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We should start a Names list for Will and Kate, you know save them a bit of time

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RabidCarrot Mon 03-Dec-12 16:37:33


FlyOverTheMistletoe Thu 10-Jan-13 15:42:25

Global I think the Palace will be calling us in as advisors soon smile I'd better put away my Christmas name and think of some thing more wintery.

FlyOverTheMistletoe Thu 10-Jan-13 15:38:49

Nobledisaster the Rapping King mmm I think I rather like that !

GlobalDisaster Thu 10-Jan-13 14:17:50

Or Noble Disaster( good name for a rapper perhaps?)

FlyOverTheMistletoe Thu 10-Jan-13 12:37:59

Exactly GlobalDisaster though it would be even funnier if they named their baby after you grin

GlobalDisaster Wed 09-Jan-13 20:43:43

King Solomon, wicked!1 ( as my 6 year old would say)

FlyOverTheMistletoe Tue 08-Jan-13 17:09:59

Solomon - well they were in the Solomon Islands not long ago. smile

atthewelles Tue 08-Jan-13 16:46:15

I think Margaret with the nickname Meg.

pinkandyellowbutterfly Mon 07-Jan-13 22:47:19

I think Catherine might be a possibility. The Queen took her name from her mother, who was a non-royal.

GlobalDisaster Mon 07-Jan-13 12:40:21

Jayden or Harmoni

RabidCarrot Wed 19-Dec-12 18:43:11

Lewis/ Louie maybe

GinSoakedMu1berryLush Wed 19-Dec-12 18:36:41

iT'S A pity Mary Alice sounds so desperate housewives. that is quite royal but pretty too.

I'd hate to have to use anything as crusty as Victoria.

Tamoo Wed 19-Dec-12 15:06:46

Charlotte Elizabeth Alexandra

George Henry Arthur

poppydaisy Wed 19-Dec-12 15:05:01

Yes, her name was Alexandrina Victoria and her nickname was Drina.

Em2010 Wed 19-Dec-12 14:58:54

Victoria wasn't queen Victoria's real name, her real name was Alexandrina.... (I think! grin)

I'm going for Charlotte or Caroline for a girl, James or Arthur for a boy!

PickledInAPearTree Tue 18-Dec-12 16:31:48

King Kong. I would totally do it.

Kong Phillip Windsor.

flowerygirl Tue 18-Dec-12 16:26:26

King Tom? I can't see it myself!

I find Diana for their baby a bit creepy too, but they should totally do it, the public would go nuts and Daily Mail would have a field day!

MrsHBaby3 Tue 18-Dec-12 11:56:40

I don't think Diana will be in the mix, that's a bit creepy! Kate already wears her ring
I think Victoria Alexandria for a girl or Thomas Arthur for a boy smile

EtoilesPleinLesYeux Tue 18-Dec-12 07:23:45

We can't have a king Louis.

sashh Tue 18-Dec-12 07:08:18

Boy - will have George and Arthur in it, probably Philip too, maybe Charles.

Girl - will have Ezabeth in it, probably Mary and maybe Margret

It won't be:

Both the Queen and Beatrice have Mary as a middle name, the queen's grandmother was Mary.

I think maybe Angela - it's not common and one or the QM's names

iheartmycat Mon 17-Dec-12 23:55:48

oops thought i'd written elizabeth as the first name!!

iheartmycat Mon 17-Dec-12 23:55:01

I'm convinced Caroline is going to be in there somewhere. But equally convinced they're going to go for something 'non-royally', like Emily!So maybe

Sophia Caroline Diana (known as Beth or Libby)

Louis Philip Arthur Michael

CruCru Mon 17-Dec-12 21:22:31

Well, I think what a monach calls themself is up to them.

EtoilesPleinLesYeux Mon 17-Dec-12 21:14:57

Why the hell did the queen call him Charles in the first place?

PickledInAPearTree Mon 17-Dec-12 20:49:31


CruCru Mon 17-Dec-12 20:47:17

Even if they give their DC a particular name, it doesn't mean they'll use it as monach. Charles is rumoured to plan to be King George (as Charles 1 was beheaded and Charles II was a playboy).

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