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To ask when yours slept through the night?

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blue2014 Fri 27-Jan-17 05:29:09

And did you sleep train?

First DS is 7 weeks so not expecting better sleep just yet but I've become obsessed with the sleep board which terrines me. Is bad sleep the norm or can you give me hope? grin

WomanScorned Fri 27-Jan-17 05:43:18

The main topic at baby groups seemed to be how much sleep everyone had (not!) had. When I found myself becoming obsessed with the lack of sleep, I made a conscious decision to stop expecting it. Then I stopped even hoping, so then when I did get a good block of sleep, I considered it a bonus and convinced myself I felt refreshed!

Seriously, though, I just got used to it, and now I can even look back fondly on those sleepy night time feeds and cuddles.

You might be lucky, though, and have a 'good' sleeper - 7 weeks is too early to tell. Congratulations on your new little bundle flowers

Eeffy Fri 27-Jan-17 05:44:51

11 months and no sign of it lconfused

celeryeater Fri 27-Jan-17 05:46:32

I would like to know this to! My 8 month old still wakes every two hours, not that I want to scare you grin

Florin Fri 27-Jan-17 05:48:30

10 weeks and then only woke up in the night maybe 3 or 4 times in his entire first year. Think we were just lucky but I was very grateful as I need my sleep!

isthistoonosy Fri 27-Jan-17 05:49:44

Dc1 at 2 months he dropped the 2am feed so was then sleeping 11pn to 5am, 5 am feed and back down until 730,ish. He did have an 18 month regression which we solved by dripping a nap, eventually.
Dc2 always woke at 4am/430 for the day, just turned two and still does. Her sleep and feeds.were.generally more erratic and I think the last round of frequent night waking's were at around a yr when she learnt to walk.

Bibblewanda Fri 27-Jan-17 05:52:10

He's 10.5 months and still wakes once, generally around 5am for some milk which is fine.

Yes we did sleep train, at 6.5 months as he was still waking 2 hourly and taking ages to get down at night. Best thing we ever did - goes to sleep happily on his own in the cot consistently and generally sleeps really well.

He is going through a sleep regression at the moment so we are having a spate of unsettled nights but essentially he is a good sleeper I think.

Bibblewanda Fri 27-Jan-17 05:53:27

I think best thing is not to have any expectations. And don't compare your baby to other babies!! So many things disrupt sleep the first year anyway - teething, colds, illness, sleep regressions, leaps...

chutneypig Fri 27-Jan-17 05:55:06

DS was sleeping for long stretches, say six hours around 6-7 weeks. DD still took an extra feed so was a few weeks behind, but they were both sleeping 9 till 5/6 ish by 12 weeks, fairly consistently. DD was a fair bit smaller (3.5 lb) and DS was a big baby and took fewer longer feeds.

I should add they're twins, I wasn't keeping massive journals and comparing them!

HmmHaa Fri 27-Jan-17 05:55:12

2.6 and still waiting!
My body and lifestyle have adjusted to it. But don't worry, she sleeps for large chunks at a time, so nowhere near the wakings of a tiny baby.
You'll get through, just accept that sleep is a different expectation now...

MTB1003 Fri 27-Jan-17 06:00:42

From 4 months, but wakes up at 10pm and 4:30-5am so a good stretch. However for us the change was co-sleeping. As soon as he started sleeping in with us he has been sleeping through confusedeven though I have that chicco co sleeper

Juanbablo Fri 27-Jan-17 06:01:59

Ds1 started to sleep through at about 3 months then went through the 4 month sleep regression which I had no idea about, handled it wrongly and he didn't sleep through again until 13 months. That all went to shit about 18 months again and didn't sleep through again until he was about 7.

Dd slept through from 6 months and has always been a fab sleeper.

Ds2 started sleeping through sporadically from around 12 months but he's not reliable now at almost 3, he still often wakes and gets in our bed.

PenelopeFlintstone Fri 27-Jan-17 06:02:07

Both 6 weeks. One of them woke at 5am but my husband is an early riser and that's his get up time anyway.

DorotheaHomeAlone Fri 27-Jan-17 06:19:09

Both mine had gradually improving sleep from birth to around 4 months then deteriorated as the regression hit. DC1 was waking almost hourly at 7 months so I sleep trained and she's been great (bar teething or sickness) ever since. Second I made more effort to put down awake from the start so his regression wasn't as bad but I sleep trained st 6 months and he also sleeps through (though up for the day at 5.30).

Bringbackpublicfloggings Fri 27-Jan-17 06:33:45

Ds is 1y 7m and still waiting.

beargrass Fri 27-Jan-17 06:41:38

After we dropped the 2am feed, she would sleep through but need dummy back sometimes - around 4am

4mth sleep regression hit but just kept giving her the dummy back.

Illnesses have caused some night waking.

But when I look back, I think we did sleep train. 10pm feed done with no talking, and no talking when she woke needing dummy etc. Swaddle, white noise, darkness and so on. But babies don't know initially how to feed and you help them with that. So I'm not sure why the advice of the establishment is so anti sleep training.

I think in the past, women were told they had to get their babies into a routine and it was too far in favour of things being done that way. But now, the advice is not to (equally far the opposite way). I wasn't going to, as I worried about failing to achieve it but after two weeks of sleep deprivation, that's what we did. Now I know what some others are going through who didn't do what we did, and it sounds hellish. Partly you might get lucky with your baby of course but at the same time I think you have to teach them the difference between day and night. And how would having a second after not sleeping for however many years, with a child used to the world centring around them work? I've seen the results of that in other friends. One of them hasn't slept in six years! I couldn't do it, personally.

PenelopeFlintstone Fri 27-Jan-17 06:42:18

I should have added mine were both bottle fed.

HearTheThunderRoar Fri 27-Jan-17 06:44:31

3 years hmm

No wonder I didn't have a second child!

Melstarrynight Fri 27-Jan-17 06:51:22

Mine were both breast fed and slept through at 8 months and 10 months. Both very early risers now though.

duckyisback Fri 27-Jan-17 06:52:19

Ds is 2 years and 2 months and doesn't sleep through. Have been to sleep consultants and everything because he was so bad at sleeping!

Dd is 10 weeks and sleeps 9.30pm to 6.30/7am

AllTheBabies Fri 27-Jan-17 06:54:45

Dd1 3.5 years. In fact she still doesn't sleep all night without waking, she just doesn't shout for me!

Dd2 slept through for a magical period at 4 - 6 months. Then she stopped. 12 months now and she wakes once a night or so.

I'm hoping it's third time lucky for me!

Getnakedorgohome Fri 27-Jan-17 06:56:54

2 years 2 months ds suddenly went from waking 3/4 times a night and screaming most of it to sleeping 7-6ish. It's amazing. I didn't change or do anything, he was just ready.

Dd slept through the night at 3 months and at 4.5 regularly needs waking for school.

MrsNuckyThompson Fri 27-Jan-17 06:57:24

9 months for a full 6.30-6.30

The definition of through the night varies wildly and for newborns like yours 12-5 seems to count!! At 7 weeks we were probably still doing 3 feeds overnight.

It's very hard but try not to get obsessed! Overall picture is key - generally how well are they sleeping, eating etc.

MaggieRhee Fri 27-Jan-17 06:58:55

I think with young children you have to expect for some reason at least some days and there will be good periods and bad periods. Both mine first went all through the night without a feed at 14 and 12 weeks. However there are always sleep regressions, illness, teething, nightmares, toilet training etc etc that will wake them up. We are currently going through a awful sleep regression with out 18 month old which has lasted the last 2 months and are up every single night and up early. Hoping it's just a phase and she'll go back to sleeping though. Older child will often wake needed a wee, or a drink or had a bad dream etc so even though she sleeps though 90% of the time with two kids we never go an entire week without being woken at least one night. You get used to it eventually and accept it's the way it is!

StetsonsAreCool Fri 27-Jan-17 06:59:31

DD slept 8-8 from 5 weeks old - I had a massive panic the first time she did it because she hadn't woken for a feed and was quite cheerful when she (eventually) woke up after I'd been staring at her for 2 hours.

DS? He's 2.1 and has managed it a handful of times. Completely different baby and such a shock compared to first time round. Oh well, he'll move out eventually and I'll be able to catch up on sleep then winkgrin

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