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10,000 on standby in case of Brexit disorder. Wtf?

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longwayoff Thu 04-Apr-19 09:00:35

No. No no no. What are we allowing to happen? This prospect is appalling. I feel utterly powerless to say or do anything to alter the craziness gripping our politicians. I believe some of them welcome the prospect of disorder to reinforce that their way is the only way that would prevent it. I absolutely despair and only hope reason will prevail.

longwayoff Thu 04-Apr-19 09:02:38

10,000 police, that is. Lord knows where they found them.

Didntwanttochangemyname Thu 04-Apr-19 09:03:04

Where have you read this?

WorraLiberty Thu 04-Apr-19 09:03:34

So you'd rather they just left it to chance then?

GCAcademic Thu 04-Apr-19 09:04:46

Apparently the government has been stockpiling body bags. Mentioned in the House of Commons yesterday.

Coldilox Thu 04-Apr-19 09:05:17

They are just ordinary officers who will be pulled from routine duty should it go tits up. So far fewer officers patrolling the streets, dealing with domestic violence and robberies and burglaries and whatever else, should these lovely folk decide to riot.

The orders came out weeks ago. It’s bloody depressing it’s come to this

ShitAtScarbble Thu 04-Apr-19 09:15:17

Yes - this was on Radio 4 this morning. It's beyond shocking but given that in the last week there was a poster threatening God alone knows what by way of uprisings, world war 3, civil disobedience etc then I think the authorities are right to have contingency plans.
That was a Brexiter making those threats by the way. You may draw from that whatever you will.

ScarletBitch Thu 04-Apr-19 09:23:48

Hahaha yeah right! More bullshit to scare the masses. I doubt we have that many Police left to cover their own force area, never mind Brexit. And yes I know a lot of Police Officers who agree!

longwayoff Thu 04-Apr-19 09:28:25

Thanks scrabble, it would be of course and, as suggested by worra, I would not prefer to leave it to chance. That doesn't mean I'm not outraged it's thought necessary to put 10,000 officers at risk to protect the majority of us from the nutters pursuing 'democracy and sovereignty' through violent disorder. I thought that was called something a quite different and that making threats to act in that way is illegal in itself.

IceRebel Thu 04-Apr-19 09:28:26

Hahaha yeah right! More bullshit to scare the masses.


Bluntness100 Thu 04-Apr-19 09:28:50

I think there is some misunderstanding as to why this is occurring.

Both thr army and the police are on stand by for public disruption.

That's less to do with people disagreeing with the path forward, although it's part of it, and much much more to do if we crash out with no deal and when society realises the impacts. So they need to prepare to control it.

With a lack of medicines within weeks, food going up, companies announcing with drawal, the pound crashing and being valueless, there would be a high chance of significant rioting in the U.K. and significant threat against our politicians.

So it's less to do if we exit in an orderly manner, and more to do with if we crashed out next week and the realisation of our society on what's happening.

And as much as I don't think we will crash out, I think it's prudent for them prepare to go under military control if we do.

ScarletBitch Thu 04-Apr-19 10:13:50

@IceRebel yes BS!

I have just asked my sister and her DH, both Police Officers, I showed them this thread and they both laughed!

longwayoff Thu 04-Apr-19 10:23:32

Really scarlet? I asked my mum and my next door neighbour, they also laughed. Then I sought more reliable information, see above. Not laughing.

picklemepopcorn Thu 04-Apr-19 10:27:23

I see the anger among leavers who think we're not leaving properly, the threats to their politicians.

Then there is a risk whatever eventually happens, of shortages and travel restrictions, economic instability as things settle again.

There will be losers in this process, and some of them can't afford to lose any more.

IceRebel Thu 04-Apr-19 10:34:01

I showed them this thread and they both laughed!

Why would they laugh? There's plenty of proof that a plan that has been put in place. Hopefully it will not need to be enacted but it is sensible to err on the side of caution. I can't see how this falls under bullshit or scaremongering, and the situation certainly doesn't seem like something to laugh about. confused

HoraceCope Thu 04-Apr-19 10:35:41

they are on standby from local forces no doubt, leave cancelled etc.,

HoraceCope Thu 04-Apr-19 10:37:52

I can't imagine there would be riots and unrest though.
wasnt it 51% or thereabouts?
so that leaves a lot of remainers who wont riot

sailorcherries Thu 04-Apr-19 10:39:13

They are on standby and leave cancelled, DPs uncle cannot come to our wedding as a result.

HoraceCope Thu 04-Apr-19 10:40:11

for how long?

Hellenbackagen Thu 04-Apr-19 10:43:35

I'm a pc
Let me explain.
All this means is that all 44 forces have agreed to deliver mutual aid if necessary. Cops from other forces come and help out. No extra police found at all and it's exactly the same for any big event whether that be a football match or a summit of world leaders- it's no different to any other day in the working lives of police.

BessieBumptiousness Thu 04-Apr-19 10:45:55

Of course they're right to be prepared. Because if we crash out, the remainers will riot and if it doesn't go their way, leavers will riot.

It'll happen, whatever the result. Guaranteed. Both "sides" are pretty appalling with their comments and their views, and no-one's smelling of roses throughout this debacle.

Hellenbackagen Thu 04-Apr-19 10:46:09

10,000 probably pushing it tho. More likely to be a few hundred psu trained cops told to get ready for leave and days off being cancelled ...

RomanticFatigue Thu 04-Apr-19 10:47:57

Bluntness, your thread just made me shudder. I'm terrified of what will happen. There will be civil unrest I think whatever happens because there will be a contingent of people who do not get what they want.

RuggyPeg Thu 04-Apr-19 10:55:06

It's a load of nonsense. People are not going to totally transform their personalities cos of Brexit. The normal, civilised folk will continue in their normal manner. The violent, hot-tempered, aggressive ones will simply direct their anger towards Brexit for a while. Once it's all died down, these nut-jobs will still be walking amongst us, directing their anger towards their wife/dog/kids/mates/boss/football/whatever.

HoraceCope Thu 04-Apr-19 11:29:33

I am a remainer, I am not going to riot

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