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'Anyone trying...... and want to talk about it No6'!!!!!

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quackers Fri 31-Oct-03 14:20:32

Off we go, who will be first????

CountessDracula Fri 31-Oct-03 14:23:19


I wish I could get pg without BD'ing this month. I feel so ill that the thought of sex makes me fall asleep

quackers Fri 31-Oct-03 14:26:08

Me too, it's all such an effort! Podmog, you'll be like me and olivio oilio then!! Bang Bang Bang! If I can be bothered!

Helsbels Fri 31-Oct-03 14:29:29

Right - I'll get in on this from the start. I want a baby now please. Have only been trying since May - tried for 42 days (not every day obviously but from deciding and coming off the pill to conceiving - infact probably was every day then, those heady days of unfettered sex - didn't even know what bding was) for the first one so getting fed up now! Last month had a 44 or 45 day cycle so now don't know when to bd or not so trying to do it all the time. Very tired - don't really fancy it but it's like flying isn't it? A pain in the neck but how else do you get to Majorca?!

CountessDracula Fri 31-Oct-03 14:32:49

Well I don't actually WANT to get pg till January, avoid missing all the xmas fun and giving birth in high summer again which was vile.

However it took me 3 years to conceive dd so I feel I should get on with it esp as am nearly 100

M2T Fri 31-Oct-03 14:32:58

Fantastic way to put it Helsbels!

Hello people.....

M2T Fri 31-Oct-03 14:35:04

CD - Ditto! Ds was born at the end of June. I had morning sickness on Christmas day!
It only took me 3 mths to conceive ds.... but I think that was just pure chance! I predicting it'll take a bit longer this time coz we just can't be arsed gettin jiggy as much as we used to!!

Helsbels Fri 31-Oct-03 14:38:06

Are we all the same then - not doing it as often as we did - not fancying it as much as we did? If so I'm pleased I'm not the only one. A friend who is clairvoyent and reads cards has said early next year is a good time for me but I'm determined to prove her wrong by being earlier than that even if I have to suffer........

CountessDracula Fri 31-Oct-03 14:39:45

M2T, dd was born on 4 September a week late. It was so blimmin hot in the hospital! I only found out I was pg on about 15th December!

CountessDracula Fri 31-Oct-03 14:40:24

Oh and Helsbels, I don't fancy it cos I have a horrible chesty cold and a tummy bug! Normally I'm pretty up for it!

Helsbels Fri 31-Oct-03 14:44:31

I was up for it last Friday after a bottle of white wine... cheered DH up no end!!

quackers Fri 31-Oct-03 14:49:08

That's about it Hels, just don't get to get rumpy pumpy as much, let alone at the right time! I gave birth 31st August. It was really hot but announcing to all the family at Xmas that I was expecting was fab! I was only 6 weeks but it was obvious cos I was only having one glass of vino!

Helsbels Fri 31-Oct-03 14:57:12

Countess - you say 4th Sept - what year ? My ds was born 060901

Helsbels Fri 31-Oct-03 14:57:45

Oh and I meant to put Quackers -what this year? 31st August?

LizC Fri 31-Oct-03 14:58:36

What is 'BDing'

M2T Fri 31-Oct-03 15:07:13

Baby Dancing.

CountessDracula Fri 31-Oct-03 15:07:49

2002 helsbels

Same birthday as my brother!

Jemma7 Fri 31-Oct-03 15:08:45

I still can't believe how many new recruits there are now

I have no advice on pouncing Quackmeister - sorry - just know with my DP that he would have it 3-4 times a day if i would be up 4 it (Which i'm not)!

I've never really had a high sex drive so this last month has really knackered me out - We decided to really go for it this time, BD'ing every other day but having cycles that are 38 days gets a bit much

Good luck everyone - the beds/sofas/washing machine etc are going to get a good bashing tonight - lets hope B&Q have good plenty of wood to fix things if they get broken

quackers Fri 31-Oct-03 15:09:13

Hels - No my dd was 2000!!!! I'm well overdue for a second babby! Well doesn't help that I've lost 2 babies this yr but we shag on!!! Poor dd - desperate for a sis or bro!

quackers Fri 31-Oct-03 15:12:35

God, jems, don't know where you get the energy. We get weeks where we could do it every day (grnated that is quite rare), most of the time though every couple of weeks or month.

Helsbels Fri 31-Oct-03 15:13:05

Baby dancing - getting jiggy etc....!!

Jemma7 Fri 31-Oct-03 15:23:39

I'm usually like that quacks but i told myself that if i wanted the right to moan and be miserable about not being pregnant then i had to give it my best shot and just try, try, try - i couldn't expect it to happen from bd'ing just once or twice.

Although i wish it was that easy for us Nothing wrong with DP but i just wish you could get pregnant from Foreplay - i woudl have millions of kids by now

Helsbels Fri 31-Oct-03 15:24:38

are we all going for it tonight then? That'll be 3 times in a month - my DH will think I've spent too much on the credit card?

Jemma7 Fri 31-Oct-03 15:26:56

ROFL @ Helsbels
I'm sure he wont complain though - would probably let u bash the plastic every month if this is what he gets in return

M2T Fri 31-Oct-03 15:28:31

Bash the plastic? Is this a new ttc term I should know about?

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