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AIBU to feel so insanely happy with my life?

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speakout Sun 24-Sep-17 08:43:13

I've just driven back from tesco to buy some fresh morning rolls. Approaching my house I passed the usual massive oak tree which is displaying autumn colours and I felt tears well up in my eyes.
I live in a lovely home, no money worries, great family.
It's not perfect but it's way more than good enough.

I think I feel it keener because my life has not always been like this.

juneybean Sun 24-Sep-17 08:44:40

That's lovely smile We should remember to appreciate the things we do have. I think humans tend to take things for granted.

GoldenOrb Sun 24-Sep-17 08:45:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Elllicam Sun 24-Sep-17 08:45:12

That's lovely smile

PerfectlyPooPoo Sun 24-Sep-17 08:45:37

It's good you are happy with your life smile

We have a lovely little house, great jobs and some good friends and I always feel happy about my life.

But I do appreciate we are lucky.

Godotsarrived Sun 24-Sep-17 08:46:11

It's is good to be appreciative and show gratitude. Lovely to hear that you are happy and content. Long may it last.?

SellMySoulForMoreSleep Sun 24-Sep-17 08:46:43

What a positive thread! Although generally knackered I too am happy with my lot. Lovely family, interesting, flexible job, nice (messy) home full of love, no money worries and currently experiencing a respite from my usual anxiety symptoms. It's lovely to feel 'normal' and happy.

CaoNiMartacus Sun 24-Sep-17 08:52:14

Ah that's nice to read! I have moments like this too. Last night I was reading a magazine on the sofa, with a cat each side of me. I was suddenly exceptionally happy and grateful!

Jenacles Sun 24-Sep-17 08:53:25

Thank you for such a lovely post! I'm sure we will all be looking for the things that make us happy today now!

IchFliegeNach Sun 24-Sep-17 08:57:03

This is a lovely post! I thought the same this morning as the three of us are lying in bed eating toast and watching CBeebies having a laugh with a lovely day planned. The autumn sun is shining, everyone is healthy and I have no latent anxiety about anyone in the family at the moment.

Again, I am allowing myself to indulge in it because it hasn't always been like this. Enjoy your day, OP x

bigkidsdidit Sun 24-Sep-17 08:58:41

I think this every day. Two healthy children, an interesting job, a little flat of my own, enough money for treats. I think how lucky I am every day.

I read once that the happies people Are those who count their blessings.

overmydeadbody Sun 24-Sep-17 09:00:06

How lovely op!

I was just thinking this morning how lovely life is!

lemonsandlimes123 Sun 24-Sep-17 09:02:28

YANBU - It's wonderful to feel happy and satisfied, you should relish it.
So often people on hear post about someone having a seemingly great life and so many others jump on to say that no ones life is perfect and there is probably all sorts of misery behind the scenes! It's like people don't want to admit that some people just have lovely fulfilled lives.

Like you I feel very lucky and grateful every day for the many wonderful things in my life.

Helendee Sun 24-Sep-17 09:07:59

That is lovely. We should all reflect on our positivities more often.
I am partially disabled and in pain a lot of the time but I still manage to work from home, can pursue my hobbies of reading, knitting, learning new languages etc from the comfort of my sofa.
I have a lovely, cosy but very modest home by most people's standards and best of all a wonderful family.
I feel like the luckiest woman on the planet.

Jogel Sun 24-Sep-17 09:08:25

Of course YANBU! Funny you mention the oak tree as whenever I'm feeling a bit down I go for a walk on a route takes me past some lovely trees which have an uplifting effect on me.

speakout Sun 24-Sep-17 09:08:39

I read once that the happies people Are those who count their blessings

That's interesting.
I don't have a day when I don't count my blessings. I just feel so fortunate.
I have clean drinking water straight from the tap.
My kids have free education.
I live in a peaceful society.
My family has free health care.
My children are healthy and happy.
We have enough to eat.

That's just the start.
I live in a large house surrounded by ancient woodland.
My OH treats me like a goddess.
Our family is easy going and happy.
I have a car.

I was widowed at the age of 24, I have been raped, beaten and abused. I have been homeless.

My life now is sweeter I am sure because of my hardships.

CherriesInTheSnow Sun 24-Sep-17 09:09:40

Those are the small things I appreciate too OP; this time of year rolling round always makes me feel it more as well.

It's a wonderful skill to appreciate the beauty in life, even if circumstances aren't perfect {but yours sound fantastic!} flowers

WhatsGoingOnEh Sun 24-Sep-17 09:10:23

This is such a lovely thread. smile Thanks for starting it, OP. You have spread your happiness and given loads of us a real glow today.

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Sun 24-Sep-17 09:13:30

YANBU, especially having seen all the horrific things you have been through flowers

I am another blessing counter. It has got me through some difficult times. So far I’ve always been able to find more blessings than complaints, which I know certainly isn’t true of everyone. It’s easy to take things like clean water and a safe place to sleep for granted, but so many people don’t even have that.

The oak tree sounds beautiful. I love autumn colours. Enjoy the rest of your day smile

user1497997754 Sun 24-Sep-17 09:15:34

Sooooo nice to read your have gone through very hard times and yes your right sometimes you have to go through the bad to get to the good.....long may it's good to reflect and appreciate the good thing we have in our lives makes us more appreciative and just generally nicer people...have a lovely day

Ilovewillow Sun 24-Sep-17 09:20:07

This is so lovely, thank you! I too have a great life but all too often life's detail can get us down. Sometimes we need to stop and look around us as the beauty and take stock.

LoislovesStewie Sun 24-Sep-17 09:22:22

Next week I can take my dog to the beach again ! ( We live on the coast and can only walk and go on beach with dog in winter) Hooray ! I'm glad you found something beautiful this morning ;enjoy your day!

DuchessofManchester Sun 24-Sep-17 09:22:25

What a lovely thread! I've woken up this morning with my gorgeous husband beside me after a night out celebrating our friends successes.
I'm so lucky in many ways.

Outlookmainlyfair Sun 24-Sep-17 09:24:36


SandysMam Sun 24-Sep-17 09:25:33

Life is about wanting what you have, not having what you want! Lovely thread OP, am happy you are happy!

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