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February 2011- Anyone Else Yet???

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TheBreastmilksOnMe Wed 26-May-10 21:37:33

Hi! I have just got a very faint positive on an ebay cheapy and worked out my due date as FEB 2nd 2011! If anyone else has started a thread for Feb then I apologise and I'll come and join you over there. but if not then here goes....

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TheBreastmilksOnMe Wed 26-May-10 21:39:03


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MrsEllor Thu 27-May-10 15:15:52


I am 2nd Feb too xxx Myhusbands birthday infact. how you feeling??

TheBreastmilksOnMe Thu 27-May-10 15:17:13

Well, seeing as it's only me at the moment I want to just confirm that I had a very definate pink line this morning!

I have been having a few mild cramps so hopefully that is just the embryo burrowing deeply and making itself at home! I had a miscarriage earlier this year at 9 weeks so this pregnancy is going to be a more anxious one.

I phoned the doctor this morning to make an appointment with the midwife and I have my booking-in in three weeks time when I will be 7 weeks pregnant and probably in the midst of morning sickness.

Hope there will be a few more of you soon it's a bit lonely here all by myself!

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TheBreastmilksOnMe Thu 27-May-10 15:17:52


Hi! I'm feeling fine thanks, how are you?

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GinaFB Thu 27-May-10 15:49:48

Hello TBMOM and MrsE

I have had a positive test this morning! I have been testing for the last 4 days but they have all been very faint apart from the result this morning!!!

We are totally thrilled as sadly in February our baby girl was diagnosed at 21 weeks with spina bifida and we were advised to terminate. We were devastated (TBMOM I know how you feel) and this news is just wonderful!!!

TheBreastmilksOnMe Thu 27-May-10 15:57:06

Hi Gina congratulations on your +ve test, I've also been testing for at least a week before getting a very faint line yesterday and a much stronger one this morning.

I felt all emotional when I read you post about what you have been through. I'm so sorry for you, what a tough decision to have to make, I hope you're alright and not too anxious about this pregnancy. Do you know when you are due?

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GinaFB Thu 27-May-10 16:01:06

By my calculations I am due the 6th Feb which ironically would be 1yr and 1 day after my 20 week scan where we had the bad news last time.

I am not too anxious at the moment just being realistic, I will do everything right like I did last time and if something happens again its out of my hands. My DP is a bundle of nerves!!!

How about you? I am sorry about your MC. I am sure that this time it will be fine! I am just keeping stress levels to a minimum as it just won't help!! smile

TheBreastmilksOnMe Thu 27-May-10 16:11:16

Mmm. I would be 20 weeks now. It's not something you can ever forget is it? All the hope and dreams.. I'm going to change the subject now as I am far too emotional today to be talking about it I'll be in floods of tears.

I will add you on to the 'list', all 3 of us! I'm sure there will be more soon, it's still very early days. do yu have any other children GinaFB?


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GinaFB Thu 27-May-10 17:18:13

No others I'm afraid but now I'm into my 30's I am very keen! always said I wasn't going to have any when I was 20 something!!! How about you TBMOM!?

The next few weeks there will be loads of people joining us!!!

TheBreastmilksOnMe Thu 27-May-10 19:08:15

I'm 26 and I have one DS who is 20mths. I've always wanted to be a mum, never wanted to do anything else and I couldn't wait to start a family! grin

It's going to be fun sharing all the moments throughout our pregnancies, I remember being on the sept 2008 thread, can't believe how time has flown!

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MrsEllor Thu 27-May-10 19:47:41

Hello ladies

i hope you are all feeling well I had my appt with doc today and first midwife appt on 15th June! I already have a daughter who will be 3 in nov ! I am haviing period cramps which I didn't have with first pregnancy! Also they say your 2nd is bigger and my 1st was 9lbs so you can say I am a little nervous xx I hope we can all stay in tuch up until our dates x

TheHappyCamper Thu 27-May-10 19:49:18

marking my place for next week

<<hopeful emoticon>>

Hope to get to know you ladies - fingers crossed for us all smile

MrsEllor Thu 27-May-10 19:52:42

Either of you on facebook?? I am Dawn Ellor pic of me dark hair big smile slightly tipsy look on my face x Add me if you like

MrsEllor Thu 27-May-10 20:00:09

Hi The Happy camper

have you had a positive yet???

TheBreastmilksOnMe Thu 27-May-10 20:45:49

MrsEllor, that was quick! Period cramps and some spotting is normal around the time your period should be due, don't worry, I had it with my 1st and have been getting mild cramping these past few days but I think they call it 'implantation' pain.

Also I don't think there is much rhyme or reason when it comes to baby size. I've heard of plenty of mums giving birth a second time around to lighter babies then their 1st time around!

I'm not on FB BTW. I've added you to our growing list. grin

Good luck TheHappyCamper, hope you will be joining us! wink


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woofie Thu 27-May-10 20:56:04

Hello everyone and congratulations! Hope this doesn't seem like mn stalking, but just saw yr name gina and am so delighted for you (ex June thread comrade). Here's to a very happy and healthy pregnancy this time. Woofie x

GinaFB Fri 28-May-10 08:52:20

Woofie thank you so much, we are delighted, fingers crossed that everything is ok this time! Its been a lousy year so far and so now it feels as if things are looking up! xxx

MrsEllor Fri 28-May-10 14:11:57

Hello Ladies, How are we all Today????

GinaFB Fri 28-May-10 14:54:26

Hi MrsE I am ok, feeling tired today and am contemplating the next 8 weeks of total exhaustion that I know is coming!!! Bit of nausea first thing this morning but other than that I am in high spirits!!!

How are you? Are you sympton spotting like crazy yet?!?!?

GinaFB Fri 28-May-10 16:43:02

TheHappyCamper can I call you THC? Did you get your BFP?

TheHappyCamper Fri 28-May-10 19:05:39

Hi ladies - hope you are all still feeling elated ... and not too sick yet!

I can't test til next week but feeling very positive for some reason! EDD woud be about the 15th.

Yes you can call me THC grin

I have already have one dd almost 14 months (keeping me very busy!).

MrsEllor Fri 28-May-10 20:01:44

Hi All

I am ok started with cramps again so even though I know its normal I am a little worried oh and my legs are like dead weights!

other than that I am ok x Already used the excuse of eating for two today to myself! HA

TheBreastmilksOnMe Sat 29-May-10 12:00:27

Anyone else feeling snappy and irritable? I feel like I am swearing under my breath at everyone like I've got a really short fuse. I've warned DP to stay out of my way as my hormones are all over the place and I'm not responsible for my actions!

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MrsEllor Sat 29-May-10 13:26:56

ERM in a word YEAH!!! there is a girl at work that I have noticed recently laughs for no reason and it now gets to me so much! NEVER noticed before the poor girl but I am so irritable! My husband has been safe upto now but in my first pregnancy did get a plate of fish and chips thrown at him!! I say go to bed and stay there thats what I tend to do sleep it off xxx Apart from that are you ok??

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