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More daft questions: At roughly what age did you/your child.....

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Greensleeves Wed 19-Jul-06 13:02:54

...stop using bibs?

Move from cot to bed?

Stop using pushchair?

sit on a normal dining chair to eat?

stop holding your hand when out?

Dior Wed 19-Jul-06 13:06:03

Message withdrawn

colditz Wed 19-Jul-06 13:07:50

Stop using bibs - about 1 - I'm not organised enough to pack them and I only buy cheap clothes anyway

Move from cot to bed - 2y8m

Stop using pushchair - 3

Sit on a normal chair to eat - has used a booster since 18 months - still uses one now

Stop gholding hand when out - not yet.

He is 3y4m

MaloryTowers Wed 19-Jul-06 13:09:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaloryTowers Wed 19-Jul-06 13:09:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greensleeves Wed 19-Jul-06 13:10:24

Oh good, so it's not unusual for me to be still making ds1 hold my hand/the pushchair when we're on the pavement then? He has started complaining that the other boys at his nursery don't have to hold their mummies' hands . I am ultra-paranoid about roads though.

Greensleeves Wed 19-Jul-06 13:11:08

He's 3.10 btw

colditz Wed 19-Jul-06 13:13:05

Just tell him he has to hold your hand because you love him. I held my mum's hand to cross the road until I was about 6!

Also, he may not be stricty telling the truth - maybe 1 boy doesn't have to hold mum's hand, and in your son't mind this has become all boys...?

controlfreaky Wed 19-Jul-06 13:13:15

god no greeny. i make ds2 hold my arm when crossing busy road and he's 6...

Bozza Wed 19-Jul-06 13:13:16

bibs - nearly 3 but mainly because I melted pelican bib on hob
cot to bed - DS 2.3, DD on Friday (will be 2.2)
pushchair - pretty much by 2.10 for DS (being preggy ensured this)
Dining chair - DS was 4 I think - was quite attached to his booster. Think DD will be younger - she was in the booster from 12 months
Hands - reduced greatly at 3.3 when DD was born but he was a very conscientious pram holder. He is 5 now and will still hold my hand on occasion when it is just the two of us. And even his friend does sometimes.

PiccadillyCircus Wed 19-Jul-06 13:13:31

Can't remember when DS (2.8) last wore a bib (although I think he does at nursery)

Moved from cot to bed just before he was 2.

Sometimes uses pushchair sometimes doesn't (depends how far we are walking and the speed I want to go at )

Sit on a normal chair to eat - has a booster at home but manages all right on normal chairs when we are out (or sits on my knee)

Still holds my hand when out and will do for a while yet .

Bozza Wed 19-Jul-06 13:16:06

DS is a real pram holder - never one to run off. I was struggling up hill to school pushing the buggy with DD (2.2) in in this heat and DS was dragging on the handle. He wouldn't let go in shops and a rail of clothes would come with us.... DD is not going to be like this. We're having a bit of an issue with handholding in carparks just now.

serenity Wed 19-Jul-06 13:20:17

stop using bibs? once they started taking them off (not worth fighting over) so about 2? DD doesn't really need one for meals now, she's 2.8.

Move from cot to bed? DS1 - about 2, DS2 - 18mths (moved him from our room in with DS1, no room for cot, so straight into bottom bunk) DD - 18 mths (cot diver)

Stop using pushchair? About 3, but from about 2.5 only used for days out, trips to busy shopping centers as a back up (but we generally drive places)

sit on a normal dining chair to eat? About 2/2.5

stop holding your hand when out? Don't make them hold my hand, except DD when we cross the road. DS1 (8) and DS2 (6) still hold it out of choice sometimes. DD is stubborn and would rather hold DSs than mine

Chandra Wed 19-Jul-06 13:28:55

Bibs... around 18m old
Cot to bed... 3yrs (no shame about this... it was sort of a cot bed)

Pushchair. I still use it ocassionally as DS 3 yrs old

Normal dining chair, he went into it about 2.5 yrs old but we went back to the booster seat as he couldn't see the food if eating from a bowl.

Stop holding hands... not yet

alligator Wed 19-Jul-06 13:37:20

...stop using bibs? about 18 mnths except when at Grannies.

Move from cot to bed? 2.3

Stop using pushchair? haven't yet but with no car we do walk miles. we have a cart which she prefers to the buggy tho.

sit on a normal dining chair to eat? has a triptrap but can manage normal chair when out and about

stop holding your hand when out? ongoing battle. HATES holding hands but does like her reins (so only a problem if we forget the reins)

alligator Wed 19-Jul-06 13:37:42

Shes 2.5 BTW

bakedpotato Wed 19-Jul-06 13:42:25

stop using bibs? around 2.5

Move from cot to bed? 3

Stop using pushchair? 3

sit on a normal dining chair to eat? 4

stop holding your hand when out? i only insist when crossing roads (dd is 4.5)

singersgirl Wed 19-Jul-06 13:52:23

Stop using bibs? Around 2.5, I think.

Move from cot to bed? DS1 - 2y4months (when he first climbed out of cot); DS2 2y6months (when he started taking his sleeping bag off and climbing out)

Stop using pushchair? DS1 - 3, when DS2 was born; DS2 - used it to take him to nursery in the mornings all last year until he was 3y10m, simply because we couldn't get there in time if he walked. Didn't use it at all otherwise from 3.

Sit on a normal dining chair to eat? About 3-ish, though we have a high child's chair from IKEA that DS1 and now DS2 used/uses - it's a normal chair, but small and a couple of inches higher than our dining chairs

Stop holding your hand when out? DS2 still does normally, and he will be 5 in August. He chooses to, though.

EmmyLou Wed 19-Jul-06 14:05:00

Stopped using bibs at about 18m - what's the point? - especially at tea time when its all due in the wash in less than an hour anyway. Still use an apron if white clothes and tomato based food coincide. (This goes for my 11yr old too who is notoriously messy and I have had it up to HERE with tomato stains on white school shirts that just WILL NOT come out.)

Moved dds from cot to bed at 2.6, 2.10 and 2.2 respectively.

Stopped using pushchair - just over 3 for school run, at least 3.6 for shopping trip or even 4 years if on a long dog walk. Generally, I don't ditch the buggy till they start school. All it takes is for a LO to feel poorly and you're housebound without a buggy.

Mine still don't sit on a normal chair at 11, 7 and nearly 3 as we have babydan equivalent of the triptrap chairs which have helped hugely with any activity based on the table as well as table manners ie: ability to reach plate without arms becoming chicken wings etc at meal times. (I do swear everytime I trip over the protruding feet of these chairs though).

Stop holding my hand.......luckily dd3 still holds my hand but dd2 (7) will only let me occasionally and dd1 would rather suffer a miserable death under a bus than go near her mother's hand...she does cuddle me in the privacy of our own home though.

Bozza Wed 19-Jul-06 14:11:37

I find DD's pelican bib still quite useful - she catches food in it and then scoops it out.

EmmyLou Wed 19-Jul-06 14:21:07

Yum - I do that on my lap...

Elibean Wed 19-Jul-06 14:34:21

Still use bibs (or muslin tied kerchief style, which she prefers) at 2.6

Cot to bed at 2.4

Pushchair still in use, but much less, at 2.7

Can sit on normal chair to eat, but has to kneel up or sit on cushion.

Holds hand on big roads, and to cross any road, but doesn't need to on small roads - she's pretty good on road safety at 2.7 and also pretty good in shops etc

melrose Wed 19-Jul-06 14:37:07

My ds is only 2 so:
still in bibs

Still in cot although feel othere people pressuring me to change this and cannot see why I would want to

Usespushchair less and less

Sits in normal chair, has done since about 18 months

Never holds my hand unless forced!

glassofwine Wed 19-Jul-06 14:38:14

Stop uing bibs - late about 2ish as all LO's dribblers, so they were used to stop them getting wet rather then protecting against food.

Move from cot to bed - DD's 2 DS 13months as he would climb out of cot and we were worried he'd hurt himself, yes it was a nightmare.

Stop using pushchair - 2 1/2 maxo

Sit on a normal chair - 18month

hands - DD1 almost 7 still does. Can trust them all now not to run off, so hand holding not a safety measure they are 7, 4 & 3

curtaintwitcher Wed 19-Jul-06 14:41:46

ds stopped bibs at 12mths
cot to bed at 12mths
stop using pushchair at 2.3yrs when dd came along had a month or so of double but will prob take double for big days out as he is only 2.9yrs
sits on normal chair from about 2
still holds hands or will hold handle on pram.

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