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Would it be absolutely disgusting to...

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meladeso Tue 22-Jan-19 07:33:11

Put loo brushes in the dishwasher on their own, on hot setting, followed by a hot wash on empty??!!!

BBInGinDrinking Thu 31-Jan-19 18:53:23

Loose Women sounds like they might have a touch of tummy trouble and be in need of their loo brushes more than most.

SomethingWithLemons Thu 31-Jan-19 18:50:24

I hope OP isn't a friend of mine whose house I've eaten in envy not envy

Banana8080 Thu 31-Jan-19 18:43:50

Jesus Christ no and I’m no clean freak. That’s gross.

BBInGinDrinking Thu 31-Jan-19 18:42:32

They are scraping the bottom of the barrel - or is that loo?! - with this.

popcornwizard Thu 31-Jan-19 13:02:10

So over a week later, Loose Women!

Juells Sat 26-Jan-19 08:02:54

I vaguely remember somebody taking a case against Hugh Hefner because of the employment conditions, one of the exhibits she produced was a photo of the dishwasher filled with sex toys 🤮

melissasummerfield Fri 25-Jan-19 20:12:27

Jesus christ what am I reading.. envy NOT Envy

tersagreen Fri 25-Jan-19 20:09:05

shock I have no words 🙈

Doman Fri 25-Jan-19 19:53:57

I'm alarmed by how many of you are happily saying we should just chuck loo brushes into landfill and merrily buy new ones. 'Just replace it' is a very unsound (and selfish) stance to take on anything plastic.

pineapplepassion Fri 25-Jan-19 19:49:57

Gross beyond belief.
Buy a new loo brush!

BloodyDisgrace Fri 25-Jan-19 19:16:32

Please don't.

Banana1979 Fri 25-Jan-19 18:18:05

Omg my toilet brush holder i fill it up with bleach water. I NEVER put it in dry. That way it stays fresher. I change the water weekly

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Fri 25-Jan-19 18:15:14

Those who think loo brushes are icky - how do you clean the loo properly (after the kids have been using it)?

Bubbinsmama Fri 25-Jan-19 18:13:30

@NutElla5x Hahaha wow im thats amused me greatly,
I guess Im still alive as its my toilet that I clean with that (germ infested) toilet brush not my teeth grin
Seriously though the toilet duck and milton must be doing the trick!!
(insert poop emoji here)

Flamingle18 Fri 25-Jan-19 09:27:39

*toothbrush not sure where the e came from !

Flamingle18 Fri 25-Jan-19 09:26:44

On the subject of poo particles, you could be brushing your teeth with them if people don't put the seat down/toothbrushe heads aren't covered when flushing!

NutElla5x Fri 25-Jan-19 08:57:00

Bubbinsmama I love that! It must feel like part of the family by now. Have you named it? Just to point out though that I learned on this thread that hot water decomposes the active ingredient of bleach and renders it ineffective (it's true,I checked),so how you are still alive is nothing short of a bloody miracle shock

Bubbinsmama Fri 25-Jan-19 08:29:59

Hahaha Brilliant ive a loo brush that is at least 25 years old I am NOT joking!
I clean it regularly in its own little tub with hot water and bleach overnight.....Ive never been able to justify buying another when this one 'works' isn't discoulored (its cream in colour) or broken and as if to prove the point, made of plastic and seemingly made to last a lifetime grin oh and btw its never seen the inside of my dishwasher lol

CarrieBlu Fri 25-Jan-19 08:28:36

It’s put me off ever eating or drinking at anyone else’s house ever again, in case they are one of the 10%!

Iused2BanOptimist Fri 25-Jan-19 00:37:55

According to the Mirror poll 10% of people think this is fine. confusedshocksad

Gth1234 Thu 24-Jan-19 19:12:09

it would be appalling.

VanGoghsDog Thu 24-Jan-19 18:59:58

Well, thanks to this thread I bought two new loo brushes from JL to replace my 18m old Ikea ones - the Ikea ones are fine, if anyone wants them to stop them going in landfill, just drop me a PM - happy to post them.

minieggmunchers Thu 24-Jan-19 18:32:01

you can get a loo brush for about a quid, why would you even consider this?? Vile. Not worth it financially or health wise. Shit in the dishwasher. No thank you.

BBInGinDrinking Thu 24-Jan-19 18:14:11

According to the Echo, we are all in a frenzy, dear mumsnetters <files nails, looks nonchalant, yawns> hmm

For some reason, being told I'm frenzied makes me want to do Miss Piggy and Animal impressions.

BBInGinDrinking Thu 24-Jan-19 18:01:35

Dame's image is not for the squeamish

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