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To use washing up liquid from now on?

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Nyctophyllia Thu 17-Oct-19 22:31:34

Ran out of shampoo and used sainsburys washing up liquid on my hair this morning
Omg my hair was amazing, soft and shiny, better than any shampoo I've used
Do you think it wreck hair if used long term?

PixieDustt Thu 17-Oct-19 22:45:18

Not sure if it would wreck your hair but couldn't imagine it smelling very nice 😬

AthollPlace Thu 17-Oct-19 22:47:37

Washing up liquid is harsher than you think. My exterior house paint and my front door both came with instructions not to wash with washing up liquid because it would strip the colour.

Cherrysoup Thu 17-Oct-19 22:49:12

My grandad was the hairdressing manager at a John Lewis branch for many years. He used to say that you could use washing up liquid or any soap on your hair as long as you rinsed properly.

There are some lovely smelling washing up liquids! 🍏

morrisseysquif Thu 17-Oct-19 22:50:35

Compare the ingredients maybe?

WhenISnappedAndFarted Thu 17-Oct-19 22:52:33

Not hair, however after spending hundred of pounds trying to get rid of acne my doctor suggested washing my face with washing up liquid. I thought he was mad, however I tried it and it really did help - I definitely needed moisturiser though!

CherryBathBomb Thu 17-Oct-19 22:55:09

@WhenISnappedAndFarted i have oily skin, I wonder if it would work for me?

Lunafortheloveogod Thu 17-Oct-19 22:57:00

It’s probably stripped a lot of build up from your hair.. making it look nice n pretty now but regular use could dry it and your scalp out.. never know till it’s too late though. Depends how oily you are and how often you wash it too.. and if you colour it.

Inebriati Thu 17-Oct-19 22:58:41

Try to avoid ones that contain formaldehyde.

ItsOurTime Thu 17-Oct-19 22:59:36

@WhenISnappedAndFarted I've used it as a face wash in the past too and it did help to clear my skin, but jeeeez the tightness!

Nyctophyllia Thu 17-Oct-19 22:59:48

It felt less dry than than when I use shampoo and conditioner, I fully expected not to be able to get my fingers through it when wet but didnt even need conditioner
I do have greasy hair and I do colour it

justasking111 Thu 17-Oct-19 23:00:34

It is useful now and again to strip out products. But I would still go back to my shampoo and conditioner for normal use.

Yeahthatthing Thu 17-Oct-19 23:00:38

Once in a while to remove build up it'll be good but it's very drying so would dry your hair and make it brittle and break with long term use.

Lucked Thu 17-Oct-19 23:02:38

It is pretty potent, it was the only thing to remove Vaseline from DD’s hair when she smeared a tub into it.

Nyctophyllia Thu 17-Oct-19 23:02:46

@CherryBathBomb I have really oily skin, I just use soap, and occasionally vaseline overnight, skin is fab in the morning, I was v sceptical about this but it doesn't leave your skin greasy

WhenISnappedAndFarted Thu 17-Oct-19 23:03:36

@CherryBathBomb I'd give it a try personally

WhenISnappedAndFarted Thu 17-Oct-19 23:04:06

@ItsOurTime I'd forgotten about the tightness!

Livpool Thu 17-Oct-19 23:11:52

I think it would be good at removing build up as an occasional thing but if you do it all of the time it will dry out your scalp

sparkles07 Thu 17-Oct-19 23:15:25

My sister swears by washing up liquid every few months to strip all the chemicals and build up in your hair.

Gimmechipschocolateandcake Thu 17-Oct-19 23:20:51

Eugh. Washing up liquid in your hair. What if it gets on your eyes? They will burn like hell. I once made the mistake of washing my hands with washing up liquid I blame pregnancy hormones and I got a god damn awful rash .

granadagirl Thu 17-Oct-19 23:21:00

It’s great once a week for getting rid off the build up off hair products used on your hair, it just strips them out instead off clinging to the hair
Taking it back to before you used any product. Like a detox for hair
Ie, hairspray, mousse, any sprays,

RavenLG Thu 17-Oct-19 23:26:09

I had to buy a bottle of Fairy recently as we had ran out of eco-liquid we usually use. It actually said on the back that it was a skin irritant so on that basis I wouldn’t.

Trainwardrobe Thu 17-Oct-19 23:28:11

I use it loads. It’s marvellous

Toseland Thu 17-Oct-19 23:28:42

Hi Dad fancy you turning up here x

Jux Thu 17-Oct-19 23:28:45

They used to say you could use washing.up liquid on your hair about once a month, it stripped out all the build up left by shampoo\ conditioner. I always did until I got to about 40 when it made my hair too dry.

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