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or just a saddo to be really EXCITED about my new large capacity Bosch washing machine which is arriving this afternoon

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GetOrfMoiLand Wed 07-Jul-10 13:15:39

I used to get excited about new shoes arriving.

Now it's washing machines.

I am officially old and sad at the age of 32.

(I can't wait to put a new wash in - 8 kg - and see how good it is).

Mumsnut Wed 07-Jul-10 13:16:53

I love mine <sighs>

notnowbernard Wed 07-Jul-10 13:16:56

Are you me?!

I am also 32 and got V V excited about the arrival of my new 8kg load washing machine last week blush

StealthPolarBear Wed 07-Jul-10 13:17:03

no - in fact I am excited on your behalf! I love getting the washing mountain down a bit.
Did I mention I cleaned my oven the other day? wanna see a photo? wink

Brollyflower Wed 07-Jul-10 13:17:42

YANBU envy

jeee Wed 07-Jul-10 13:17:54

When my new Miele was about to be delivered I shared the joy with everyone I met. So YANBU.

Orangerie Wed 07-Jul-10 13:19:39

I was thrilled at my low decibel washing machine for months, couldn't put it on without saying, isn't it incredible? look how silent she is, while patting its top. blush

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Wed 07-Jul-10 13:20:15

not alone - I find things like this (washing machine porn for those who dare grin)

ApocalypseCheese Wed 07-Jul-10 13:26:22

Ahem, make sure you don't fill the machine to capacity iyswim, parently the bearings, motor , whatever struggle with the extra weight. <fondly strokes miele bought after 8kg bosch sadly passed away >

jeee Wed 07-Jul-10 13:28:15

Orangerie, I'm with you - only I've had my Miele for two years and I still stroke her. I've told DH, in case of divorce, I get custody of the washing machine.

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 07-Jul-10 13:57:31

Oh yay I am so pleased that I am not alone with my Bosch love.

I have never owned a brand new washing machine before. I have alwasy had them reconditioned/second hand.

I am going to treat it very lovingly and buy some expensive laundry detergent to christen it with.

No more chav lenor, either wink

bluecardi Wed 07-Jul-10 13:58:25

What a wonderful machine - enjoy putting it through it's paces.

SandyBits Wed 07-Jul-10 14:00:07

Hell no.
When my tumble dryer arrived, I literally mentioned it to everyone <saddo>

EnglandAllenPoe Wed 07-Jul-10 14:03:46

orangerie is your quiet one this one ?

i love mine, i can listen to the archers whilst its in the same room quietly swishing away...and for the price of one Miele, i could buy three of them

funtimewincies Wed 07-Jul-10 14:05:22

I'm afraid that I got really excited when I ordered a small chest freezer for the garage blush. I persuaded dh that we needed one so that I could freeze stuff from the allotment, but really I just like stocking up on stuff and feeling like we somehow more prepared.

How? Come the revolution the electricity will be the first thing to go grin!

funtimewincies Wed 07-Jul-10 14:06:10

By the way, I'm 35. I think that this might be a 30s thing.

weblette Wed 07-Jul-10 14:06:30

Oh I love mine

LimaCharlie Wed 07-Jul-10 14:06:38

Ooh you'll be washing duvets and all sorts this week then

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 07-Jul-10 14:07:55

Me and DP lovingly tidied the laundry room last night in preperation for the new arrival.

He also put up some new shelves for my detergents (the previously used to sit on top of the old machine - not having that kind of slatterntly behaviour with my new machine) and he also treated me (1) to 2 new clothes horses.

(I did say rather excitdedly to him that it was like preparing a nursery for a new baby. blush)

The tumble drier and freezer look sullen.

jeee Wed 07-Jul-10 14:09:17

Your machine has its own room? My Miele's sulking.

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 07-Jul-10 14:09:24

I am going to ALL the laundry,

Even those crappy looking jumpers and odd socks which have been at the bottom of the laundry baskets since before the Crimean war.

StealthPolarBear Wed 07-Jul-10 14:10:12

"By funtimewincies Wed 07-Jul-10 14:05:22
I'm afraid that I got really excited when I ordered a small chest freezer for the garage "


I am still tryiong to convince DH of this, but he needs time to tidy the garage first.
I have fantasies of having a freezer full of hoime cooked meals ready to heat up, and never running outof bread or milk again.

StealthPolarBear Wed 07-Jul-10 14:10:50

o i love that feeling - for me it's when I wash the laundy baket liners

JellyBabyLady Wed 07-Jul-10 14:11:51

OP - If you are sad, I'm even sadder because I'm not even 30 yet and I have a new 8kg washer and it is living the dream !!

After I got it I even bought the matching (had to be matching) large capacity tumble dryer <<dribble dribble emoticon>>

I hardly ever even use the dryer, never had one before, but god they look good sat next to each other!!

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 07-Jul-10 14:13:43

Now, I am not convinced re chest freezers.

My gran had one of these - she boight a great big 8 foot long one from a shop which was closing down, and to fill it up bought half a cow from a local farmer.

She never ate the nice cuts - it was all 'keep the fillet steaks for best' whilst we spend the whole damn winter eating oxtail stews etc.

We do have an extra fridge in the laundry room from DP's old flat which is turned on and used at Christmas - I love it when it gets to the time when the 2nd fridge gets turned on.

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