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to want HC to come over here and talk to me?

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FrannyandZooey Sun 29-Jul-07 00:50:29


harpsichordcarrier Sun 29-Jul-07 00:50:46

fuck me you're up late

harpsichordcarrier Sun 29-Jul-07 00:51:02

it is franny isn't it and not hunker

greensleeves Sun 29-Jul-07 00:51:33

What the fuck is SHE doing out of bed?????

FrannyandZooey Sun 29-Jul-07 00:51:37

LOL it's me

FrannyandZooey Sun 29-Jul-07 00:51:59

LOL dp doesn't know I am here

<feels bad and WRONG>

harpsichordcarrier Sun 29-Jul-07 00:52:24

do do be do be do be do
do do be do be do be do
we're alll going on a summer holiday

FrannyandZooey Sun 29-Jul-07 00:52:38

are we?

ooh we ARE

harpsichordcarrier Sun 29-Jul-07 00:53:00

I have been to bed and got up again
too much packing
dh is asleep
well he was exhausted

greensleeves Sun 29-Jul-07 00:53:01

I'm not coming if SHE's coming

harpsichordcarrier Sun 29-Jul-07 00:53:19

no more working for a week (not two)

greensleeves Sun 29-Jul-07 00:53:28

<you people meet up without me and it's not fair>

FrannyandZooey Sun 29-Jul-07 00:53:46


you mean YOU are going on a holiday

I thought you meant OUR holiday

yes my dp is "exhausted" as well

harpsichordcarrier Sun 29-Jul-07 00:53:48

I have a lovely big red bus.
and I also have Cliff Richard

harpsichordcarrier Sun 29-Jul-07 00:54:33

no I am going to Wales
as far as I know franny isn't coming
so have we all had sex this evening??

harpsichordcarrier Sun 29-Jul-07 00:54:54

and then got up again to mumsnet

FrannyandZooey Sun 29-Jul-07 00:54:54

well, not together


greensleeves Sun 29-Jul-07 00:54:56


but not with sheep

FrannyandZooey Sun 29-Jul-07 00:55:24

Greeny we don't often meet up without you

anyway me and you have breakfast together, often, without HC

harpsichordcarrier Sun 29-Jul-07 00:55:44

good lord no
sheep are too stupid.
cows, that's a different matter.
meerkats, maybe, they're cute

FrannyandZooey Sun 29-Jul-07 00:56:15

it doesn't say that much for our respective partners does it?

we should be lying semi-conscious with our hair all over our faces

harpsichordcarrier Sun 29-Jul-07 00:56:22

where do you have breakfast?
is it an Egg McMuffin <hysterical laughter>

greensleeves Sun 29-Jul-07 00:56:50

Yes, but sheep are easy, they just stand still and munch

meerkats, well, they might bite your nipples off

FrannyandZooey Sun 29-Jul-07 00:57:15

we have lovely breakfasts in the Travellodge

and I eat all the croissants and complain there isn't enough food

harpsichordcarrier Sun 29-Jul-07 00:57:22

actually I don't mean to crow but it was very marvellous
I had to get up again to have a jam sandwich biscuit because of all the exertion
then I saw the pc, gently glowing

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