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To not know what to put on DS’s feet in winter!

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Aliveinwanderland Fri 24-Nov-17 16:22:14

DS is 13 Months but not walking and so doesn’t have shoes. However snowsuits in his age don’t have feet in as they are meant to go with wellies. Any idea what I can put on his feet for when he is crawling room outside in winter?

AlbusPercival Fri 24-Nov-17 16:22:50

Those shoe bag things?? Jojo sell them

MaidenMotherCrone Fri 24-Nov-17 16:31:03

Most snow suits for 12-18months have foot things. I wouldn't let a child crawl around outside in the winter though. He will get filthy.

OlennasWimple Fri 24-Nov-17 16:34:44

I wouldn't let him crawl on the floor either, in the cold and wet!

In the push chair you can double up on the socks, and it might be worth getting him some leather shoes like Daisy Roots. They help keep socks on, will be useful when he is cruising, and as they have a leather sole you can stand him on the floor for a few minutes eg when folding up the buggy without him getting very wet feet

ginplease8383 Fri 24-Nov-17 16:41:31

I’m in the same camp with my 15 month old non walker who is firmly in 18-24 Month clothes. She’s in slipper socks when we go out.

Aliveinwanderland Fri 24-Nov-17 16:42:42

I have no issue with him crawling around in winter if it’s not too wet. He would be well wrapped up and dirt doesn’t bother me.

Handsfull13 Fri 24-Nov-17 16:49:39

I have socks and slippers for my non walking babies. I'm not outside enough to need to jojo bag shoes. Mum Mum bought them but we sent them back cuz I just won't use them. But if your LO is going to be outside a lot they did look good

Homemadearmy Fri 24-Nov-17 18:36:00

These aren't so popular now but I used to use these with my older children

Aliveinwanderland Fri 24-Nov-17 18:36:11

I look at that Boden one but as with many others I’ve seen they only do the booties in the sizes up to 12 Months. After that they don’t come with it.

isthistoonosy Fri 24-Nov-17 18:40:15

We put on two pairs of woollen socks, pulled the leg over the foot and then put two thick plastic food bags over each foot, fastened with those elastics used by cyclists (sorry not sure of the name) fastened over the snowsuit. 1yr old crawled and toddled about like that all winter without any problem and its a lot colder then the UK here.

Ttbb Fri 24-Nov-17 18:41:11

Ours had ugg boots at that age.

livingthegoodlife Fri 24-Nov-17 18:45:04

Google Stonz. Canadian. Good for feet development, keep dry and warm and a bit like booties. Plus a nice toggle to keep them on. Perfect!

OlennasWimple Fri 24-Nov-17 18:52:10

isthis - isn't that very slippery? I know when I've had plastic bags and socks on my feet (overnight moisturising!) it's been very precarious walking around

Montgomerystubercles Fri 24-Nov-17 19:05:39

I used these when my daughter was in the same position.

calamityjam Fri 24-Nov-17 19:21:33

Clark's do in between shoes. They are more flexible than proper shoes and are designed for babies at yours stage. You can carry on using them when they are just starting to toddle. I had them for all 4 dcs.

calamityjam Fri 24-Nov-17 19:35:25

RatOnnaStick Fri 24-Nov-17 19:38:47

We used the same things as @Montgomerystubercles. Brilliant things. We put slipper socks on, then the playshoe things and he was happy as a pig in muck.

Yura Fri 24-Nov-17 20:39:23

Stonz! Pricey, but so worth it

isthistoonosy Fri 24-Nov-17 21:07:01

It's snowy here over the winter so slippery-ness wasn't really an issue. we did go on a frozen lake though but she just crawled after she had slipped over.

BellyBean Fri 24-Nov-17 21:13:07

My niece isn't walking at 18 months and had padded waterproof dungarees for crawling and shoes/wellies, but did have those waterproof boot things upthread when she was younger.

eurochick Fri 24-Nov-17 21:16:43

We used the same as Montgomery.

ChameleonCircuit Fri 24-Nov-17 21:26:37

Spotty Otter do down booties IIRC.

ProseccoMamam Fri 24-Nov-17 21:26:54

Soft sole shoes?hmm

trilbydoll Fri 24-Nov-17 21:28:22

Mocc ons or shoo shoos and chuck them in the washing machine if they get filthy.

timtam23 Fri 24-Nov-17 21:32:18

We had the waterproof overshoe bootie things like Montgomery said, and also Shoo Shoo leather soft shoes

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