To ask: do you have an inner-monologue?

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allthatgrace Mon 03-May-21 21:32:55

I don't have an inner-monologue and never realised that some people do. My thoughts are rapid, abstract and conceptual rather than verbal.

For example, if I am thinking that I'm hungry and want to start making dinner it takes the form of something like: concept of hunger+concept of dinner+concept of it being the evening/dinner time. After speaking to my family members they would have an inner-voice that actually says "I'm hungry, I think I'll go start dinner".

I have also always been confused about the idea of having an inner-critic that berates you. I've never heard an inner-voice say, for example, "nobody cares what you have to say, don't bother speaking, everything you say is stupid", instead I would just feel the sensation of shyness and wanting to stay quiet.

I can make myself have an inner-voice and I will use it occasionally, for example if I'm trying to remember a particular phrase or something but my default thinking is not an inner-monologue.

Which kind of thoughts do you have?

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Doyoumind Mon 03-May-21 21:36:44

I have a constant inner monologue. I'm also a maladaptive daydreamer though and I don't think you can be a daydreamer without one.

I'm very happy in my own company. I've often wondered if that's because I'm very chatty with myself!

DinosaurDiana Mon 03-May-21 21:39:06

I constantly chat in my head. I’m usually telling people what I really think of them.

WaltzesWithSnobs Mon 03-May-21 21:40:05

My experience mirrors Doyouminds very much. I have a lot of internal chatter. An awful lot. Sometimes I wish it would STFU!!

blitzen Mon 03-May-21 21:42:10

Yes, I have one. I only found out fairly recently that some people don't have them, which blows my mind a bit.

ThisIsStartingToBoreMe Mon 03-May-21 21:42:53

Another one here with a constant internal dialogue.

I thought it was normal blush

MedusasBadHairDay Mon 03-May-21 21:43:59

There is a constant voice in my head, I wouldn't say monologue though as it chatters away to itself. Occasionally in a Q&A format.

Fwiw, the voice just interjected to tell me that this makes me sound like a twat, and a counter voice pointed out that its true so who cares.

I think it's why I find chatty people in real life difficult to cope with, it's noisy enough to start off with.


Iyland Mon 03-May-21 21:45:07

Yes I am another who's internal monologue is a near constant chitter chatter. I hate it at bed time because it just doesn't switch off.

Happyschool Mon 03-May-21 21:45:26

What an interesting thread. I have constant thoughts (exhausting amounts) but definitely not in narrative / sentence form I don’t think. They come up more as a feeling and broken phrases I think, I need to pay more attention.

JayAlfredPrufrock Mon 03-May-21 21:46:37

Chattering monkeys here.

Junobug Mon 03-May-21 21:46:42

Yes. Mine doesn't stop. I can not imagine not having one. What you describe
Just makes no sense to me.
When you read, do you read the words in your head or just kind of see and understand them?

DinosaurDiana Mon 03-May-21 21:46:53

When I wake up in the night I’ve either got song lyrics going or I have a conversation with someone. Very often it’s something I’m worried about. It drives me batty !

fluffythedragonslayer Mon 03-May-21 21:47:31

I have conversations with myself in my head. I go over past conversations I've had with people. I suffer with intrusive thoughts so my inner monologue is horrid sometimes. But yes, a voice in my head all the time. Not a "hearing voices" type, definitely an inner monologue. It can be exhausting sometimes I just need myself to shut the fuck up

Slippy78 Mon 03-May-21 21:47:54

Nope. I also have aphantasia so no mental images either.

RoSEbuds6 Mon 03-May-21 21:48:05

I think they're quite common and the whole 'affirmations' thing is meant to you reformat your inner dialogue. Changing a negative inner voice to a positive one.

Puntastic Mon 03-May-21 21:48:05

Inner monologue here. Sometimes wish I could shut it up though!

Hohofortherobbers Mon 03-May-21 21:48:33

Yes, my thoughts are like chatter in my head, I often find myself moving my lips in time with it and pulling expressions, my dm catches me out sometimes and pulls me up on it, I expect I look a little deranged when I do it

lovethisjourneyforme Mon 03-May-21 21:48:41

It's news to me that there are people that DON'T have an internal monologue. So it's just quiet? All the time?

ThisIsStartingToBoreMe Mon 03-May-21 21:49:22

I only found out a few years ago that not everybody has this and I was utterly stunned - I still can't really actually believe that people don't have this inner monologue? How are they processing information without it?

Wafflewombat Mon 03-May-21 21:49:40

I have adhd & apparently one of the reasons sleep is more difficult is my brain never shuts up.

I was always amazed when my DH said he had periods of not thinking.

Slippy78 Mon 03-May-21 21:49:45

I only realised a couple of years ago the not everyone was the same as me.

Youdontknowwhatyoureonabout Mon 03-May-21 21:49:47

Mine drives me nuts!

DinosaurDiana Mon 03-May-21 21:49:52

I can’t imagine not having something going on in your head. It must be bliss.

parietal Mon 03-May-21 21:51:29

I have an inner monologue but it is not going all the time. If I'm focused on something (e.g. painting), then I can just get on with it

MedusasBadHairDay Mon 03-May-21 21:51:58


Yes, my thoughts are like chatter in my head, I often find myself moving my lips in time with it and pulling expressions, my dm catches me out sometimes and pulls me up on it, I expect I look a little deranged when I do it

Oh I do that. I gesture too if I don't catch myself blush

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