To ask your interior design pet hates?

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Lotsofsausage Sun 16-Jul-17 20:38:02

Am I a horrible snob?
Here are mine:
Bowls of pebbles on coffee table (why?)
Black and diamanté furniture
Photos printed onto canvas (CRAP quality just get a good photographic print and frame it!)
Those shiny duvet sets and cushions
Fire surround but no fire place (not) even a hole in the wall!

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ineedwine99 Sun 16-Jul-17 20:44:27

I'm with you on the furniture. Also animal print chairs etc.
I have a couple if canvases that look great, but they aren't huge and not my photos so are actually good grin

AloeVeraSeeYaCilla Sun 16-Jul-17 20:45:15

Those dangly heart things in windows and doors.

AloeVeraSeeYaCilla Sun 16-Jul-17 20:47:01

I have a couple of canvas photos of scenes from a holiday we went on and they are good quality photos and prints. But not for everyone, fair enough.

Candles every flipping where.....

Pikachuwithyourmouthclosed Sun 16-Jul-17 20:48:45

What do you mean fire surround but no fire?

NicolasFlamel Sun 16-Jul-17 20:49:22

Duvet sets with sequins
Shoe ornaments - extra horror points if glittery
Any twee signs that say how sassy and independent you are or how you seize the day and dance in the rain
General tat on all surfaces
Black carpets

I could go on. I'm the miserable magnolia queen.

RiverTam Sun 16-Jul-17 20:49:33



NicolasFlamel Sun 16-Jul-17 20:50:44

Oh, oh and any theme that is just done to absolute excess. "Omg I just love owls/hearts/unicorns/shells" and they're all over the fucking house.

tumblejumble Sun 16-Jul-17 20:51:21

Those grey velvet sofas everyone has and thinks they are celebrity's now.

HazelBite Sun 16-Jul-17 20:51:49

Those ornamental words "Love" "Bath" etc etc

minipie Sun 16-Jul-17 20:52:32

Words on the wall - bathe, eat, sleep, love etc. in fact, words and slogans generally

Blingy chrome chandeliers, "crystal" doorknobs, black gloss furniture

Those sofas which are half fabric and half plastic

shaggedthruahedgebackwards Sun 16-Jul-17 20:52:44

Decorative cushions on beds

What is the point?

tulippa Sun 16-Jul-17 20:53:05

Massive word ornaments. Eg RELAX in ceramic capitals placed above the bath or LOVE sitting on the mantelpiece.

LittleWingSoul Sun 16-Jul-17 20:53:09

Statement wallpaper. Most statement wallpaper anyway...

Ditto the twee signs

SydneyJones Sun 16-Jul-17 20:53:30

I follow someone on instagram and she has 60,000 followers ... this is based on how nice her house is. But to me it's nice but nothing awe inspiring.

Zelfaba Sun 16-Jul-17 20:54:13

Things with a jaunty but rustic nautical theme, like roughly painted wooden lighthouses or things with unnecessary rope details.

ijustwannadance Sun 16-Jul-17 20:54:26

Mirrored furniture.


Beech kitchen units

minipie Sun 16-Jul-17 20:54:31

Neutral decor with an accent colour everywhere. Eg beige room with teal cushions, teal vase, teal feature wall.

camelfinger Sun 16-Jul-17 20:54:56

Loads of cushions and stuff on the bed.

Jennyhatesjazz0 Sun 16-Jul-17 20:55:01

When every fucking appliance and utensil in a kitchen matches (yes I'm looking at you DM) Lime green kettle, lime green toaster, lime green tea/coffee/sugar canisters, lime green place settings, lime green tea towels - you get the picture

Asparaguswee Sun 16-Jul-17 20:55:01

Feature walls. It's not 1996 anymore love....
Signs that say 'it's not about waiting for the storms to pass, it's about dancing in the rain' or (even worse) 'excuse the mess, the children are busy making memories'.....hmm
Fake flowers, they never ever ever look good.....
Canvases of newborns, they're all ugly as fuck.

tulippa Sun 16-Jul-17 20:55:24

Sorry cross post with HazelBite

RockyBird Sun 16-Jul-17 20:55:36

Bon Appetite on a kitchen wall. No self respecting French person would even entertain such wankery

Bluntness100 Sun 16-Jul-17 20:55:40

I'm guilty of having hearts,,,,a wooden heart hanging from the door in the spare room. It's made from a gorgeous piece of wood and was carved by a disabled person, whom I bought it from directly on their charities craft stall. I also have a glass heart hanging from a cupboard door, as it's hand blown and very pretty, irradescent shades of blue. I also have silver mirror mosaic hearts hanging from my kitchen door handle, ..about the size of my hand and it catches the light.

I also have a grey hall and a grey downstairs loo....for no other reason than I like them too,,,,😂

I don't have a glittery toilet seat though,,,,

Pallisers Sun 16-Jul-17 20:55:59

statement/feature walls
Words on walls
Lladro figurines
Curtains that don't reach the floor
Any kind of decorative swag of fabric over a window

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