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For this to make me cringe

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TheFantasticFixit Sun 16-Jun-13 10:30:44

So as usual, there's a lot of status updates on FB 'to' Dads in the normal, boring vein of 'thanks for bring the best dad in the world etc etc'. Which I read and think 'eurgh' at the best of times. (send a card! say it to his face!) But goodness to gracious I've just come across a right corker:

'Thank you to my darling Fiancé on Fathers Day for loving the spirits of our future children'


pickledparsnip Sun 16-Jun-13 10:33:07


KatieScarlett2833 Sun 16-Jun-13 10:33:54

Priceless gringringringrin

Sparklingbrook Sun 16-Jun-13 10:34:23


gallicgirl Sun 16-Jun-13 10:34:53

That's his cue to run, right?

iliketea Sun 16-Jun-13 10:35:01

That made me laugh - the spirits of our future children!!! what a poncy thing to say.

Sparklingbrook Sun 16-Jun-13 10:35:23

Poor future children.

loolooskiptotheloo Sun 16-Jun-13 10:35:27

hahahaha that is fantastic grin

TheOneWithTheHair Sun 16-Jun-13 10:35:40

Hahaha! Is she 12? That made me laugh and cringe at the same time. grin

Some people take themselves so seriously.

HumphreyCobbler Sun 16-Jun-13 10:36:02


cookielove Sun 16-Jun-13 10:36:57

That is vomit inducing!!

Sadly enough i think there is a woman i know of who would post some tripe like that hmm

usualsuspect Sun 16-Jun-13 10:37:43

That status might be a bit cringy, but the rest of your post unreasonable.

Pozzled Sun 16-Jun-13 10:37:48


That is obviously a completely sarcastic piss-take of all the other soppy statuses. No one could possibly EVER post that seriously.

Could they?

usualsuspect Sun 16-Jun-13 10:38:08


lottiegarbanzo Sun 16-Jun-13 10:38:58

Ugh, I find that quite creepy. I'm afraid the concept of 'child spirits' makes me think of dead children and suggests mawkish Victorian spiritualism.

The writer hasn't thought about the possiblity of infertility, has she.

iliketea Sun 16-Jun-13 10:41:12

Maybe that's her "i'm pregnant with twins" announcement and no-one's understood it because they're all too busy laughing?

Antisecco Sun 16-Jun-13 10:41:21

Definitely one for the spreadsheet of what gets FB a bad name!

The writer hasn't thought about the possibility of infertility, has she.

I think you could end that sentence after the fourth word Lottie and it would still make perfect sense!

BillyGoatintheBuff Sun 16-Jun-13 10:43:06


Alisvolatpropiis Sun 16-Jun-13 10:43:53



comedycentral Sun 16-Jun-13 10:44:08

Good grief that is awful!

superbadspeller Sun 16-Jun-13 10:49:26

Facking heck. I'd be making hmm x 1000 at that i mean i can get soppy but wtaf? No.

TheMagicKeyCanFuckOff Sun 16-Jun-13 10:49:43



TheFantasticFixit Sun 16-Jun-13 10:50:32

Sadly she posts a lot of this type of rubbish - and lots of 'inspirational' stuff. Another recent one, about planning her wedding':

'Amazing day creating wonderment and magic for our perfect union day'

I'm not even sure that makes sense...

usualsuspect Sun 16-Jun-13 10:52:15

Why do you have someone you don't like on your FB?

JuliaScurr Sun 16-Jun-13 10:52:47

arf :D

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