Apr-14 09:58:35

Hi Ladies! So sorry have been absent for a while, it took me ages to find the thread again because it had fallen off my discussion list. I've been trying to keep away from internet, mainly to make time go quicker and to stop myself googling weird and wonderful things that could be making mini V small.

one love the new thread name idea, must confess I've never started a new thread, I'm not quite sure how to do it!

broody at least not long until your doctor's appointment now, bring on Friday smile I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Thanks for the PM re your job too, sounds interesting.

fleur welcome and good luck smile

I'm still counting days until next scan (a week next Tuesday) although DH and I have booked a private one for this Saturday, just to see what they say about mini V's progress and also to have a peak on the 4D, think the 4D is slightly freaky but I'm intrigued to see what this little lady looks like.

one, I am almost 30 weeks now.

wood there are a couple of ladies on the June bus that have also been told their little ones are small although nobody else has been offered the amnio, that is the part that worries me the most.

But, I'm excited because I'm actually meeting up with some of the June bus ladies tonight, in real life!! There are quite a few of us in same area so we're going for a bite to eat, should be fun....slightly nervous but they seem like a nice bunch

onelifeonechance Thu 03-Apr-14 08:30:28

How about 'Not so new and not so expert'?!

Broody, I'd be exactly the same, the longer it's going on the more the hope must build. Well it's Friday eve now so not long to wait, best of luck!!!

broodysnoopstie Wed 02-Apr-14 23:17:42

aww One that's nice you are thinking of me. I love this thread. Of course I'm still testing I keep hoping a bfp will pop up but I do restrict myself to twice a week although I'm going to test Fri morning too.. I sway between being sure I'm pg to telling myself that of course I'm not and I'm setting myself up for a big heart break!

I think new thread should be something inbetween newbies and experts.. like.. umm I can't think of anything.. persistent ttc ers?? Who was op of this thread maybe they have an idea?.. although I sort of like it being just the few of us regulars rather than the massive buses blush


woodwaj Wed 02-Apr-14 20:10:21

Nursey, Sorry I didn't see your post before mine. Havent you only just finished AF? I think at this stage you should be waiting for ovulation signs? What cycle day are you? Sounds like you work in the right place though if you have any questions! Are you taking folic acid?

Ive got ages away till my appointment but I suppose I thought that 3 months ago when I booked it in...time flies!

Ill keep you posted about the job when I know will be a while yet it is still being advertised.

Hi Fleur welcome, Hope your AF starts soon exciting times!!

I was thinking that too onelife, I think we would just have to start a new thread and update the name on this one so we can find it? what we would call it though I have NO idea! I would say were not exactly newbies anymore, but we are not experts or we would be upduffed by now!!

onelifeonechance Wed 02-Apr-14 18:05:04

Just noticed we're going to need a new thread v soon. No idea how to do it! What will we call it girls?

onelifeonechance Wed 02-Apr-14 18:02:49

No bother Broods, you've got a lot going on at mo. Are you still testing or just waiting for Friday now? I keep thing about you (in a non weird way!!) So hoping......

Wood, I've never noticed when it has happened in relation to ov so will watch out for it and report back!! Hope job stuff comes up trumps, you deserve it.

Nursey, hope you're feeling bit better, hope you manage to enjoy your weekend away.

Welcome fleur and good luck!

Vicks, hope you're doing ok lovely

Fleurlur Wed 02-Apr-14 13:06:01

I had my implanon took out today, the nurse told me it was to wait till your first official period before TTC, I can feel my withdrawal bleed is going to start very soon so hopefully will get official AF beginning of May and we can go from there! Will be tracking ovulation from the withdrawal bleed though.

broodysnoopstie Wed 02-Apr-14 11:10:53

one I've just seen it was you who posted about hopes up not vicky sorry love, I can only blame long hours and stupidity

welcome fleur smile

NurseyJay Wed 02-Apr-14 10:29:21

Hi Fleur, of course u can join smile

Fleurlur Wed 02-Apr-14 00:52:56

Can I join in? I'm a newbie smile

broodysnoopstie Tue 01-Apr-14 23:23:35

Fingers crossed for you wood and your job i'm a great believer in everything happens for a reason!

Good luck in advance for your hosp appt. . and Yep COME ON Friday! !

nursey well I'm obviously a believer in false negatives ;) hope you feel better soon

woodwaj Tue 01-Apr-14 21:49:07

Im taking the cervix thing as the only good sign I have!!

Well we are officially in April, Which makes my next hospital appointment this month!! No idea what will happen on this one.

News on the job front about the job I didn't get, another position has come available, I have been told I don't have to re-interview but they have to advertise it so i might be in with another shot!

I bet Friday cant come soon enough for your Broody?

I hope your not ill, I am trying to pretend I am not getting a cold!

NurseyJay Tue 01-Apr-14 21:43:13

Duno whats up with me. Been reeeally thirsty this last week (but not very hungry), so drinkin n peein loads. Probs not hungry because full of water!! Was feeling fine with it until yesterday when I had an awful headache n felt generally crappy. Spoke to a doc at work who examined me, did urine sample (negative for UTI and pregnancy sad )
Bloods were taken n all came back ok apart frm calcium (bit low). So been started on calcium tablets (vile). Can't see how that links in with the thirst/peeing cycle though. The doc mentioned I may have a pituitary adenoma n am now sh*tting myself, despite it being a benign growth (that I don't know for sure I have).
Even though my app says I'm fertile this week with ov due on Sunday (DH birthday and we're away for the weekend) the last thing I want to be doing is BDing...
All my symptoms could potentially be pregnancy (apart frm negative test obviously)... but I think this is more wishful thinking... or are false negatives possible??

broodysnoopstie Tue 01-Apr-14 08:38:16

Morning. bfn again this morning. I've got a sore tummy and feel very sick. Not sure it's pg symptoms think I've got a bug. sad eugh

broodysnoopstie Mon 31-Mar-14 23:36:40

wood that's a good Facebook pic.. people just don't think.

Also re. cervix I don't check mine through my cycle and my dp has never said anything but when I've been for smears my nurse says it's high...

vicky no need to worry about raising hopes I see the bfn myself and I still feel pg!! last tested Thursday...

Friday is soooooooo long but work is so busy it will go fast Thank god. I'm just on my way home now! Started at 9 haven't even been on mn shock

Nursey hang in there. It seems all consuming and it is a bit but I think it gets more normal if not really easier.

Hope all is well ladies.


woodwaj Mon 31-Mar-14 21:22:07

I saw this on facebook and I thought id share it

woodwaj Mon 31-Mar-14 11:45:18

Im glad you have was starting to think I was weird does it normally coincide with your ovulation?

Are you still testing broody?

Its ok nursey no offence taken it does get easier x

onelifeonechance Mon 31-Mar-14 10:12:59

Broody, I really don't want to raise hopes but I really think this sounds v promising!!!!! If this has never happened before and with the creamy cm/nipple pain etc... I bet you're one of those ladies who it just doesn't pick up on hpts. Eeek, I am keeping everything crossed for you! Fri seems ages away to me so goodness knows how you're doing it!!!! Good luck hon x

Hope everyone else is ok?

Wood, yes we've had that!!!

NurseyJay Sun 30-Mar-14 15:58:01

Sorry wood... just feeling emotional n ranty at minute. Working all days God sends... All work and no play sad

broodysnoopstie Sun 30-Mar-14 12:48:52

CD 54. AF 21days late. Shooting pains in my nipples... friday seems a very very long time away!! God I could do with a wine confused

woodwaj Sat 29-Mar-14 18:26:55

Haha best to try and take it easy nursey! Im on month 18!!

NurseyJay Sat 29-Mar-14 18:18:04

I have no idea how couples trying to conceive for a long time must feel... Myself and DH have only been trying for one month (officially) and I'm sooo frustrated already! He doesn't seem bothered though... confused

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