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troll hunting? really?

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ParadiseChick Sat 06-Apr-13 20:43:25

They delete the thread for troll hunting?


ExcuseTypos Sat 06-Apr-13 20:44:29

I agree, it would be very nice to know if that thread was for real or not.

ckwkatie Sat 06-Apr-13 20:44:36

What if it was real though?

catgirl1976 Sat 06-Apr-13 20:45:12


That was the least of the issues on that thread

Sirzy Sat 06-Apr-13 20:45:40

To be fair troll hunting is against the rules and there was quite a bit of it on the thread BUT I think that was more wishful thinking that it was a troll than anything else!

Thurlow Sat 06-Apr-13 20:46:36

Did I miss something fun?

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Sat 06-Apr-13 20:46:53

If even half of what was in the OP on that thread was true, then anyone with an ounce of common sense or compassion would have rung Social Services straight away, rather than asking on an Internet forum.

ckwkatie Sat 06-Apr-13 20:47:38

Exactly, Sirzy. Because if not a troll...means there is a little boy out there being treated that way. Wishful thinking indeed.

BriansBrain Sat 06-Apr-13 20:47:42

What have I missed this time?

MarthasHarbour Sat 06-Apr-13 20:48:10

I really want to know that this situation was sorted out (if it was real).

However i hope to god that it was a sick joke (for all the right reasons)


ParadiseChick Sat 06-Apr-13 20:48:14

I think it's disgraceful there were serious child protection issues and they give a shit about troll hunting.


SugarMouse1 Sat 06-Apr-13 20:48:59

I can assure you it was real!

The only things I have seen with my own eyes are the food/clothes/alcohol and heard arguments. Not the drugs/ rabbit hutch/ porn.

I knew they both went to shop together for booze but I naively assumed he was at his Nan's on these occasions, now I'm not so sure.

Why is everyone flaming me? Not the HV, his Nan or the mothers' cousins/family.

quoteunquote Sat 06-Apr-13 20:49:04

someone claiming that the drug up neighbours child sleeps in a rabbit hutch.

sjupes Sat 06-Apr-13 20:49:22

What i miss?

ParadiseChick Sat 06-Apr-13 20:49:50

Fair enough pull the thread, but don't blame troll hunting

MarthasHarbour Sat 06-Apr-13 20:49:50

not fun thurlow just a really horrific story about a potential SS situation. If the OP was genuine. Lots of calls of troll, i can see why TBH but if not a troll then a fucking horrific situation sad

Ezza1 Sat 06-Apr-13 20:49:59

What exactly is troll hunting?

ExcuseTypos Sat 06-Apr-13 20:50:13

Well sugar if it is for real, as you say, you MUST phone social services.

That child is being abused.

sjupes Sat 06-Apr-13 20:50:18

Crikey. Not something i'd have read then.

catgirl1976 Sat 06-Apr-13 20:50:31

Have. you. rung. them. SugarMouse???

Sirzy Sat 06-Apr-13 20:50:35

There is nothing MNHQ can do though about the situation, they have no way of knowing who this neighbour is or tracing things at the most they may be able to trace the IP address but that doesn't give much information.

Everyone made it clear to the OP what she needed to do, it is up to her to do something unfortunatly.

ParadiseChick Sat 06-Apr-13 20:50:47

Because you're doing nothing.

MarthasHarbour Sat 06-Apr-13 20:51:01

But yes - paradise it was a poor reason to pull the thread

MarvellousYou Sat 06-Apr-13 20:51:10

I am seriously worried that there are people around that could know of serious child abuse/neglect and not report it. What happened to empathy and morals etc? One of the most concerning threads I've ever read on mumsnet.

catgirl1976 Sat 06-Apr-13 20:52:25

Have. you. rung. them. SugarMouse???

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