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AIBU to have a cup of tea?

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Feetupteashot Fri 26-Jun-20 13:24:40

It's 30 degrees
I'm sweating
We're all sweating and nearly naked

Would it be wrong to have a cup of tea.

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LockdownMayhem Fri 26-Jun-20 13:27:42

My husband just asked me if I wanted a cup of tea. I gave him a withering look deserving of his idiocy. (wink)

RiftGibbon Fri 26-Jun-20 13:29:18

I had one yesterday in the heat, among.a group of socially distancing friends who were drinking frappé things. I didn't get any hotter, whilst they complained constantly about the heat.

teaflake Fri 26-Jun-20 13:29:34

I drink tea all day in all weather. Go for it. grin

Isthisfinallyit Fri 26-Jun-20 13:31:33

Indian people and arabs drink tea so I see no reason to stop drinking just because it's hot outside. If anything it stops me from sweating for a minute.

lazylinguist Fri 26-Jun-20 13:31:49

The necessity for tea is not reduced by the weather conditions. It is never ever unreasonable to have a cup of tea.

woodhill Fri 26-Jun-20 13:32:35

Yes I continually drink tea regardless of the weather

EatsShootsAndRuns Fri 26-Jun-20 13:32:39

Having a cup of tea on a hot day can cool you down providing there's a breeze because the tea will make you sweat more. The sweat absorbs body heat and expels it into the air.

StickersandStripes Fri 26-Jun-20 13:34:31

Tea is very refreshing, I drink the same amount in the hot weather asa y other time of the year.

Alittleshortforaspacepooper Fri 26-Jun-20 13:37:01

It's 35°c where I am and I've just had a cuppa.

Mrsjayy Fri 26-Jun-20 13:37:14

Raining here today but. Yesterday offered DH a tea you would have thought I had asked him to enter hell's fire ,what a palaver I drank mine happily whilst. He flipped about moaning about heat hmm. Just have your tea and enjoy.

HotCrossBungle Fri 26-Jun-20 13:41:00

If you're British it's the law!
Having one right now

Zoomintheroom Fri 26-Jun-20 13:42:47

Of course YANBU. I'm on my fourth or fifth one. It's important to stay hydrated when it's warm!

rslsys Fri 26-Jun-20 13:44:11

It's National Cream Tea day, drinking tea is mandatory!

MangoBiscuit Fri 26-Jun-20 13:45:58

I feel cooler if I drink a hot drink than if I drink ice cold drinks. Besides, it's tea. Of course YANBU.

zukiecat Fri 26-Jun-20 13:46:16


Tea is disgusting horrible stuff, coffee is the way to go.

Justmuddlingalong Fri 26-Jun-20 13:46:51

Yesterday I wish I'd stuck with tea. Instead my friend and I opened a bottle of gin in the garden. Today I'm hungover and sunburnt. So yes, I would recommend tea.

ChippingIn Fri 26-Jun-20 13:50:04


It's National Cream Tea day, drinking tea is mandatory!

I'd forgotten that!

But it's too fecking hot to
Put the oven on for scones!

ChippingIn Fri 26-Jun-20 13:52:41

I've had coffee. Latte. My favourite Café creme is in a small village in France, so I sat in the scorching sun on my balcony, closed my eyes and pretended I was there!

Nuts I know, but beyond caring 🤣

Quackersandcheese3 Fri 26-Jun-20 13:54:02

Have some tea !

NotEverythingIsBlackandWhite Fri 26-Jun-20 13:54:21

Best thing to do in hot weather. It helps bring up your body temperature causing you to sweat which cools your body down.

Not idiocy at all.

OohThatCat Fri 26-Jun-20 13:54:28

I drink tea and eat hot porridge whatever the weather! I say go for it :D

Cam2020 Fri 26-Jun-20 13:55:36

The necessity for tea is not reduced by the weather conditions. It is never ever unreasonable to have a cup of tea.

I feel exactly the, same way about coffee grin Enjoy your tea, OP!

JuanitaJuanita Fri 26-Jun-20 13:58:34

Tea. Yuk!

But I've had several coffees today, and continue to in all weathers!

Sedlescombe Fri 26-Jun-20 14:02:11

Wasn’t drinking hot drinks supposed to call you down because it encouraged the production of sweat whereas cold drinks exaggerated the hot feelin

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