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To think that £10K salary for these perks is not a 'crap' salary.

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WilburIsSomePig Wed 03-Sep-14 06:52:03

My friend has just turned down a job on these grounds. It is term time only and 5.5 hours a day.

Granted, she doesnt need to work she just wanted some extra 'Pin' money as she put it but she's hugely insulted that they would offer her that salary. I think term time jobs are so thin on the ground its not too shabby.

And yeah I know it's up to her and none of my business. smile

noisytoys Wed 03-Sep-14 06:55:33

It's a very low salary. Also is it the final salary or is it to be pro rata'd. It depends what the job is and how it fits into her future career goals but I would work less convenient hours for a better salary.

Ikeameatballs Wed 03-Sep-14 06:57:16

It really depends on the skills she needs for the job but that works out an an hourly rate of over £9/hr which isn't bad to me when there are no childcare costs.

flowery Wed 03-Sep-14 07:07:48

Depends entirely on what the job is, surely? For some jobs it might be a perfectly fair market-rate salary, for others it would be ridiculously low.

Morloth Wed 03-Sep-14 07:08:05

I wouldn't work for that little unless I desperately needed to.

whatshallwedo Wed 03-Sep-14 07:08:25

If her actual salary is £10k then I think she ibu. As you say term time jobs are very few and far between and tend to be admin positions which wouldn't necessarily come with high salaries.

She also needs to take into account the fact that she will not be working for at least 13 weeks of the year.

WilburIsSomePig Wed 03-Sep-14 07:10:43

It's a starting salary and yes will be pro rata'd. I suppose I'm just a bit hmm about her turning down this job when it has exactly what she's looking for (she says). She has three children so childcare pretty expensive. Ah well I'm probably just jealous cos it took me bloody ages to get my job!

EhricLovesTheBhrothers Wed 03-Sep-14 07:12:30

If it's her actual salary then yanbu. Presumably that's 5.5 hours x 5 x 38 weeks so that's an actual salary of £20000 for a 40 hour, 52 week job. I'm assuming she gets holiday and sick pay on top of that. If it's an unskilled or semi skilled job that's very reasonable. Even teachers start on £21000!

EhricLovesTheBhrothers Wed 03-Sep-14 07:13:52

Ok if I've read that right then it's £10kpa but she will be earning £5k. That's a lot less. In fact isn't £10k under minimum wage?

WilburIsSomePig Wed 03-Sep-14 07:21:20

She said she'd be getting about £780 a month but obv I haven't seen details etc. Ach it's up to her, it just didnt seem so awful to me, its not a teaching job or anything.

OneLittleToddleTerror Wed 03-Sep-14 07:22:53

It's £10k pro rata? I'm also thinking it's under minimum wage isn't it? And no I wouldn't take that job unless I'm desperate. And I'm not at the moment.

WilburIsSomePig Wed 03-Sep-14 07:26:51

Maybe its not pro rata then if its 780 a month, I might not have understood her correctly.

OneLittleToddleTerror Wed 03-Sep-14 07:27:11

I think you are getting your figures wrong. Using

£10k actual salary is £833 gross ap month. Surely pro rata, 5.5 hours a day, term time only can't be £780 a month?

OneLittleToddleTerror Wed 03-Sep-14 07:28:13

Yes it sounds like it's £10k actual. Which is a lot more! But fact is she doesn't need the job. Let her continue be those ladies who lunches.

lordnoobson Wed 03-Sep-14 07:28:33

wtf is pin money

greeneggsandjam Wed 03-Sep-14 07:28:43

I think it could be a really good job or really bad job depending on your circumstances. I am amazed that you get in your bank nearly £800 a month for earning £10,000 but maybe that's because hardly and tax is taken off. I suppose it would be a good job for a single parent to start off in as they would bump their money up with lots of tax credits and also a fairly good job for someone who doesn't really need the money badly but just wants to increase their monthly income.

I suppose it also depends what you are doing and if it really is only 5.5 hours a day.

OneLittleToddleTerror Wed 03-Sep-14 07:30:06

green according to the calculator the even more amazing fact is at £10k it's £813 net! It's like you say you don't pay tax at that income.

lougle Wed 03-Sep-14 07:30:41

If she was getting £780 per month for 5.5 hours per week, term time only, it would be £43 per hour. So she probably means £780 per month when she's working and none when she's not. Even still, that means she'd be getting £24 per hour.

Sounds good!

OneLittleToddleTerror Wed 03-Sep-14 07:30:53

As in it's only £20 NI deducted per month out of your gross salary.

honeysucklejasmine Wed 03-Sep-14 07:31:07

Its probably 10k once its been pro rata'd. As it were.

I used to be a Teaching Assistant. It was 12k, but after pro rata-ing it was about £700 a month.

OneLittleToddleTerror Wed 03-Sep-14 07:33:32

lunge is it really £24 ph shock

And I thought mine is good, not amazing, but good. Maybe I need her job!

whatshallwedo Wed 03-Sep-14 07:33:49

If she's getting £780 per month her salary can't be 10k pro-rata.
£780 per month for a term time job is normal for an NHS admin position where I live (not London) and there would be willing applicants.

greeneggsandjam Wed 03-Sep-14 07:34:11

That is fairly amazing OneLittleToddleterror!

lougle Wed 03-Sep-14 07:34:20

If they were pro-rating it from £10,000 having already taken term time working into account it would be £6.83 per hour. More than minimum wage.

whatshallwedo Wed 03-Sep-14 07:36:47

Surely when the op says '5
5 hours per day' she means she will be working that every day so 27.5 hours a week?

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