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TTC #1 - Thread 8

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RaspberrysAndIcecream Mon 31-Dec-12 17:02:42

New Year - New Thread!!! And hopefully lots of BFP's all round!!

Fx for everyone!!

MotherOfCleo Mon 31-Dec-12 17:42:35

hello.....check me out popping the new threads cherry lol

Blockette Mon 31-Dec-12 17:56:42


- opps! good remembering Raspberrys, I meant to make one yesterday!

I'm not planning to stay long! I will not stay long, I will not stay long, I will not stay long!!!

RaspberrysAndIcecream Mon 31-Dec-12 17:59:03

grin thanks mother - Ive just had to explain to DH why I'm giggling at someone popping the threads cherry!!! grin lol!!

Happy New Year!!!

RaspberrysAndIcecream Mon 31-Dec-12 18:01:40

Hello Block!!!

When are u testing?

I've not even started the 2ww sad still waiting to ovulate. hmm so bored with all the waiting!!

Boozeandadietjinglebell Mon 31-Dec-12 21:22:25

Hellooooo! Just marking my place. Happy new year everyone!

DulcetMoans Tue 01-Jan-13 16:40:30

Hey all! I disappeared for a while but I have found my way back for 2013. We are still on a TTC hold until March but I wanted to come back and get a grasp of where everyone is up to. See some new faces, and some old ones unfortuantely. Feeling hopeful for 2013 though, if a little impatient!

sunnyday01 Tue 01-Jan-13 17:55:56

Hi! Newbie here! Me and dh are ttc this year - started in dec but had no idea about ovulation etc (learnt a lot on here today!). AF due at some point over next few days (not exactly sure when as v bad at tracking it!)

Just wanted to join in and share the journey!

RaspberrysAndIcecream Tue 01-Jan-13 18:32:53

Welcome sunny and hi Dulcet!!

Hope you're both well!! Looking forward to having u join us again Dulcet - time will fly by and you'll be back in the mad fun house before u know it!!

Sunny, this site is amazing, it's been so informative and people have been very helpful and supportive. And in the nicest possible way, I hope your stay with us is a short one!!! grin

sunnyday01 Tue 01-Jan-13 21:59:47

AF arrived this evening - so on to January - I think I ov between 14th and 21st so will be focussing efforts around those dates to see what happens!

MotherOfCleo Wed 02-Jan-13 09:36:38

The witch arrived this morning, I am so gutted, I was so sure this was our month! We DTD the four days prior to OV day and twice on OV day so how did none of this swimmers find my egg.....HUGE sad face sad

Blockette Wed 02-Jan-13 11:17:18

Sunny & Mother I'm so sorry for you - I'm due any day now, but am too scared to test - so will wait for the weekend. Feeling AF-y so am sure I will be joining you both in the next few days!

Hi Dulcet! March will be here before you know it!

fl0b0t Wed 02-Jan-13 13:31:40

sunny and mother- rubbish news- sorry to hear that :-(
Nothing exciting going on here- the same boobs as last month.. so I'm not going to get too excited, seems it's a new pms symptom for me!

Blanketsandpillows Wed 02-Jan-13 14:05:17

Want to mark my spot here too! Came off the pill on Nov 25th, had short withdrawal bleed from 29th November....and nothing since. We didn't wait to TTC as some people recommend so from that point of view have no idea when I ovulated. POAS on the 28th December but no luck. Dying to test again but DH away until next week and promised I wouldn't without him. I'm pretty sure though that's its just my body getting used to being off the pill rather than anything more exciting! Best of luck everyone!

Thunderthunderthundercats Wed 02-Jan-13 16:03:02

Hi everyone, I wonder if I might be able to join in? I was on the TTC#1 thread last summer and recognise a few names here.

Got my bfp in Sept but sadly discovered of had a mmc at my 12 week scan in Nov. New Year, new start and we're back to ttc again! My cycles are totally buggered all over the place since ERPC so probably no hope for the near future but I am bored and thinking too much about it all so wanted some friendly company!

andadietcoke Wed 02-Jan-13 16:03:29

blockette both times I've had AF type cramps before a BFP, so maybe...

MotherOfCleo Wed 02-Jan-13 16:19:27

now I'm confused, what I thought was the start of AF this morning certainly looked like it is now just pale pink CM, not even reached the liner yet. WTF is going on? (pardon my french) I have a BFN on my test, I did one this morning before I realised the witch was in town. I do have some cramps so maybe it will turn into more but it usual starts with a vengeance if you know what I mean
Ahhh why is my body such a drama queen?!?

MotherOfCleo Wed 02-Jan-13 16:21:07

Thundercats so sorry to hear your sad news sad hope 2013 is the year of the baby for you.

andadietcoke Wed 02-Jan-13 17:06:49

MofC my last AD started a bit like that - one day of that and the next day it started properly OR it could be implantation bleeding - when do you think you ov'ed?

andadietcoke Wed 02-Jan-13 17:07:17

Meant to say, that if it is implantation then it would be too early for a BFP...

MotherOfCleo Wed 02-Jan-13 17:09:06

I got a positive OPK on the 18th Dec, so somewhere between 14 and 16 days ago. I think I'm defo out for this month, just wish the witch would stop lurking and would actually show her horrid face!

Blockette Wed 02-Jan-13 17:22:50

Oh Thunder I'm so sorry! I remember you on the old thread.

MofC that sounds odd! fx something happens either way - limbo land is not fun!

RaspberrysAndIcecream Wed 02-Jan-13 17:39:22

Hi Thunder, I'm very sorry to hear that u had mc. Hoping 2013 is a fab baby year for u!! Xx

Block I have everything crossed for u!!! When are u going to poas?!! grin

mother I really hope that you're out of limbo soon, preferably with a BFP!!! grin

Big hello to Blanket, hope ur out of limbo land as well soon!

I poas this morning (bfn) because it's day 23 & still no peak on the ov monitor sad and I thought it might be cause I'm already pg <crazy ttc thoughts> but not pg and still no peak - I'm beginning to get really fed up now. hmm

sunnyday01 Wed 02-Jan-13 17:45:25

i have had a strange first day of AF, had a smallish amount of dark red - nearly brown blood, and seems like it isn't coming out anymore (sorry if tmi). Going to see what happens tomorrow - i'm not too bothered if if comes full blow tomorrow as i wasn't exepecting a BFP on the first month of trying to be honest - i'm probably reading more in to it than i need to!

Thundercats - sorry to hear that, fx for a BFP for 2013 x

MofC - keep us updated!

Cacks81 Wed 02-Jan-13 18:12:36

Hi Ladies.
This is my first time joining in a thread, have just joined MumsNet after months of reading.
I'm 31 and been TTC for 8 months. Finding it very stressful and upsetting when AF comes every month. Had a day 14 progesterone test last month, all fine, waiting to hear about day 3 test. I should have ov today. (Fx).
Have found reading your posts very useful, so thank you.
It's on my mind all the time, so I'm very happy to have others in the same boat to talk to.
Good luck all. X

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