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To be sick of seeing Scarlett Moffatt (formerly of gogglebox.)

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user1489261248 Sat 25-Mar-17 20:11:18

When she was part of a genial Geordie family on gogglebox, I thought she was cute, and quite funny.

Then she won 'I'm a celebrity.'

Now, every time I turn on the tv she is THERE.

Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway
Celebrity Juice - (I know, terrible programme, but DH watches it!)
Virtually Famous
This Morning
Celebrity First Dates
Big Brother's Bit on the side.

In addition, she has a weightloss dvd (where she lost 2 stone and dropped 3 dress sizes with the help of a trainer!) Though she appears to regained it all.

And she is writing a book (yawn...)

And now rumour has it that she is in line to present a new channel 4 chat show. confused

She was cute in gogglebox, pretty good to watch in I'm a celeb, but on Ant and Dec, she is quite amateurish - probably because she has zero experience presenting. Heaven knows what her chat show is going to be like! shock

I feel she is going to end up burnt out within the next year. I mean it's good that she's making money, and she seems pleasant, but jeeez I am sick of seeing her face now. confused

Mammysin Sat 25-Mar-17 20:12:11

I like her.

Writerwannabe83 Sat 25-Mar-17 20:12:54

I totally agree OP.

ShowMePotatoSalad Sat 25-Mar-17 20:12:58

She's already got a book published.

YANBU. I liked her on Gogglebox too but anyone who is overexposed gets tiresome and annoying. It's a shame.

Trumpssyrup Sat 25-Mar-17 20:13:25

Me too I think she's cute!

sonyaya Sat 25-Mar-17 20:16:32

Can't stand her.

Dontactlikeyouknowme Sat 25-Mar-17 20:17:34

Good on her. Cash in while you can I say.

user1489261248 Sat 25-Mar-17 20:19:18

Like I said, I don't dislike her, she is cute and all, and I loved her on gogglebox. However, she is being played to death now (so to speak.) Reminds me of the bloomin' Spice Girls when they found fame suddenly, and they were EVERYWHERE!

The phrase 'you can have too much of a good thing' springs to mind.

I fear that this time next year, she will be burnt out, and no-one will want her. So I hope she saves all the money she is making now.

Bluntness100 Sat 25-Mar-17 20:19:34

She's just cashing in whilst she can. Fair play to her. I'd mentally wish her well. Her career may well be limited.

Marmalade85 Sat 25-Mar-17 20:19:37

I was only aware of her when I was on mat leave. Now I'm back at work I don't hear anything.

honeyroar Sat 25-Mar-17 20:20:15

She was fine on Gogglebox, but I had no idea why she won I'm a Celeb, and she's already got boring as a "celeb" on all these shows.

JaneJeffer Sat 25-Mar-17 20:27:11

Adam should have won I'm a Celebrity. I don't really watch many of these shows but DS2 just commented yesterday that she's on everything!

MimsyFluff Sat 25-Mar-17 20:31:38

I hated her stupidity on gogglebox she's cashing in while she can

Dontactlikeyouknowme Sat 25-Mar-17 20:32:32

I don't think she's stupid. I think she's quite clever.

StillDrivingMeBonkers Sat 25-Mar-17 20:34:27

Does your television not have an on/off button?

expatinscotland Sat 25-Mar-17 20:39:35

She looked awful when she was so thin. It really doesn't suit some people. Josie Gibson is another who looks haggard.

Tinkerbec Sat 25-Mar-17 20:40:50

When she was part of a genial Geordie family on gogglebox, I thought she was cute, and quite funny.

People from Bishop Auckland are not Geordies. Its like calling people from Maidenhead cockneys!

I agree she is everywhere though!

MuncheysMummy Sat 25-Mar-17 20:41:36

She was on a reality program before Gogglebox a few years ago about trainee beauticians!

SophieGiroux Sat 25-Mar-17 20:42:01

I prefer her on SNT to that pussycat doll last year, could not stand her!

pootlepootle Sat 25-Mar-17 20:44:21

you saying bishop auckland's geet posh?

HelloDeer Sat 25-Mar-17 20:45:12

I can't stand her! She came across as very attention seeking on I'm a Celebrity, and always managed to make every situation about her. I think the ditsy, cutesy behaviour is all an act too.

troodiedoo Sat 25-Mar-17 20:46:02

Agree. She seems like a nice girl but I'm a celeb was blatantly set up for her to win and be itvs pet.

Anyone can do OK with ant and Dec carrying the show. Can't see her doing stand alone presenting.

Rather see her than other reality dingbats on prime time though.

MaryPoppinsPenguins Sat 25-Mar-17 20:46:10

She's just cashing in while she can... I would too!

ZilphasHatpin Sat 25-Mar-17 20:49:15

Good on her. Cash in while you can I say.

^this!! There'll be another Scarlett nipping at her heels in no time (because she hasn't actually got a workable talent other than that she is likeable) and her phone will stop ringing. She's just trying to make as much money as she can while it's an option. I don't blame her.

brickinitIam Sat 25-Mar-17 20:50:27

I agree.
On Gogglebox she is hilarious.
but out in the real world?
Not so funny.

I do love her on Gogglebox though.

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