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What do you think of the name Avery for a boy?

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1Lara1 Thu 08-Feb-18 11:50:24

I really like the name for a boy
it sounds warm and nice . What do you think ?

ForgivenessIsDivine Thu 08-Feb-18 11:54:26

Avery weighing scales and the crooked lawyer in the Tom Cruise film 'The Firm'.

SoupDragon Thu 08-Feb-18 11:55:18

I only know one and she’s a girl.

scurryfunge Thu 08-Feb-18 11:55:51

I think of Tex Avery.

SoupDragon Thu 08-Feb-18 11:56:01

Definitely don’t use it if your surname is Bighorse.

DollyLlama Thu 08-Feb-18 12:02:02

I like it! Only heard of it as a surname but it a bit different.

Hotpinkangel19 Thu 08-Feb-18 12:02:09

No sorry, I don't like it.

fleshmarketclose Thu 08-Feb-18 12:05:12

I'm not keen and see it as a girl's name because of those Bratz dolls. I prefer Aubrey.

tryingtobethebestican Thu 08-Feb-18 12:17:36

It sounds like a girls name to me too.

MrsMyreton Thu 08-Feb-18 12:17:56

Like it!

Leicesterpiggott Thu 08-Feb-18 12:18:29

Charlotte's Web

windchimesabotage Thu 08-Feb-18 12:19:04

I love it!

TheWizardofWas Thu 08-Feb-18 12:19:37

Fine if you don't deal a lot with labels....

Scrumptioussafarisuppers Thu 08-Feb-18 12:23:01

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

MammieBear Thu 08-Feb-18 12:34:33

Not so keen, Aubrey?

FrancisCrawford Thu 08-Feb-18 12:37:22

Yup, office supplies, especially labels

dungandbother Thu 08-Feb-18 13:04:11

Girls name to me. I know one.

pilates Thu 08-Feb-18 13:28:39

Dislike, sorry

gingercakeandwhitecustard Thu 08-Feb-18 13:36:57

I quite like it but would only use it as a middle name personally

dkb15164 Thu 08-Feb-18 13:38:57

I like it as a middle name but not sure about as a first name on the premise it might not suit all personalities e.g I can't imagine a rough and tumble, sport-mad Avery only a gentle sweet Avery. Is that weird to assign personalities to different names? Also can't imagine an Avery as a CEO or business leader as it's not a very demanding name. That sounds so weird to type. What other names have you thought of?

VanessaBet Thu 08-Feb-18 13:41:27

Reminds me of a character from Nashville. It's ok.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Thu 08-Feb-18 14:06:17

Very feminine

Carouselfish Thu 08-Feb-18 14:50:49

Aviary. That's all I think.
It's very American.

expatinscotland Thu 08-Feb-18 14:52:31

'Very feminine'

Yet when anyone suggests using a traditionally male name for a girl, no one ever says 'very masculine'.

Rosasaurus Thu 08-Feb-18 14:53:07

Love it 😊

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