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To think that Noel Edmonds might just..

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juststoppit Thu 09-Jun-16 21:47:44

..have something there. Not all of his twaddle, but the bit about dying.

I'm not a scientist or a weirdo, but it seems to be an indisputable fact that energy can't cease to exist. And we are made from energy. Our eyes, hearts, livers, the house we live in, the toilet roll we use, the cat litter (which needs cleaning, oops) - their fundamental forms all are energy. Electrons, protons neutrons.


"Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another"

So whilst we may stop living in the traditional sense, our energy doesn't.

(I might add I'm not a hippie/druggie/troller/religious fanatic, or particularly sentimental)

Can anyone give me a point of view?

I feel daft talking about it in real life. And I think I might feel a bit dafter after posting this blush

juststoppit Thu 09-Jun-16 21:50:12

Ha ha, I missed the important bit!

Can we really die?

I hope not.

Thanks for getting this far!! smile

originalmavis Thu 09-Jun-16 21:50:48

What, the bit about cancer bring caused from negativity?

I'd love to discuss that theory with my parents... but they both had cancer. Now my grandmother, who was incredibly negative (to put it mildly) lived to a ripe old age and never did have the big C.

AngieBolen Thu 09-Jun-16 21:51:09

Our physical energy will be transferred. For example, if we are cremeated we will be "fuel" for a fire.

Isn't that was earth to earth, ashes to ashes means? confused

LineyReborn Thu 09-Jun-16 21:52:08

The thought of Noel Edmonds contributing meaningfully to the theories predicated on the laws of thermodynamics is about as realistic as my cat winning a Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

AngieBolen Thu 09-Jun-16 21:52:09

The negativity causing cancer is obviously crap.

justdontevenfuckingstart Thu 09-Jun-16 21:53:03

So it may be possible that my late nan is my toilet roll then?

TheoriginalLEM Thu 09-Jun-16 21:53:31

our atoms will always exist but we won't

AnchorDownDeepBreath Thu 09-Jun-16 21:53:51

You've romanticised the concept a bit, OP.

Your energy doesn't cease to exist. It'll be buried (and transferred to the ground) or cremated (and fuels the fire) etc.

Some people find great comfort in planting flowers on graves for this reason. It feels almost like the energy has transferred and there is some life left.

KnackeredDumpling Thu 09-Jun-16 21:54:28

I think so too. When I've had some wine I mutter a bit about the possibilities of string theory without really knowing what the hell im talking about.

I suppose the energy stored in our bodies does become other forms of energy through burial or cremation and I like to think there could perhaps be more.

PurpleDaisies Thu 09-Jun-16 21:54:48

The energy in our bodies comes from us eating food. Our cells release the energy stored up in the food. No more eating means no more energy. The heat from our corpse is transferred to the surroundings. The mass in our bodies decomposes and is used as plant food.

That's basically a gcse biology answer! As to what happens to our "souls", if you believe in them, that's a faith matter.

BranTriLlygaid Thu 09-Jun-16 21:54:56

His nonsense about negative energy causing cancer is the biggest load of wanktripe I've heard in a long time. However, it's quite possible our 'energy' doesn't die when we do. I don't believe that means we keep anything of ourselves though, who we were as people just ceases to be.

SoleBizzz Thu 09-Jun-16 21:55:12

My brain cell is hurting at LEM post!

KnackeredDumpling Thu 09-Jun-16 21:55:55

The negativity cancer bit is sheer bollocks and thoughtlessly insulting.

Egosumquisum Thu 09-Jun-16 21:56:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nancy75 Thu 09-Jun-16 21:56:50

Listening to his thoughts on cancer I think Noel should just give his gob a rest

EveryoneElsie Thu 09-Jun-16 22:00:37

Your late Nan is hopefully a toilet roll and not road grit.

I've heard the 'Lets Blame Cancer' thing many times in the last 3 decades. Usually from alternative healers.
For me, its their white magic, the hope/beleif that they wont get cancer because they dont deserve it, or bring it on themselves.

justdontevenfuckingstart Thu 09-Jun-16 22:01:13

But energy can be depleted can't it? Cannot think of the bloody name but the ferris wheel type thing with a ball bearing that drops through the buckets. That stops. So some energy is lost somewhere? Might have dreamt or made that up.

PurpleDaisies Thu 09-Jun-16 22:01:24

If anyone hasn't read about Noel's thoughts on cancer this article is a good one...

LineyReborn Thu 09-Jun-16 22:02:03

If there are an infinite number of parallel universes, in one of them Noel Edmonds's atoms will reconstitute themselves into a massive elephant turd, a streak of piss and a small silk cravat.

Egosumquisum Thu 09-Jun-16 22:02:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PurpleDaisies Thu 09-Jun-16 22:02:57

But energy can be depleted can't it?
It can be transferred to non useful forms. For example when you roll a ball it will come to rest because it's kinetic energy (the energy it has because it is moving) gets transferred to heat as it runs along the ground and through the air.

LineyReborn Thu 09-Jun-16 22:03:27

justdonteven that's the impossibility of perpetual motion. Entropy and all that.

TheoriginalLEM Thu 09-Jun-16 22:06:30

Purple that is not the same "energy". "Energy" that we take from food is all about the production of ATP after a somewhat complex cycle of chemical energy transfers within the cell, rather than the quantum energy of the atoms.

The key however lies with Entropy rather than energy if we are wanting to get to the big answers!!

juststoppit Thu 09-Jun-16 22:06:36

I didn't mean to romanticise it, but can see it came across as wishy washy clap trap. But...

Those ashes in the ground, the toilet roll, they are all made from pretty fundamental 'stuff'. Which wont go away, whatever it gets changed in to. Just like us and what we're made of.

I might have got it all wrong, and should have being doing the bloody cat litter anyway.

(I don't even get how trees can get so big and varied from tiny seeds, so I happily acknowledge my thickness!)

Thanks for replies, and apologies. I just had to get it out there!

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