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to have declined to move my car.

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risinghighinapril Mon 21-Nov-16 19:37:03

I live in a cul de sac. We don't have drive ways just residential parking at where the street ends. I came home from work and got my DD's dinner ready (she's 2.4) and sat her at her table to eat. Door gets rattled and my neighbour says "you're going to need to move your car please" I asked her if I was blocking someone in and she said no...she just wanted the parking space i used because it was closer to her house and she was going to have to park 70 yards up the street. She has a 4 year old and a 10 week old who was in a car seat. I asked her where she thought I was going to park and she said the place up the street hmm I said to her my husband wasn't home and I didn't want to leave my daughter unattended in the house (the way the street winds the house wouldn't be visible from where she expected me to park the car) she got really huffy and said I was being unreasonable that she would have to carry a car seat down the street with her baby. I apologised and said I wasn't willing to leave my daughter alone in the house. It's a rubbish street for parking - built when people didn't have cars so it cant cope with the volume that's now using the street and parked on it.

I feel bad but also a bit annoyed that she rattled my door to demand I move my car.


LillyBugg Mon 21-Nov-16 19:38:06

Not at all, it's tough. She doesn't own the space. First come, first served.

ShimmeringIce Mon 21-Nov-16 19:38:10

Best to nip that sort of thing in the bud!
Do you think she'll buy some cones?grin

GeillisTheWitch Mon 21-Nov-16 19:38:51

YANBU. She was cheeky. She could have taken her kids in in less time than it took to stand and argue with you over 70 measly yards.

Jaynebxl Mon 21-Nov-16 19:39:24

No YWNBU. I feel for the other woman. When mine were little we lived in a similar situation and it used to drive me mad I couldn't park outside our house sometimes when I was taking our two littlies in but at the end of the day that's the downside of a house with no off road parking. I'd never have dreamt of asking anyone to move for me.

MistresssIggi Mon 21-Nov-16 19:39:43

How odd.
You could have offered to help by letting her drop the children off with you while she parks her car i suppose. I'm thinking of going out to ask a neighbour to move as I fancy the spot next to my garden. I suspect the reply wouldn't be as polite as yours OP!

NeighTrumpSnort Mon 21-Nov-16 19:40:19

YANBU. Her issues with the children and parking don't out trump your's.

ShowMePotatoSalad Mon 21-Nov-16 19:41:39

YANBU. There are no designated parking spaces for individuals and it's first come, first served. It's a shame that parking isn't great round your way but you're both in the same boat and she should have understood. Also, demanding that you move your car is not the right way to go about things anyway.

risinghighinapril Mon 21-Nov-16 19:41:45


She didn't even give me the chance to offer anything...just raged about me not moving. TBH her attitude put my off taking the conversation ang further!

CarShare Mon 21-Nov-16 19:41:51

YWNU- what a cheek! Maybe she was having a bad day with the kids. With any luck she'll apologise for her entitled behaviour.

MoreGilmoreGirls Mon 21-Nov-16 19:42:18

She sounds very entitled! I have a toddler and a 4 month old, he's heavy to carry in his car seat. Would never dream of asking anyone to move so I can take their parking space! hmm

LBOCS2 Mon 21-Nov-16 19:42:26

Uh, no. YWNBU.

We live on a road with a single yellow line on it so the surrounding roads are also busy with parking. I wouldn't dream of telling my neighbours to move their cars just because I don't want to carry DD2's car seat quite a lot further than 70 yards.

Spadequeen Mon 21-Nov-16 19:44:26

Well done op. I'm all for helpful my people out when I can but her attitude stinks and I can see why you didn't.

Spadequeen Mon 21-Nov-16 19:44:56

Helping not helpful my. Bloody fat fingers!

Rattusn Mon 21-Nov-16 19:45:17


I'm not sure why she would think this is OK to ask of you. Is she generally a reasonable person?

expatinscotland Mon 21-Nov-16 19:45:22

YANBU. Cheeky cow. Wouldn't have offered to look after her kids, either. WTAF? Not your problem.

BreatheDeep Mon 21-Nov-16 19:46:01

YANBU, she is. Where I live is all Street parking and often have to park a long way from my house. I use the pushchair if it's too far to carry the car seat. It's just the way it is.

risinghighinapril Mon 21-Nov-16 19:46:05

If my husband had been in then I'd have considered it - it would've meant walking the 70 yards tomorrow morning at 7am with a toddler, her nursery bag, my handbag and work bag mind you. Stopping to look at every leaf on the way wink

limitedperiodonly Mon 21-Nov-16 19:49:26

I wonder what's going on in their heads to make people like your neighbour think this is at all okay.

expatinscotland Mon 21-Nov-16 19:49:30

Never, ever do anything for people like this, even if your husband is home. Because you give them an inch and they will take a mile. Ignore completely. Bet she won't try it on again but if she does, no apologies. 'Nope, I won't move my car.'

PenguinsandPebbles Mon 21-Nov-16 19:52:45

It's a shame you didn't have one of these


To give her grin maybe drop a packet round in the morning

YelloDraw Mon 21-Nov-16 19:53:11

First come first served, why should you move!

BumWad Mon 21-Nov-16 19:56:16

Shit for her but first come first served!

sonjadog Mon 21-Nov-16 19:56:22

She was being unreasonable, but she may be very overstretched and sleep-deprived at the moment, so cut her some slack. I wouldn´t hold it against her in future.

thisisafakename Mon 21-Nov-16 19:56:30

what the hell is wrong with some people? How can anyone be that entitled?

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