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It's my wedding anniversary.

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goodiegoodieyumyum Sat 25-Jun-16 14:33:09

Not only has My husband bought me a nice present and flowers, we are going out with the kids to a restaurant with a children's play area. AIBU to think it would be lovely for Mumsnetters to fill Mumsnet with a bit of happiness today.

Dashie Sat 25-Jun-16 14:34:32

Congratulations! How many years have you been married?

I8toys Sat 25-Jun-16 14:34:48

Congratulations. Hope you have a wonderful family day.

Idliketobeabutterfly Sat 25-Jun-16 14:35:40

Happy aniversary

goodiegoodieyumyum Sat 25-Jun-16 14:37:11

11 years Dashie.

kslatts Sat 25-Jun-16 14:39:21

Happy Anniversary, have a lovely day

goodiegoodieyumyum Sat 25-Jun-16 15:04:58

Thank you all, I was hoping someone else might share something that has made them happy today.

KC225 Sat 25-Jun-16 15:05:55

Happy. Anniversary. He sounds like a keeper

goodiegoodieyumyum Sat 25-Jun-16 15:06:02

I bet you all thought I was going to say my DH completely forgot, one year we both did.

neonrainbow Sat 25-Jun-16 15:07:53

Aww have a lovely day smile today im going to visit family to tell them me and dh are expecting our first baby smile

MrFMercury Sat 25-Jun-16 15:08:52

Happy anniversary smile I had a very funny conversation with a taxi driver about the Euros (football) and how the Icelandic commentators might react if they beat England on Monday which made us both laugh smile

PinkFluffiUnicorn Sat 25-Jun-16 15:11:03

Congratulations that's lovely,
We are on the first day of summer holidays with kids, at home,In pjs , in the garden, ds12 made me a cuppa, ds16 got a job, all happy

icouldabeenacontender Sat 25-Jun-16 15:11:51

My teenage dd has a new friend at school. She told me today that it had been bugging her why she gets on with her so well and then said, it's because she reminds me of you mum. grin

Therealloislane Sat 25-Jun-16 15:13:46

I got hair & make up done for a work night out.

I look OK smile

RVPisnomore Sat 25-Jun-16 15:15:13

Congratulations OP.

It's also my wedding anniversary today, 7 years. DH are I are off to the cinema later.

Pinkheart5915 Sat 25-Jun-16 15:18:12

Happy Anniversary!

We are away in a cottage in Cornwall at the moment and baby ds is starting to pull himself up which is very cute to watch
<--- DH gave me a present when he brought breakfast in bed this morning.

Foslady Sat 25-Jun-16 15:29:45

I have a date tomorrow. So long as I don't mess up within the next 24 hrs. 1st date I've ever been on (fell into other relationships).

Just hoping we gel when we meet, cos on the phone we can't stop talking.

Feel like a teenager inside even though I look an old fart into the mirror because I am

HandsomeGroomGiveHerRoom Sat 25-Jun-16 15:33:57

Fos, it didn't do me any harm (my first date, at the grand old age of 40-something, is probably the love of my life) but I'd advise against drinking an entire bottle of cheap chardonnay before tomorrow's date.

How exciting though!

goodiegoodieyumyum Sat 25-Jun-16 15:37:40

Congratulations Neon that is lovely.
Happy Anniversary RVP enjoy the cinema,
Have a great night out There
Congratulations Pink, lovely ring
Icloud your daughter sounds fab

goodiegoodieyumyum Sat 25-Jun-16 15:39:01

Good luck for tomorrow Fos, how exciting.

SapphireStrange Sat 25-Jun-16 15:43:18

Congrats, OP! What a lovely idea and a lovely thread. Come back and tell us how it went and what you had for dinner!

blueturtle6 Sat 25-Jun-16 15:46:09

The sun is shining, house is tidy and prosecco in the fridge smile

fadingfast Sat 25-Jun-16 15:47:21

Congratulations and have a lovely day OP!

Today I have been on a cake decorating class and covered a cake with buttercream roses. Not entirely successfully it has to be said but it was nice to do something creative and absorbing to forget all the misery for a while smilecake.

Later I will get to eat it too grin

fadingfast Sat 25-Jun-16 15:49:56

Ta da!

icouldabeenacontender Sat 25-Jun-16 15:53:07


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