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Emmsy's ladies - 4 years of weebling - still going strong!

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4everhopeful Mon 13-Aug-12 20:02:24

Here's to us ladies! Proud to be part of this - onwards and upwards..

Spoiltexpatbrat Fri 30-Nov-12 18:31:40

Scottish smileys??? shock where are the English ones? wink

Rumors you can keep all of your goodies. I'm dieting! .8kg Til I'm pre dolly weight <preen>

4lb to go and I'll be under 9 stone, happy happy happy. Yes I'm shallow!

Preggers girlies, how you both doing?

H is sick, and in sick of the kids being sick hmm looks like another weekend doing f all.

Currently on line shopping for my family. They have no idea what they want but expect me to know. Annoying much!

RumoursOfAWhiteChristmas Fri 30-Nov-12 18:44:30

Wow spoilt how do you stay so motivated to diet? I've completely lost the plot and I'm comfort eating to the extreme at the moment sad, I'm 2 stone over weight! But well done to you, any tips gratefully received smile

Spoiltexpatbrat Fri 30-Nov-12 21:21:06

Rumours I'm addicted to my fitness pal app on my phone. So easy to use and makes you think twice about anything you eat. Also dh has bought new super super scales which link into our phones, I pad etc. it also links with my fitness pal app. So ever time I stand on them it updates everywhere! I love seeing the graph move down wih the weight loss.

Mind you I'm training 4 times a week, so it's not easy at all.

I think what is driving me is the fact I'm home at Christmas and there is a big night out with all my old friends. I'm the only mother, I don't want to stand out as one.

I'm so close to my target, I just can't let it slip. It's taken a while to get my head in this place. Here to help of you need it

RumoursOfAWhiteChristmas Sat 01-Dec-12 08:03:44

Spoilt I admire you're motivation, well done. I've looked at that app before will take another look thanks. smile

cupcakefairy Sat 01-Dec-12 08:20:04

Wow, spoilt that is so impressive! Well done you. I fell off the wagon hugely with ds's christening then a wedding following week, but been back on it the last 2 wks & another 6lbs off.. 8lbs to go to pre-preg weight. Most of my clothes fit again now so it is hard to stay motivated! It's awful but what drives me is other people's perceptions .. I'd hate people to be thinking I let myself go cos of having kids. But obviously I'm doing it for myself too, I feel sooo much better in myself recently..mentally & physically. Even running up the stairs is such a huge difference instead of puffing & panting up them! grin

Anyway, happy advent ladies!! I'm sooo excited. We're off to Bristol Christmas market today hoping to get more pressies.. also have a little nativity set in ds's advent calendar which I'm so excited by smile oooh, love Christmas!

Hope sabs and 4ever doing ok. A friend just had a baby boy this morning 5 weeks early, but a good weight of almost 6lbs.. thankfully she was already all organised for christmas, little tinker showing up unannounced! smile

BuddhaBellyXmasBaubles Sat 01-Dec-12 20:42:40

Sabs Scan in 10 days time wow, that seems to have flown by! smile
Blue Blissful sounding morning lie in and breakfast very envy Does your new house feel like "home" already?
4ever 4 days until your scan - are you still doing daily tests? How's the sand working out for you, peeping out yet?
Spoilt How's the sick little people sad I thought that was so lovely of you to start that thread, very humbling. Well done on the weight loss, super slim yummy mummy you! I've lost 16.5 lbs now, but struggling a bit now, only about another 7 stones to go wink
lbm Have things got quieter now your big week is over?
Neeko Any snow yet scottish friend?
Rumours Has the rest of last week been any easier with ds2? I know you hit a wall last week but you really are coping amazingly well my lovely. Love the idea of him being a pirate on his picture - good to be different, shows he's such a little character!

E had a fantastic birthday, although still wasn't 100% after the virus he had the week prior. Then Tuesday he started throwing up with this horrible sickness bug going round sad He's never been sick before and was totally freaked out about it bless him, but since yesterday he's definately back on form wink
We showed him his portable north pole message this morning and my Mum knitted an elf which we told him that santa has sent to make sure he stays on the good list for Christmas, he's been an angel today, but since he's gone to bed I found the elf shoved under the cushions on the sofa, I expect he thinks if he hides him that he can be naughty tomorrow, little bugger grin
Ov'd today, so now holding breath on the 2ww, although I'm sure I'll be partaking in alcoholic beverages over Christmas wink

BuddhaBellyXmasBaubles Sat 01-Dec-12 20:45:18

Oh and I've updated the new app for Mumsnet and it keeps crashing everytime I try to read just this thread sad

4everhopeful Mon 03-Dec-12 09:35:33

Hey Buddha sorry to hear E's been poorly, little sausage, the idea of that sickness bug freaks me out, I hate all that.. sad Glad he's on the mend now & LOVE the idea of the elf smile Shaking pom poms wildly for you too... wink

Barbie hope the kids are better soon, at least out the way for Christmas! Meant to say what a lovely kind thread you started too, true spirit of Christmas! smile Great weight loss btw!

Cupcake loving christmas with you! smile Our tree and decs went up on fri, started wrapping pressies last night and will be writing cards today, love it! smile

Rumours was with you being 2stone overweight and comfort eating, sods law, before I got this BFP id just lost over a stone in about a month, done it by pretty much cutting out bread, potatoes, pasta and rice, or a couple teeny portions a week, and no cakes or choc, but after a couple wks I had a tiny choc treat in the evening (1 jaffa cake or small pk of choc buttons) will def do it again whenever this pregnancy is over confused

Well I've been a complete wreck, the anxiety is overwhelming, I've had very occasional mild queasiness, and fatigue/weak lightheadedness, but when its not there (more than it is there) I'm convinced its over... sad I've also had occasional aches and twinges, again makes me feel convinced its over.. Was still doing daily tests, but got 12 cheap babymad ones, and got a few faint patchy lines, which left me freaked out and in despair, only to do another a few hrs later and be fine, so knocked the whole POAS thing on the head (also on instruction of Dh) to preserve the small amount of sanity I have left... hmm Also googled that from 6wks HCG monitoring not best method of testing viability, scans are, and once a heartbeat is seen, there's 95% chance of successful pregnancy, so how unlucky are we that 6 of my previous pregnancies all ended after seeing a heartbeat each week for about 3wks.. So, I'm in the 5%, great odds huh? sad Its just so horrible to have no faith, and be so negative and disheartened.. I've been really low, depressed almost, then annoyed at the way its taking me over, guilty for being practically a recluse and boring mum to Summer while I'm 'taking it easy', then wondering why I'm even bothering... hmm Its totally absorbing, and its so horrible and gutting to not have barely any actual joy from 'being pregnant', don't think I've ever found it so hard to believe, I'm just counting the seconds til Wednesday mornings scan, its almost like it will be a relief to just know for def if its 'viable' or not, which consumes me with guilt for feeling like that.. Perhaps its cos its my 8th pregnancy now, and cos of losing the last one at 5wks, when I'm used to my 'danger period' being 8/9wks, so although on tenterhooks in previous pregnancies, the real overwhelming anxieties and sense of doom doesn't kick in til about wk 8, whereas this time its been all along... I'm already thinking I don't think I could do this again, and kicking myself in a way, for even thinking that I could... hmm I'm just so grateful for Summer, we never dared to believe we'd even have her, I feel I must be mad to ask for more.. Then, I feel overwhelmed with guilt, for not believing and having more faith for my tiny baby (hopefully) growing inside of me, a tiny life relying on me, I do want it so much, but I'm also just scared to emotionally attach myself I suppose, god I could scream and sob with frustration, my head is so screwed up..

RumoursOfAWhiteChristmas Mon 03-Dec-12 10:24:52

Aww 4ever have the biggest hug ever {{{{}}}}}. It is all so consuming I can see that, I'm holding your hand so tight and propping you up through this weebling.
Don't worry about summer, just enjoy relaxing with her, lots of colouring, jigsaws and cbeebies xxx

BuddhaBellyXmasBaubles Mon 03-Dec-12 18:39:40

4ever Of course you are going to worry. Of course you will be anxious beyond belief. Of course you will feel guilty for feeling like this. But will it alter the course of your pregnancy? Will Summer remember you were distracted for a short while when she was two? No to both of those. Nothing anyone will say will make you feel better, wish I could help. Weeble away with us, we're here. I'm glad you've stopped poas makes sense to stop now. Just think every day your pg is a day closer to the next hurdle. Go easy on yourself x

Spoiltexpatbrat Mon 03-Dec-12 19:54:44

I need sleep... (Yawn)

Just popped on to echo what the two wise ladies above have said to 4ever. I've got your back so weeble as much as needed, you won't fall down x

littlebellsmum Mon 03-Dec-12 21:28:00

4ever - come and have a wobble whenever you like. We're building som lovely sandcastles here too - will keep spoilt happy as I'm sure she's missing the sand ( or the sun at least)

Life should be quieter but isn't - now have heard that there are redundancies in my team and whilst I'm pretty certain that I'm safe, it's not great.

Ah well, back to the lap top and then finishing the christmas play costume!

4everhopeful Tue 04-Dec-12 12:09:09

Thanks so much lovely ladies, it means so much to have this support and somewhere I can pour it all out.. I have momentary glimmers of positivity but i don't really dare to let it last long.. sad Can't help feel bad on Summer too, poor child has so much energy and we normally do loads, I feel like a crap mum, but at least there's the trampoline & leaves to kick in the garden, though we've not even done much of that with the crap weather...

Anyway, 23hrs to go, this time tomorrow ill know one way or the other.. confused

Prayers gratefully received, scans at 11am.. confused

Thanks again ladies xxxxxxxx

cupcakefairy Tue 04-Dec-12 14:26:32

4ever you must absolutely stop feeling guilty about're growing her the best gift of all & the other ladies are right that she won't remember this. Also it's the perfect opportunity to do loads of fun indoor stuff. I suggest - make fun snacks together (microwave popcorn!) & watch a Christmas movie - have a playdough competition - you sit on the sofa singing songs that she has to dance/jump/do actions to haha! Can you tell I'm an expert in lazy parenting grin
Also baking together is surprisingly fun.. I know I linked before to those reindeer pillows but I'm also going to be making snowman ones with ds1..can't link as on phone but google marshmallow snowman lollies, some great ideas!
Anyway, hope that didn't come across patronising, I just mean you should embrace the time to be indoors together & try to relax. Of course you're petrified and a million other emotions, but just keep taking it one day at a time, that's all you can do. And you ARE so strong so don't believe youre not.
Have to dash, baby awake..hi to everyone & huge hugs to those struggling x x x

cupcakefairy Tue 04-Dec-12 14:27:44

Pillows?? Haha I'm not making pillows..that should say reindeer lollies! Dam autocorrect x

RumoursOfAWhiteChristmas Tue 04-Dec-12 15:52:13

mmmmmm reindeer pillows grin

My final module result arrived today, 2 weeks early, so that means I will get my degree result on Thursday eeeeeeeek!!

4ever what time tomorrow is your scan?

RumoursOfAWhiteChristmas Tue 04-Dec-12 15:52:49

Doh, 11am, I can read honest grin

Neeko Tue 04-Dec-12 15:58:54

4ever all part and parcel of the emmsy pregnancy process sadly. Remember weebling is our special brand of normal! crossing fingers and toes for tomorrow. xx

cupcake Can you design a reindeer pillow craft now? I want one!

Another swift visit from me. Should be at M's swimming lesson, but I forgot to pack the swimsuit! oops!

Hi to everyone else.

RumoursOfAWhiteChristmas Tue 04-Dec-12 17:19:19

Results are in already...I got a 2.1 smile

cupcakefairy Tue 04-Dec-12 19:41:31

There's the cute snowmen! I bought a cake pops kit on ebay that includes sticks, little cellophane bags to wrap them in and tags so we'll be making these for all ds1's little friends... smile can't wait! Just hope they turn out ok.

Ha, neeko a reindeer pillow DOES sound like fun!

And rumours you CLEVER CLOGS! That's awesome... all the best people get 2:1s grin

4everhopeful Tue 04-Dec-12 20:07:48

Superbrainycleverladyrumours hoooogest congratulations to you!! grin Have some wine and flowers from me! Well deserved after many years of hard work! Massive pat on the back to you... wink

Cupcake loving lazy parenting techniques, & loving reindeer pillows even more.. grin Seriously thanks again though hon, but sooooo not strong right now, you are sweet for saying it though!

Neeko yes weebling being our special brand of normal totally sums it up... Thanks to you too..

Had my mum here this afternoon, thought it might be a good distraction but its done my brain in! Feel terrible for saying it, love her to bits, but think id of been better on my own, I've a patience level of an ant, or something equally as tiny with absolutely no patience whatsoever, I'm on a very short fuse... DH just taken her home, all I wanna do is curl up with him & switch off to watch enders & holby.. 15hrs to go....

BuddhaBellyXmasBaubles Wed 05-Dec-12 07:30:08

RumoursTheBrainBox Well done you clever lady. Just think how you've been struggling lately and yet you have still obtained this massive achievement!! grin grin
4ever Good luck good luck good luck. Everything crossed for you x

Big Christmassy wave covered in ink and Sellotape to everyone else smile

RumoursOfAWhiteChristmas Wed 05-Dec-12 08:26:47

Lovelies, stop it, my head won't fit out of the greenhouse door wink

4ever hand is here, squeezing yours tight xxx

Spoiltexpatbrat Wed 05-Dec-12 11:51:13

Anyone heard from 4ever she should be out now???

rumours super duper brainy lady! Congratulations, dead pleased for you

BuddhaBellyXmasBaubles Wed 05-Dec-12 12:39:01

Another one lurking for news

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