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TTC #2 and turning into a nut job!

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gemmeg Mon 18-Feb-13 07:13:21

Ladies, bring me back down to Earth before it's too late! I'm TTC #2 and its only the 2nd cycle and I'm already doing my own head in not to mention my OH.....we're not the kind of couple to have regular sex when not TTC (much to my disappointment sad) so it's a real effort for DS to, erm, pull his finger out as it were and DTD every other day. With DS1 I had no idea about CM and OPKs and just used an ovulation calendar for timing but this time round I'm in danger of falling into the OPK trap! I'm aware of my constant whittling and DH even said that he hopes I get pregnant this month so he doesn't have to listen to me begging for him to do it just one more time! Anyone in the same boat?

AbiBub Sun 07-Apr-13 02:41:36

Mummy-thank you! Super excited about tomorrow (well later on today!!) My OH and I have just finished off his birthday cake and we are uber proud of it! Sealife centre for a day trip :0) tonnes of ballons are secretly waiting for the bubs in the morning!

Could be worthwhile speaking to gp, if your not in huge rush perhaps if not succesful this time round you could visit gp then? Perhaps if you're trying every other day up until and past ov this could be your month :0) x

How are you all ladies? :0)

2beornot Sun 07-Apr-13 08:16:46

Morning nut jobs!!!

Been a busy couple of days (wedding on Fri, working on say) so been a bit absent. I'm in the 2ww stage now. So in the cycle of a nutjob that means getting hopes up, working out when my baby would be due (27th Dec apparently), working out how soon I should test (AF due 18th but I have a early response left in the cupboard), working out when I can announce the news (12w would be mid June but I'd be 10w on my birthday!), imagining what my dd will be like when baby is born etc etc. Please tell me I'm not the only one?!

2beornot Sun 07-Apr-13 08:20:42

Oh and I meant to say Happy Shagging to all those just entering that cycle (I think there is mummy, winter and soon petty and gemmeg) Enjoy and make the most of it!! It's my fave time of the cycle!

Abibub Hope you have a brilliant day!!

mangomom Sun 07-Apr-13 19:18:53

Ha ha, 2beornot, you are not the only one. My baby would be due Boxing Day grin

winterpansy Mon 08-Apr-13 11:47:05

Thank you 2be! We've made a fair go of it over the past week or so. 7 or so times dtd! Still haven't had a smiley face on my opk yet though, even though I'm on cd19, and DH is on nights this week so I'm hoping there are enough sperm there already to hit when ov happens. Unless it happened on Saturday as I was away for the day and forgot to my bring my test. Tested when I came back at 9pm though and no smiley face. Arrhhggg! It's so hard not to be all-consumed by the whole thing.

I've been nutjobbingly looking at due date calculators etc. already also so you're deffo not the only one!

AbiBub How were the birthday celebrations?

MummytotheArk How are you?

gemmeg and petty Has AF left yet? Can you kick off soon with dtd?

Hello to everyone else - how are things?

gemmeg Mon 08-Apr-13 12:42:34

Oh me, oh my winterpansy you have been busy! Hopefully you'll have hit the jackpot this month. Do you know when you usually ov? I only ask as I didn't get a smiley face til late into my cycle last month and I thought it happened 4 or 5 days earlier. AF still here for me. I ovd on day 19 last month which'd be 23rd April this month so I'm planning to DTD every other day starting a wk before that date until I get a smiley.....I just can't say anything to DH about it though as he rolls his eyes anytime I want to talk tactics. It really p****s me off!!

pettyprudence Mon 08-Apr-13 15:22:00

im not due af for another week or so, which means another 3 weeks before i become a woman possessed grin

mangomom Mon 08-Apr-13 22:04:07

Argh, desperate to POAS and it's only day 19! confused

Mummytothearkbuilder Mon 08-Apr-13 22:06:01

Hey ladies - hope you are all having lovely Mondays!!

I am feeling a bit low today - not sure why just feeling a bit blue about things hmm still trying to get over the miscarriage (even though it was 7 weeks ago) - I thought it would all be behind me now.

Anyhoo - I'm cd12 (I think - must double check!!) and starting with the opks daily and DTD every other day (where we can) - if every other day then is every 2nd day okay??? I am monitoring everything at the moment as if it doesn't work this cycle I am back to the doctors for a chat - just need to find a doctor that will listen!!


mangomom Mon 08-Apr-13 22:13:31

(Though I think this is 7dpo soooooo)

mangomom Mon 08-Apr-13 22:15:24

MummyTTAB I am sorry you are feeling down. I hope you get good news on your opk soon--maybe that would be a first step to feeling better?

MortifiedAdams Tue 09-Apr-13 08:29:39

Ooh lots of you potentially POAS soon! Ive just started second cycle and dtd every other day for the whole month. Just realised we have some friends coming to stay for the week I ovulate - perfect timing confused

AbiBub Tue 09-Apr-13 10:09:04

Morning ladies, how are you all?

winter looks like you have given it a fair shot at it, all pinkies crossed for you :0) the birthday celebrations were fabby but also very tiring! The cake turned out better than me and OH expected it was a joint effort too so even more special :0)

gemmeg hows the af now? My OH rolls his eyes too but then he remembers he's actually getting some regardless of the reasons why!! He makes the most of it now I think cos when im pg I might nit have the energy!! I do random dtd so he doesnt feel completely used!

petty so about a week to go then, do you think af might turn up? Hopefully it doesn't for good reasons of course!

mummy I reckon every other 2nd day is ok, swimmers last a good 72hours without any cm alone. Sorry to hear you are feeling low about mc :0 ( I found that time was the best healer ultimately. Big hugz.

mortified could you still sneak in a few a few quickies in the week your friends stay? Thats a good plan on dtd every other day for the month, sounds like you would have everything covered, just you might be uber knackered though :0/

mango all pinkies crossed here for you, bet your itching to POAS as much as me! Based on my original ov dates (which may be wrong!) I would be 10 dpo but if I use the earlier date of ov (which coincide with pains and spotting) I would be 14dpo! I had awful nausea on weekend and it comes and go in waves, I have slightly tender bb's and they actually tingled on sunday night ?!? But I am trying not to read into it too much if I can help it, as I suffer chem. Pg had 4 that I deffo know of, getting odd pains here and there so will prob have af. Its due around sat. The fri just gone my OH and I dtd and it felt really different, like something was blocking access part way down like I was swollen down below (sorry if tmi) has anyone ever had that?


winterpansy Tue 09-Apr-13 16:04:37


gemmeg I've only been tracking ov for 2 cycles now and last time I ov'ed on cd18. I'm on cd20 now and still no smiley face but I do have a very irregular cycle so it could just be late. I do have some ewcm now though so have scheduled in a quickie with DH tonight before he heads off on night shift just in case ov is coming up and it wasn't on Sat (even though I had ewcm then too) - so romantic, eh? I'm just hoping we've done it enough! My DH has been OK about me 'using him' (in the nicest possible way of course) at the minute but I think he will start to get pissed off after a while if I talk about tactics too.

mummy Hope you're feeling a bit better today. 7 weeks isn't that long to get over something like a mc so you're bound to have low days. Rant to us if it makes you feel better. Hopefully lots of dtd will cheer you up too x

abibub Thanks! We're knackered and I'm not letting him off the hook just yet, just in case. Think another wee quickie today and maybe tomorrow might put my mind at ease that we have dtd enough. Glad the celebrations went well! Ooohh...I think you will be the first poas-er in this round??

Mummytothearkbuilder Tue 09-Apr-13 20:35:39

Hi ladies thanks for your messages - I am feeling a bit better today - I just want to be over the miscarriage and not feel like its consuming me. I am a get up and go type of person and if something in life isn't right I deal with it and move on but I have no control over this!!

I checked my app and I am cd15 today - I'm doing the opk daily but not expecting a positive result for about another 10 days thanks to my lengthy cycles. Hopefully with DS birthday over the weekend and my birthday next weekend the days will fly by!!


AbiBub Wed 10-Apr-13 09:26:50

winter glad you have got a good amount of dtd in :0) am I the first POAS' er? This Fri/sat is when my af is due, so hoping it doesn't arrive! Would be lovely to have an xmas baby :0) that way both kiddlywinks would have their birthdays during holidays :0)

mummy I think considering mc was only 7weeks ago I think you are doing amazing, these things do take time to heal, but you have the right thought processes plus I think in talking about it that can only be a good thing as bottling up would not be healthy so keep up the good healing it will get easier I promise. How long are yout cycles again? Hopefully you will get some smilies on your opk's soon :0)

hey all other lovely ladies how are you all doing? :0) x

gemmeg Wed 10-Apr-13 09:31:23

Just thought I'd say hi. AF has left the building but still another week or so til I start with OPKs and DTD. Just want to get on with it now, seems like an age has passed since I've had anything to obsess about although I must confess it did my sanity good not to have the 2ww this last month. Anyone else got owt to report?

2beornot Wed 10-Apr-13 14:48:55

Hi abibub you def are! My AF due next wed but I will POAS on Mon morning. I must admit I do get obsessed with POAS at that special time each month!

winter have you had your smiley face yet? I wonder if you have ov but the OPKs didn't work?

mummy I think you're being hard on yourself. 7 weeks is no time at all. I hope you get you're smiley faces soon.

Ok, tmi alert!!! I don't notice my ewcm when I'm ov, but when dtd I sometimes notice the DHs sperm sometimes doesn't spill out after (or at least not as much). Do you think this is the ewcm doing its job?!

winterpansy Wed 10-Apr-13 15:46:58

Afternoon ladies!

STILL no smiley face! I am now wondering if I've missed it or it was on Sat. More ewcm today though so managed to get a quickie in at lunch time and will try on Fri and Sat as well, just in case. I'm considered giving up the opks and just hoping for the best this cycle. Problem is I don't know when my 2ww starts!! Will just take each day as it comes I suppose.

Whoop abibub and 2be 2 poas-ers within the next week. I have everything crossed for good news! Little Christmas elf babies are hopefully coming your way grin

gem Won't be long now - I know exactly how you feel in the 'nothing happening' week or so after AF. Feels kinda pointless not to have something to focus on but soon you will be back in the full throes of obsession!

mummy Sounds like you have lots of lovely distractions to keep you going over the next week. Party time!

pettyprudence Wed 10-Apr-13 22:01:17

Nowt to report here. Still a week or so til AF due but have a hen weekend to keep me occupied.
Due to exchange and complete on our new house in a couple of weeks and the date we move will nicely coincide with expected ovulation hmm Feels a bit like everything is conspiring against me! Or maybe its a sign that I will have to wait for a march baby and keep up the family trend?

Mummytothearkbuilder Thu 11-Apr-13 20:23:41

Hey ladies! Winter - you may have missed your surge - the cycle I conceived with I didn't get a positive opk so thought it was a no go but I must have ovulated as I fell pregnant! I don't think the surge lasts that long so it's easy to miss smile


winterpansy Thu 11-Apr-13 22:39:13

Hey mummy! I actually thought 'feck it, I'll have one last poas opk this morning then give it up for the month' when I got a smiley face!!

So I am hoping dtd on Sunday, yesterday and this evening will have done the trick. Might get another wee one in tomorrow night if DH doesn't object too much grin So I guess then I'll count tomorrow as 1 dpo and then then 2ww can begin in earnest.

How are you feeling? x

Mummytothearkbuilder Thu 11-Apr-13 23:33:45

That's great winter - fab news about the smiley!!

I'm good thanks - I find this part of the cycle so boring, just waiting for ovulation and the positive OPK - I generally ovulate cd25 so still have ages to wait!! Every part of the cycle seems to be a waiting game of some sorts!!

Fingers crossed for your 2 week wait! Xx

AbiBub Fri 12-Apr-13 10:56:11

Hey lovely ladies! How are you all?

Well I just couldnt help myself wed afternoon I POAS and the tiniest faintest +line but couldnt tell if the stoopid pkastic windows on the test had created a shadow line it didn't seem to move with the light but I feel like im reading into too much, so I did another thurs morning wee and it came up as BFN so very confused. Am thinking I have tested too early or my suspitions are correct about yet another chemical pg are correct. I've had the exact same thing happen so many times before. I maybe over fertile but my environment prob isnt right to house any bubbas :0 ( my af not here yet so will POAS ttomorrow if af not here by then. I felt all the symptoms before but now not so much so am thinking chem pg :0 (

winter that's fabby on smiley, hope everthing goes well according to dtd plans :0)

mummy hope you get that smiley soon!

2be interested to see what comes up with your POAS on monday! Keep us posted!

petty think they call that sods laws but Iguess it will happen when the time is good, although hopefully you can squeeze in a few quickies or at least one when the time matters!

gemmeg hope you get smiley soon! I know what you mean about tww im glad you haven't had that just yet im going nuts here!!

What are everyone's weekend plans then? :0) x

2beornot Fri 12-Apr-13 13:26:37

Winter! I'm so glad you finally got your smiley! Gives a bit of faith that they are working and I hope you get another sneaky one in today (although it seems like you've given if a good go regardless!!)

Mummy! Hope you get yours soon-fingers crossed it comes sooner than cd25!!

Abibub - it's not over til AF arrives. You said yourself that the +ve might have been a shadow! I might not POAS on Mon - it would be 2 days before AF due, but I'm wondering if I actually ov on Fri so that would be fours days early. I'll see if I can hold out to wed which is either when AF due or two days early!!! Cd maths frazzles my brain!!

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