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To ask salon to put right slightly green hair

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Pollyanna9 Tue 14-Mar-17 12:07:34


DD had a colour put on at salon on Saturday. It was coloured about 12 weeks ago (reddish brown) and the previous blonde (from before the reddish brown session) had started to show through.

It's gone a bit green especially on the ends.

Is it reasonable to ask the salon to put it right at their cost? She's not even washed it once yet. It's not ever happened before because I've never had my hair bleached so I didn't know what the form is.


TitaniasCloset Tue 14-Mar-17 12:22:18

Yes I would go back there pronto and tell them the dye hasn't taken. Don't leave it too long. They might accuse you of washing the hair wrong or some such foolishness.

I have always been too shy to go back and complain but I have a friend who uses very expensive hair dressers and she has no issue going back and asking them to fix things. And they do!

Sonders Tue 14-Mar-17 12:58:22

OP I probably would wash it before going it, but take a photo before and after to see how much comes out. If they're a good salon they'll fix it.

Did your DD mention to the colourist that it had been blonde before? Although I'm not sure that'd make a difference. It is odd that adding more dark dye has made the hair lighter so something dodgy is defo going on!

Pollyanna9 Tue 14-Mar-17 14:48:31

Yes! They'd coloured it weeks ago and knew it had previously been bleached, and they could see it was growing through a bit when she went in on Sat.

I'm surprised it went greeny though as the colour before was quite a reddy brown and that red tinge normally (I understand) fights off the green lurgy when getting rid of blonde.

It was £55 as well so, it's no good if it's green! DD not impressed!!

Pollyanna9 Tue 14-Mar-17 16:57:31

Just got a voicemail from the stylist saying that she had noted that it was slightly (and it was slightly) green at the ends and she'd asked me do you need a cut. Well, we didn't really, she's got long hair and it was only cut 8-12 weeks ago... what would stylists/colourists say - would you take account of that when you were applying the colour to try and counteract it??? Should the stylist have been more insistent about a cut (but if she had been, looking where the greenyness is, it would have been about 4" off!!)?

She's saying she could apply a toner (I've had that before when I've had really red colours on my hair) and I know these can work really well. She's also commenting about the fact that (because DD is actually auburn) that the last colour was really reddy brown and it was really quite reddy, and I spoke long and hard with DD and said we're NOT going really dark because I am not getting into a situation where I need your hair stripped of colour because it's too dark (happened before due to bloody box dyes) and then you need it massively bleaching. Our aim has been to get as close to natural as we can so we talked at length with the stylist/colorist about tone etc and decided to go for a less red tone and more towards ash? Was that wrong? It's much more DDs colouring (shes v pale) but it's ended up a bit green.

If they do put a tint on, should I have to pay for it as she's clearly saying that a. the blonde was growing through and b. we didn't go as dark as last time and c. she should have had a trim....

Oh God, and I'm having my roots done with her on the weekend - she probably hates me now!!

What I don't want is to be incredibly unfair - she rents a chair from the salon so I'm sure every cut or colour is important income to her and I totally get how that is, but also if she knew it was a bit green to start with, should she have insisted on a trim and done something differently???

pilates Tue 14-Mar-17 17:09:26

Sorry, but I think you need to be firm and say you want it rectified at no additional cost to yourself. It's the very least they should do really. A professional salon shouldnt have any exception to rectifying their error.

Pollyanna9 Tue 14-Mar-17 17:14:27

Should it have occurred in the first place? Knowing the blonde was showing through and it was slightly green, should they have, what, left it on for longer, used heat????

pilates Tue 14-Mar-17 17:25:08

No, an experienced stylist would not have done that.

SuperFlyHigh Tue 14-Mar-17 17:28:14

I'd be furious with the stylist for doing this and say if it isn't put right immediately and at no cost to you I'd be getting my roots done elsewhere.

Even if she rents a chair she is running a business at the end of the day.

KungFuPandaWorksOut16 Tue 14-Mar-17 17:32:27

Hairstylist here. Yes the stylist should definitley rectify it.
She should of explained why she in her opinion recommended a trim.
This has happened too most hair stylist at some point in their career, and it's not always down to the stylist fault.

(one of my clients had told me before I bleached her hair, she hadn't put any product on her hair or recently dyed it. She seemed confused when I told her I knew she had dyed it recently after applying colour. She asked how I knew, I told her that it had a green tinge so her dying her hair must have been very recently. Turned out she had dyed her hair 2 days prior to the app!

Pollyanna9 Tue 14-Mar-17 17:46:29

Hi Kungfupanda - we've not done any home coloring or salon colouring since she had her last colour put on at this salon some weeks ago...

This is the second time this stylist has done her hair and it was really obvious that there was blonde showing through and with a slight green tinge.

If she'd explained/insisted on a trim I guess we'd have gone for it but it's also a matter of cost.

Next week my roots are being done and I'm just having the colour put on and sent out with wet hair as 'D'XH hasn't paid child maintenance for 4 months and I'm on my arse.

So really a £55 cost for something that's gone green isn't on my agenda.

Jesus, this is the second salon I've swapped to. I was with a salon I really liked until two things happened. DD at salon 1 had some subtle highlights put through, then the next time we went in for a touch up when I came back she was almost completely blonde - I couldn't believe it. This was a different salon.

I've gone through several colour changes myself (I'm fairly adventurous) and had a pixie cut summer of 2016. After a while I had enough and was growing it out. You know you get tufts on the back of your head? So I trimmed them off as I was struggling to get to the salon for a 'formal' trim. When I sat in the chair the stylist (at the other salon, not the current one) said have you been cutting your hair? I said ooh now (meaning, obviously I thought - yes! Yes I have, I've trimmed a bit at the back (fuck sakes, it's MY hair!!). Christ almighty, without saying anything to me she went off on one (facially - looked like a slapped arse because I'd dare to cut MY OWN HAIR!!). I had booked it because I knew my colour needed redoing and I had booked the time carefully as I had an interview (unsuccessful it turned out) - she was so pissed off she sent me out with the MOST appalling blow dry. I had to go home and re-do it myself. Wasn't happy and so swapped to the new salon....

Hey ho!

KungFuPandaWorksOut16 Tue 14-Mar-17 18:03:09

Oh I weren't saying you had done a colour job! It sounds like she was on notice about her hair though and that it was highly probably the colour wouldn't attach properly and the green still tinge through.

Any normal stylist would rectify without trying to charge ( I know I would )
The only way I would tell you too bugger off in this situation, was if you suddenly wanted a whole new colour, cut and extensions putting in on my dime. But you sound reasonable and just want fixing what you had paid for her too do in the first place.

Before you switch again, see how she tried to rectify it. For example whether she says she's going too charge etc smile

ButtercupChain Tue 14-Mar-17 18:06:46

Can you post a pic of how it looks? (Don't have to post the face; just from the back.)

Pollyanna9 Tue 14-Mar-17 18:20:43

She's out at the minute so difficult to get a shot Buttercup.

Yes Kungfupanda, I'm happy with the colour, don't want anything different or a whole new style - just want it not to be green really!!

I'm hoping she'll offer a tint at her cost...

I just feel slightly bad just because she did mention it was better next time not to leave it so long so there's so much blonde showing, but fairly, when DD had it done last time, no one said "You must be back in in 6 / 8 / 12 weeks or the next colour won't take".

KungFuPandaWorksOut16 Tue 14-Mar-17 18:53:06

You shouldn't feel bad, it's her job to give you after care aswell. Whether you choose to follow the instructions isn't up too her. Sounds innocent though on her part hoping she will sort it out on her cost though!

Pollyanna9 Tue 14-Mar-17 19:12:25

I can't say we had any particular aftercare instructions and DD hasn't even washed it since - it's just progressed to khaki coloured at the ends confused.

Pollyanna9 Fri 05-May-17 20:23:30

Well I'm surprised, but I've got to write a Part 2 to this original post!

We did indeed go back with the agreement that the stylist would kindly re-do the colour and not at my cost. I was having my hair done at the other side of the salon, DD having hers done near the front. Mine was finished first and when I went over I thought the colour looked a bit different to what we'd agreed the last time we'd been in. The reason for that specific colour choice was that it was as near to her natural colour as we could get; we didn't want to go down the dark route as we'd thankfully managed to leave that real excessively dark colour behind and were able to move onto lighter colours.

The stylist says breezily to me "Oh, I put a darker colour on to make sure it didn't go green again" !!!! Then, she cut it. DD didn't really want it cut but was V V brave and said take 2 inches off - well she took a lot more and I'll show you in a bit how that turned out. What I believe motivated both these actions was because she wasn't charging for it and didn't want there to be any chance of it going green again so get it done and get us out the door not to need to return again for a further free treatment.

I've got an appointment at a reallly good salon tomorrow and for all the (I think about three) colour correcting processes that she's got to go through, I have to pay out £150 for DDs hair.

My question is, the salon must carry insurance - if I send a copy of these pics and a letter from tomorrow's salon about the issues they found and confirming the diabolical hair cutting, would it be reasonable to ask them to pay some or all of that £150? We are having to pay to put right actual damage to her hair (from the cut) and multiple processes to rectify the green (which by the way came through a second time despite them putting the darker colour on).

What do you think to this for hair cutting (I've done it better myself at home in the past!):

peripericardium Fri 05-May-17 20:30:12

Why is it all jagged and different lengths? Was it supposed to be?

Pollyanna9 Fri 05-May-17 20:45:09

That's how it was cut!! When you see it from the back it's not even straight - it's about an inch longer on the left hand side than the right! No, it absolutely isn't meant to be like this. These photos just really brought home how absolutely AWFUL the cutting was. I was staggered when she sent these through to me today to show me what is looks like when she has her hair forward over the front of her shoulders. Couldn't believe hot dreadful it is. It's really bad.

Maudlinmaud Fri 05-May-17 20:50:12

So when did they redo the colour and cut it? 15 of march?

lorelairoryemily Fri 05-May-17 21:01:20

Holy moly that's a shocking haircut!! I'm a hairdresser. I think if I were you I wild approach the girl who chewed cut and coloured it and tell her you'll have to pay to get it fixed and you want her to cover the cost. I'm not sure her insurance would do anything unless you actually try to sue her.

lorelairoryemily Fri 05-May-17 21:01:44

Would not wild!!

Pollyanna9 Fri 05-May-17 21:17:39

It was the 11th or the 18th of March, I can't remember exactly Maudlinmaud.

God lorelairoryemily, I really don't want to have to go back and have all the hoo-har.... don't make me go back!!

lorelairoryemily Sat 06-May-17 09:27:03

I feel your pain prolly but I honestly tho k you'll get further that way. Call in to talk to her, she so t want other clients to hear so she'll have to do something for you

lorelairoryemily Sat 06-May-17 09:28:12

If I or one of my staff did something like that I'd fall over myself to sort it out for the client

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