6 year old walking to school alone via a woodland track

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Loveagingernut Mon 06-Dec-21 22:17:32

I am looking for others views, maybe I’m being too protective and should be promoting independence.

Back story….
School walk via roads and pavements is over a mile long, however there is a short cut through woodland area where the track is just less than half a mile but it is classed as a forest. On the left of the forest is an industrial estate with approx 60 different businesses. Due to the nature of 80% of these businesses, they mainly employ men. On the right of the forest there is a residential area and the primary school.
The track is popular with dog walkers, teenagers going in the opposite direction to the secondary school use this short cut, and lots of men that walk or cycle to their employment in the industrial estate.

So this is my concern…..
A young mum, that I support, was walking her 6 year old daughter to school via the track, but I have found out that in the cold, winter, dark mornings, the child is now walking to school alone on this route. She doesn’t need to cross any roads so no safety issues there but am I being over protective thinking it’s not acceptable for a 6 year old taking this route on her own.

Mum isn’t taking her, because she has to be elsewhere for 9am and doesn’t have the time to take her daughter to school, thus allowing daughter to walk through the forest alone.

Am I being too protective or do I promote independence.

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BrightonOrLancaster Mon 06-Dec-21 22:20:03

Fuck that sounds terrifying.

WorraLiberty Mon 06-Dec-21 22:20:19

Oh come on really?

I'm pretty sure you know the answer to this.

What do you mean by "A young mum, that I support" though?

Neolara Mon 06-Dec-21 22:20:35

No, that's not ok and you should tell the school safeguarding lead asap.

Pegasussnail Mon 06-Dec-21 22:20:47

I have a six year old and feel that's too young and they are too vulnerable

Redwinestillfine Mon 06-Dec-21 22:20:53

I don't think it's ok for a 6 year old to walk themselves, Irrespective.

Wondergirl100 Mon 06-Dec-21 22:21:24

Well it would be unusual in the UK and normal in some countries like Germany.


StillMedusa Mon 06-Dec-21 22:21:31

You are not over protective.. that's awful! No 6 year old should be walking to school alone, let alone through a wooded area! (and I say that as quite a relaxed parent)

That's a real safeguarding issue.

NotExactlyHappyToHelp Mon 06-Dec-21 22:21:46

Absolutely no way would I let a six year old make that journey. In fact if I did see a child of that age making the journey alone I’d try and clock their uniform and call the school to raise it as a safeguarding issue.

ChangeChingyChange Mon 06-Dec-21 22:21:52

This has to be fake, I so want it to be fake. That's unbelievable no way should this be happening. Report report report. Tell the school first of all. Warn the mum you've heard someone is going to report her for it. Call everyone, that poor girl.

Largethighsbadeyes Mon 06-Dec-21 22:22:14

This has "opening scenes of new ITV crime drama" written all over it

Hellocatshome Mon 06-Dec-21 22:22:27

Absolutely rediculous and I'm normally a really relaxed parent. Its still dark in the mornings, is the child not petrified?

BestZebbie Mon 06-Dec-21 22:22:54

Usually schools don't allow pupils to walk alone until year 5 or 6?
So by general rule of thumb, 6 (year 1) is Too Young.

Youdoyoutoday Mon 06-Dec-21 22:23:08

Omg no, wtf!! No! No! No!!

MultiStorey Mon 06-Dec-21 22:23:51


Well it would be unusual in the UK and normal in some countries like Germany.

Yes, this.

Myusernameisunique Mon 06-Dec-21 22:24:04

I have a DC this age and feel sick at the thought of them doing this. They'd be absolutely terrified as well. Far, far too young.

Onehotmess Mon 06-Dec-21 22:24:06

Can you offer to walk the child if she’s really struggling? Where does she need to be? Work? Drop off at nursery? Fair enough- you could offer to help. If she ‘needs’ to be I dunno at the betting shop then hell no!

ClintBartonsWife Mon 06-Dec-21 22:24:09

That poor child. That makes me so sad.

CliveAntichrist Mon 06-Dec-21 22:24:44


picklemewalnuts Mon 06-Dec-21 22:25:48

This shouldn't be an issue, it really shouldn't. Unfortunately predators are attracted to and take advantage of vulnerability, and walking that route alone makes her vulnerable.

Loveagingernut Mon 06-Dec-21 22:26:14

Thank you all so much for agreeing with me on this.
I just needed to know that others thought the same as me.

I promise it is not fake. Tomorrow I will do something constructive about it.

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Mammyloveswine Mon 06-Dec-21 22:26:20

Erm school would notice a child coming in alone at six and definitely report!!!!

Is this uk?

Jazzyjeffery Mon 06-Dec-21 22:27:08

Jesus christ no. No 6 year old should walk alone, anywhere.

WorraLiberty Mon 06-Dec-21 22:27:33


Can you offer to walk the child if she’s really struggling? Where does she need to be? Work? Drop off at nursery? Fair enough- you could offer to help. If she ‘needs’ to be I dunno at the betting shop then hell no!

I'm waiting for the big 'elsewhere at 9am' reveal...

Switch82 Mon 06-Dec-21 22:27:53

I imagine if the school knew they would offer the mother free wraparound care. The reason I know this I reported a Year 6 (not age 6!!!) but a year 6 child who was always hanging around the park after school until 6pm even in winter waiting for her mother.

The school offered the mother free wraparound.

I have a 6 year old and no fucking way would I let this happen.

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