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October 14. Thread 12. Still no babies? Let the raspberry leaf tea drinking commence

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YellowWellies Fri 29-Aug-14 12:45:06

New Fred smile

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YellowWellies Fri 29-Aug-14 12:45:58

We seem to have run out of old thread so here's a brand spanking new one. Who's going to christen it with a baby?

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ohthegoats Fri 29-Aug-14 12:50:42

Well, I'm measuring fine, so not small at all. And, the community midwife was really nice - best health care bod I've seen so far in terms of supportive of choices, question answering and generally being a good egg. Then went and hugged a friend's 2 week old baby who is just back up to birth weight - 7lb 5. I can't believe that I could potentially have that inside me, it's HUGE!

Last official day of school holidays... to work or to lounge around watching telly and knitting... it's a tough one...

bumpbangbump Fri 29-Aug-14 13:03:08

Marking place!

binkybunny Fri 29-Aug-14 13:05:23

oooo who's going to be first?

Pleased to hear all's ok goats I'd choose one last day of sofa sitting if I was you!

ohthegoats Fri 29-Aug-14 13:09:28

Haven't we got some early October planned C-sections? Or even late September ones? I know there are a lot of people officially due in September, but I think lots of those are first babies, so higher chance of being late. I'll get induced at 41 weeks, so won't go past 5th October, but I think there are others earlier than that.

mum2kiss Fri 29-Aug-14 13:24:21

There's definitely some September c sections planned amongst us I'm sure....

So I haven't moved from the sofa yet....

binkybunny Fri 29-Aug-14 13:43:55

I'm due 10th October, first time baby so sure I will go over but I just keep having a feeling that she might arrive early. I really don't want sweeps or induction so I think I will be starting all the old wives tales in 3 weeks time to see if I can get something moving. 2 weeks early at 38 weeks (26 Sept) would be fine with me although everyone is hoping for the 12 October as this was DH Gran's birthday and her middle name will be his Gran's name.

ohthegoats Fri 29-Aug-14 13:54:05

I'm starting eviction stuff next week (old wives tale stuff anyway). In terms of our house, it would be better if I got to 40 weeks, but I don't want to be induced, or have a fight about NOT being induced, so getting in to that 40th week would be annoying. 38/39 weeks would be perfect.

JellyBeansHaveNoAgeLimit Fri 29-Aug-14 14:05:38

I am due Oct 13th but feel like this one might come early, would be kind of cool to share my birthday month with the baby smile

I went on mat leave at about 35 weeks last time, I was fine physically but I definitely needed that time mentally, I was just so stressed thinking about work and a baby!

To those that think they are massive, I will share my bump pic in a min and you won't think that anymore lol! The checkout woman in Aldi asked how long I have left and then said "Oh no!" when I told her!!

Got my new babywearing coat today, really chuffed with it! Its from babyarmadillo if anyone is interested, most of their coats & covers are half price atm grin

JellyBeansHaveNoAgeLimit Fri 29-Aug-14 14:12:16

33 weeks exactly grin

clops2000 Fri 29-Aug-14 14:13:37

I'm due 2nd October but our dates point to 12th. Anyone else have dates changed at scan to a date that seems biologically impossible? If I'm really due 2nd oct it means I had a period after I got pregnant. I may have missed something in biology class but I thought that couldn't happen?!
like you goats I'm hoping he comes a little earlier than our dates or we'll be fighting induction. Apparently they can monitor you daily instead after 41/42 weeks. We've decided to also refuse the manual turning if he doesn't get head down so they'll really hate us at the hospital if we also have to refuse induction!
As we're planning homebirth and have done hypnobirthing I just hope he turns soon so we can go ahead - have decided i'd be better off in hospital if trying to deliver breech, so that would change all our plans sad

ohthegoats Fri 29-Aug-14 14:23:51

I've got no idea of my actual dates. They've dated me at a time when I was would have been bleeding, and when boyfriend was ill so no real shagging, but it was the first period after having a coil out (only 12 days earlier). Was a lighter and shorter period than usual, so probably wasn't a real one. Who knows...

Lily31 Fri 29-Aug-14 14:28:10

JellyBeans your bump looks lovely, I'm not that far off your size at 31+5 weeks. Sometimes people say 'you look huge', others say 'oh it looks neat'. It depends what I'm wearing to be honest. Also, I think it just seems to be a verbal burp that people make when they see a pregnant lady, like people can't avoid saying something.

I am due on 27th Oct, so wondering whether to straddle the November board too, especially as this is my first. I'd like it to come in October though as my birthday is the 30th and my mum was due with me on 27th :-)

Earlier I had this terrible cramp in my lower pelvis, thought it was my PGP and had to breathe deeply for a minute before it went. Turns out I had a significant toilet trip... been having so many prunes and water the last week. Never had a feeling like it!

I will be taking 5 weeks before the due date, 3 of annual leave and 2 of mat leave. I think getting past 30 weeks and still working is a massive achievement personally - as my midwife says, you have one full time job for 8hrs a day and another for 24hrs a day - growing baby.

Shirehobbit Fri 29-Aug-14 14:43:59

I wish they didn't give a due date, but an expectant four weeks - surely that would be more realistic? Babies don't cook for 40wks exactly (or 38, if you don't count the two after a period) and as lots of you have said, conception and dating is a pretty inexact science! I haven't had a period since Dec 2012, so any LMP dating with Mr is going to be a little inaccurate wink

ExcitedCJ Fri 29-Aug-14 14:57:38

Thanks for the 'not huge' comments you guys, much appreciated! Goats you are very neat, you look like a girl who likes to keep fit. JellyBeans I am due 13th as well, nice to see my bump buddy, I def think I stick out more, you are nice & compact.
I really miss being out for a good hill walk or a run. I have to content myself with a rather sedate beach walk at the minute. In preparation for my sling loving, content baby I bought myself a lovely RAB Microlight Alpine Jacket today, can't wait to wear it for brisk Autumn walks when baby arrives! smile
I also rented a Bednest today (hurry if you want the August Rental Offer) which I have put down for delivery on 26th September, so I am hoping baby makes it's appearance shortly after that.
Oh.. Finally, I got some Evening Primrose Oil, so I will start taking those and Raspberry leaf tea from next week, 34 weeks! Nothing shifted DD, so I'm hoping the EPO will start the job, going for insertion from 36 weeks.

ohthegoats Fri 29-Aug-14 15:22:08

Ha, I got all my goretex jackets out last weekend in anticipation of being able to wear them pretty soon.. as soon as the weather needs them anyway. Excited about getting back in hills in chilly weather. Want to book a weekend for end of November to Gower or something so I've got something to look forward to. Might pencil it in, even if it doesn't happen. Meanwhile, another 5 weeks of floating around in voluminous maternity dresses and leggings. Urgh.

gunwalloe Fri 29-Aug-14 15:25:30

Im having a cs on the 23rd Sept along with another thread member I cant imagine we will be the first ones.

AnnoyedByAlfieBear Fri 29-Aug-14 15:41:02

There have been at least 5 births on the baby centre Oct threads! I wonder what makes them different to us??

I've got a section booked for 2nd Oct but I'll be surprised if I get that far. DS was born at 34+5 as my uterus didn't grow properly and this wriggler is laying in exactly the same position (breech oblique). I'm currently 34+1 and sitting on blankets just in case!

JellyBeansHaveNoAgeLimit Fri 29-Aug-14 15:53:23

Thanks guys, i actually feel neater this time even though the bump sticks out more, i was more spread out last time!

Can't believe we might get some babies before October, that's a bit scary! All the babies in my NCT group came in October apart from mine as i was due in November, think it would have freaked some out to see September babies!

Me23 Fri 29-Aug-14 16:02:42

My bump is huge at 33+6 but 3rd baby so what do I expect! Only measuring 2 weeks ahead and baby doesn't feel that big on palpating, my other 2 were both under 7lbs I expect this one will be similar.

Missus2ndwife Fri 29-Aug-14 16:16:00

This is so NOT pregnancy related but I saw a blog today on house cleaning and the blogger cleans and vacuums her house daily.
She has 3 kids.

We have a weekly cleaner - does this make me a dirty piglet?

mum2kiss Fri 29-Aug-14 16:24:10

No it makes that blogger a bit OCD!

Missus2ndwife Fri 29-Aug-14 16:28:02

Thanks Mum2!! I thought so but did wonder if I should be a better wife and cleaner wink

FlipFantasia Fri 29-Aug-14 16:29:40

Marking my place!

Having a mild panic that babies will be here soon (and spending lots of time on all fours/doing inversions/burning moxa as this baby is apparently breech...reminds me of this stage with DC2...just hope he/she turns like dc2 so I get my vbac!).

Am 34+3 (I think!) and happy for baby to come around due date of 7 Oct...

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