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Psting in AIBU for traffic - Bristol mum and newborn have gone missing, please keep your eyes open if in bristol!

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KnitFastDieWarm Wed 03-Dec-14 12:01:00

Apologies for posting here but the Avon and Somerset police are running an urgent appeal for the safe return of Bristol mum Charlotte Bevan and her four day old baby, who have gone missing from a central Bristol maternity unit and haven't been seen for over 12 hours. PLEASE keep an eye out for her and phone the police if you see her - she's white, around 5'8, dark hair, wearing a black top, black trousers and hospital slippers or flip flops. Her baby is wrapped in a stripey blanket.

Hoping and praying for a safe return sad

firstposts Wed 03-Dec-14 12:07:31


BitchPeas Wed 03-Dec-14 12:16:31


Fx mother and baby found safe and well.

pinkie1982 Wed 03-Dec-14 13:13:47

Newest update is they have cordened off Ronald McDonald House and an ambulance has arrived there sad
Fingers crossed it's not news everyone is dreading.
I am astounded they have not sent a staff email around all of the local hospitals!

MagratsHair Wed 03-Dec-14 13:57:32

Hoping that they are both safe.

Mulligrubs Wed 03-Dec-14 14:05:30


TimelyNameChangey Wed 03-Dec-14 14:07:56

It's not looking very good OP. They've taken a bin away all sealed up and an ambulance has arrived at the building they were searching.

Mammanat222 Wed 03-Dec-14 14:08:13

Oh God, I saw this earlier and it made me go cold.

I know its hard not to jump to conclusions but you can't help it? It

Hoping all is well and they are found safe.

TimelyNameChangey Wed 03-Dec-14 14:08:40

Pinkie how do you know that they haven't sent such an email?

TimelyNameChangey Wed 03-Dec-14 14:13:31

Apparently Avon and Somerset police have said the ambulance has nothing to do with her...hope that's a good sign.

KnitFastDieWarm Wed 03-Dec-14 14:27:55

Latest tweet fromAcon and Somerset Police - "We've closed the line of enquiry on Royal Fort Road & wheelie bin in the search for missing Charlotte Bevan & 4-day-old baby. Nothing found."

Let's hope that's a chance that she and her baby will be found alive and well

Levismum Wed 03-Dec-14 15:00:55


Stripylikeatiger Wed 03-Dec-14 15:06:18

I'm not in the area but just bumping this thread, how terribly sad for everyone involved, I really hope they are found safe and as well as can be expected soon.

badfurday Wed 03-Dec-14 15:07:12

Bump, hope they are both ok.

PinkSquash Wed 03-Dec-14 15:09:33

I hope they are both found safe and well. Her partner has appealed for help, but it's been 18 or so hours hasn't it? sad

AuntieStella Wed 03-Dec-14 15:26:21


I hope whatever lies behind this can be resolved and that there is a good outcome for the family.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Wed 03-Dec-14 15:45:28

I saw this in the news earlier, fingers crossed all is well.

itiswhatitiswhatitis Wed 03-Dec-14 15:58:59

Reports have said she does suffer from schizophrenia so it's possible the poor woman is in an extremely confused state. given her mental health issues and the fact she has been in hospital for four days post birth you would hope someone would have picked up on her mental state and kept her under close supervision for her own well being as well as the babies.

Pocketofsnowflakes Wed 03-Dec-14 16:01:20

Another bump

hope they are found safe and well.


KnitFastDieWarm Wed 03-Dec-14 16:04:05

Exactly itis - I have depression myself and I'm pretty sure that if I was off my medication (as many new mothers are, esp with anti-psychotics) and sleep-deprived (as all new mothers are!) I'd need to be watched carefully for my own and my baby's wellbeing. It's frightening that someone with a history of serious illness can be left to their own devices to this extent at a time when even the most mentally and physically healthy woman is feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Not blaming anyone, I just feel dreadful for her and her baby.

TimelyNameChangey Wed 03-Dec-14 16:20:02

I hope that social services weren't planning on removing her baby or anything..

EhricLovesTheBhrothers Wed 03-Dec-14 16:46:49

Do you timely? Why? I'd say there is a high probability that this was the case, but without knowing anything about the case I wouldn't want to assume this was a bad thing.

Greenkit Wed 03-Dec-14 16:55:30

AVSOM Have released CCTV of her leaving hospital

TimelyNameChangey Wed 03-Dec-14 17:12:58

Brothers Oh I just makes it sadder. sad

auntboggle Wed 03-Dec-14 17:38:08

That is what I was wondering about Timely. I do with mothers with mental health issues were offered more support instead of so often being threatened with having their babies taken away. Not saying that has happened in this case but often does.

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