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What colour is Wednesday? (Or any other day, for that matter.)

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Beeyump Wed 27-Nov-13 15:05:08

I have always thought of the days of the week as having colours - sometimes I see the word written out in colour, other times like a coloured calendar... I know I'm not totally weird, because a Kate Atkinson book I read a while ago made reference to this! So:
Monday - yellow
Tuesday - green
Wednesday - orange
Thursday - dark green
Friday - purple
Saturday - some kind of light colour, not very sure actually
Sunday - dark red

Anyone else?!

Absy Wed 27-Nov-13 15:30:28

Wednesday is blue.

I also think of subjects as colours - I agree that Geography is clearly green, Maths blue.

hugoagogo Wed 27-Nov-13 15:30:42

dd has this too, she and I both sometimes find that we are aware when we are dreaming and can influence what happens in them.

I wonder if these two things usually come together?

Looksgoodingravy Wed 27-Nov-13 15:30:59

I'm sorry for your orange Wednesdays Beeyump, great deals on at the cinema though wink

JulesJules Wed 27-Nov-13 15:33:18

I have this as well! (synesthesia) My week is coloured like this:

Monday - yellow
Tuesday - light blue
Wednesday - leaf green
Thursday - navy blue
Friday - red
Saturday - yellowy cream
Sunday - white

Wednesday is definitely green!

There's a whole organisation for this and even an upcoming conference grin

Beeyump Wed 27-Nov-13 15:34:40

I like the idea of sounds for days too, but have never had that.
Certain names conjure up general colours too - Jane is dark, maybe brown or red, Lucy is purple, Dawn is yellow umm...Verity is dark purple! John is dark too, Felicity is orange.

ErmICantThinkOfAName Wed 27-Nov-13 15:36:06

No!!!! Wednesday is a very dark, murky purple!!

Monday - royal blue
Tuesday - red
Wednesday - dark purple
Thursday - orange
Friday - sky blue
Saturday - mustard yellow
Sunday - grey

JulesJules Wed 27-Nov-13 15:36:57

1 in 23 people have this to some extent according to Wiki

ErmICantThinkOfAName Wed 27-Nov-13 15:38:12

I get colour for names too. My husband is navy blue and my best friend is a very pale grey colour with a sort of "cashmere" texture.

Funnily enough though, I have never had a colour for my name.

Beeyump Wed 27-Nov-13 15:39:06

Whaaat?? My world is literally being shaken, with so many people declaring Wednesday to be green sad

MollyBerry Wed 27-Nov-13 15:40:37

Can I just say I don't see anything with colours and am very jealous as I'm the sort of person who at school had colours all over their notes!

Beeyump Wed 27-Nov-13 15:42:19

<pats Molly's hand comfortingly>

cupcake78 Wed 27-Nov-13 15:43:28

Monday-light blue
Wednesday- dark Pink
Thursday - Green
Saturday- yellow

Blockette Wed 27-Nov-13 15:43:28

Green! Don't know why, the other days don't have such strong colours but Wednesday has always been green.

Beeyump Wed 27-Nov-13 15:43:59

Did you use these for note underlining? I adore them

MisForMumNotMaid Wed 27-Nov-13 15:44:51

I read the op and thought, Wednesday is green.

Didn't want to disagree but now kind of glad i'm not alone for once!

CloserLook Wed 27-Nov-13 15:46:40

Wednesday is definitely green!

Monday - red
Tuesday - blue
Wednesday - green
Thursday - light purple
Friday - doesn't have on for me (don't know why)
Saturday - yellow
Sunday - white

None for months but yellow is history, maths is red, science is green and english is pink.

CloserLook Wed 27-Nov-13 15:48:48

Shocked that so many people agree with Wednesday being green. I always though it was just me.grin

CloserLook Wed 27-Nov-13 15:49:32

thought not though blush

Heebeegeebees Wed 27-Nov-13 15:50:08

Monday - grey
Tuesday - pink
Wednesday - green
Thursday - russet
Friday- red
Saturday - yellow
Sunday - blue

Golddigger Wed 27-Nov-13 15:51:05

I pretty much agree with the op. Wednesday definitely orange. But tuesday blue as the first poster said.
Saturday white, though it almost feels like sunday should be white.

caramelwaffle Wed 27-Nov-13 15:51:25

Wednesday - green
Tuesday - yellow
Thursday - grey
Friday - Dark blue

Did I match anyone else?

lottiegarbanzo Wed 27-Nov-13 15:51:42


Beeyump Wed 27-Nov-13 15:54:45

Golddigger thank you! I'm ridiculously delighted that someone else agrees about the orangeness of Wednesday.

MrsDoomsPatterson Wed 27-Nov-13 15:55:35

Wednesdays are steely grey, Tuesdays are brown. Thursday is red.

MrsDoomsPatterson Wed 27-Nov-13 15:56:51

Saturday is suede.

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