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Honest opinions wanted on "football" related boys name!!

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MamaM22 Mon 11-Feb-13 14:18:45

Hi everyone!

So I've got 10 weeks until I'll be sectioned with yellow bundle no.2. Girl's name is sorted but have absolutely struggled with a boys name that I don't just "like".
While trying to get some imagination or inspiration from OH, I suggested looking at the names of footballing legends of his favourite team (Spurs).

Jurgen (Klinnsman) is out, and then he suggested Ossie (or Ozzie), and I kind of think I love it?! It's definitely a grower and goes well with DS's name and our

Am I mad? My husband will be seen as a legend amongst his friends for managing to convince me to name our child after a footballing hero!!

rotavirusrita Mon 11-Feb-13 23:55:03

Ds has a friend called osbourne.... Nn is os ( said oz) short step to ossie. He is 10 and very cool

MidnightMasquerader Tue 12-Feb-13 07:47:27

I know of a 2 (or 3?) YO Ozzie. Actual name.

It's been done.

germyrabbit Tue 12-Feb-13 07:51:03

ossie sounds like a muppet, poor kid would be laughed at. also reminds me of ozzy osbourne.

people would also be forever going 'ozzy ozzy ozzy'

HoratiaWinwood Tue 12-Feb-13 10:42:40

Hmm, I quite like Austin nn Ossie/Aussie.

Sassee Tue 12-Feb-13 18:40:31

Oh good god, I've never been so pleased my DP is not on mn!

My blue bump is due in 9 weeks and is currently referred to by DP as Ledley, finest defender of his generation apparently!

As a kid on a city farm he helped with the birthing of a lamb, and named it Glen Hoddle, a girl sheep!

In saying that I think even I could be persuaded by Ossie, must be hormonal!

MamaM22 Wed 13-Feb-13 12:54:28

Sassee, Ledley was a suggestion which I politely refused, not that I'm questioning his talents or anything, just that I wouldn't call my own child Ledley. He also suggested "Gareth", or simply "Bale" (WTF?).

rtc8608 Wed 13-Feb-13 13:03:02

It would make me think of Ozzy Osbourne which probably isn't the best connotation, sorry!

MyHeadWasInTheSandNowNot Wed 13-Feb-13 13:12:28

Well, if you love it, go for it. There are a lot worse names out there! However, if you are asking for honest opinions - then I'd have to say I don't like it - I'd want to keep saying Aussi Aussi Aussi Oi Oi Oi or it would remind me of Ozzy Osborne. Neither of which are 'nice'. Come on - you can do better smile

MyHeadWasInTheSandNowNot Wed 13-Feb-13 13:13:58

Oh and no matter what you call him (if it turns out to be a him!) his mates will give him a nickname, if it's not a shortening of his name it will be something else - so the way I look at is, you might as well choose something you like the 'nickname' of! Do you like Os?

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