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to be furious

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fwa Fri 22-Jul-11 17:45:14

I had to go to a work event today (I usually don't work Fridays) and so I got my sister to babysit. I came home half an hour ago to find her absolutely hammered and my brother who she clearly brought with passed out on the floor. They've drunk 3 bottles of wine and some amaretto by the looks of it. DD has just been playing with herself in her room whilst they've been getting sloshed and goodness know what would have happened had dd had a problem.

FuzzpigFourFiveSix Fri 22-Jul-11 17:46:43

Fuck no YANBU!

JarethTheGoblinKing Fri 22-Jul-11 17:47:30

Really? shock

What did you do?

PhishFoodAddiction Fri 22-Jul-11 17:47:40

Bloody hell, no YADDNBU. shock

Andrewofgg Fri 22-Jul-11 17:48:38

Are these people adults, or at least of adult years?

CurrySpice Fri 22-Jul-11 17:48:58

Oh my lord!! shock


thefirstmrsrochester Fri 22-Jul-11 17:48:59

Thats horrendous!

fwa Fri 22-Jul-11 17:49:06

He's 18 and she's 22

Roo83 Fri 22-Jul-11 17:49:17

That is horrendous! I would be absolutely livid and never be able to trust them again. Hope your dd's ok

sleepindogz Fri 22-Jul-11 17:49:43

what ages are they all

crazynanna Fri 22-Jul-11 17:50:06

Well out of order!

NoobytheWaspSlayer Fri 22-Jul-11 17:51:12

shock shock shock

Good lord that is horrendous. I would be furious.

Have you kicked them out/bollocked them?

Andrewofgg Fri 22-Jul-11 17:52:05

No excuse for either of them, but especially for her because she was the one you asked. You won't do that again. I can only sympathise. Families, who'd have 'em?

fwa Fri 22-Jul-11 17:52:07

I "revived" my brother and kicked them out, they weren't in any state to have a proper talk about it.

fered Fri 22-Jul-11 17:58:50

I think you did well, I'd have had difficult controlling my rage. Their behaviour is beyond terrible and when they've sobered up I wouldn't be shy about telling them either

yearningforthesun Fri 22-Jul-11 17:58:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SetTheRayToJerry Fri 22-Jul-11 18:00:01

wtf?! how old is DD? And what do they have to say for themselves?!

TheBolter Fri 22-Jul-11 18:00:08

How old is your dd?

fwa Fri 22-Jul-11 18:01:08

dd is 7

SetTheRayToJerry Fri 22-Jul-11 18:01:54


Holy shit. So sorry fwa.

fwa Fri 22-Jul-11 18:04:00

From what she's told me they were alright in the morning andn they did give her lunch at 12 and then the drinking started

ChristinedePizan Fri 22-Jul-11 18:04:55


God I don't know what I'd do if I were you. What are you going to do?

I suspect this is going to be a universal YANBU.

fwa Fri 22-Jul-11 18:11:48

ChristinedePizan- I've thrown them out and I'll decide what to say/do to them tonight

IvyAndGold Fri 22-Jul-11 18:12:55

fwa YADNBU!! this is just shocking, who in their right mind thinks that would be ok?!

I hate hearing about young people doing this when they have DC in their charge. I have enough trouble with other people's 'young mum syndrome', without a pair of jokers like these fueling it angry

TherapeuticVino Fri 22-Jul-11 18:20:17

Much as I would completely and utterly bollock both of them, I think you should really lay it on your sister - your brother was just an idiot "friend" but SHE accepted the responsibility of babysitting..... I am so sorry I would just be going mental. At least your little girl is ok - probably a nice time to discuss expectations and why you're furious with them and proud of her for being sensible this afternoon.....

YA obviously NBA

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