so,,,,, is tom cruise gay or not?

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LiffeyMermaid Tue 13-Jan-09 16:43:08


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compo Tue 13-Jan-09 16:43:38

no he's not

<how the heck should I know>

MrsMattie Tue 13-Jan-09 16:44:32

My personal opinion? Fruity in denial.

cornsilk Tue 13-Jan-09 16:44:46

Asexual I'd say. Like Morrissey.

TsarChasm Tue 13-Jan-09 16:45:13

Gawd knows but if he jumped on my sofa he'd get told off.

LiffeyMermaid Tue 13-Jan-09 16:46:03

Anybody here a friend of a friend of a solicitor who was on a top secret case to quosh rumours reaching the newspapers..... for example????????

But.. I have an open mind

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merlin Tue 13-Jan-09 16:46:03

Yes - George Clooney is his secret love.


LiffeyMermaid Tue 13-Jan-09 16:47:02

ha ha tsar, that was so embarrassing. Poor Kitkat, she must spend so much of her life being embarrassed.

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cornsilk Tue 13-Jan-09 16:50:26

She has to wear flats as well poor love.

littleboyblue Tue 13-Jan-09 16:54:25

This is why I'm on my own....... Someone else also started a TC thread, right, well I'll just join this one then grin
I wouldn't be suprised if he was at all.

Bucharest Tue 13-Jan-09 17:05:43

Gay- probably
Mental- definitely
In answer to question on other thread, Nic married him because at the time she was starring in dodgy Ozzie telly films and needed an in. (acording to friend with well connected sister)

HecateQueenOfGhosts Tue 13-Jan-09 17:06:38

haven't got a clue. Which works out well, cos I couldn't give a shit. grin

littleboyblue Tue 13-Jan-09 17:07:10

That's what I said Bucharest he was established, she was not, much like Katie

TonyAlmeida Tue 13-Jan-09 17:07:54

this is a great song that mentions it

bananapaddlepop Tue 13-Jan-09 17:08:59

is the main reason people think he's a mentalist because of the scientology?

Bucharest Tue 13-Jan-09 17:09:07

LBB - was answering q on kerrymum's thread, hadn't seen t'other one....but yup, that's what it was....don't think Katie's star is going to be ascending much though- at least Nic can act and do the Meryl Streep accent thing.

I did love him in Top Gun though. (I was young and liked the fact that Kelly Mc wasn't thin and he still fancied her)

TheyCallMeStacey Tue 13-Jan-09 17:12:17

My guess is yes - there is something so weird about the TomKat marriage. Before they were married they would constantly grin at each other in public, do you remember how he used to kind of lean her back and kiss her? Gawd, so mortifying for her. Now she just looks knackered and miserable.

Kathyis6incheshigh Tue 13-Jan-09 17:13:08

His relationship with Nicole was even less convincing. Glad she's got her baby now though.

AlistairSim Tue 13-Jan-09 17:14:52

My inside source says, oh hell yes!

littleboyblue Tue 13-Jan-09 17:16:15

banana For me it's not really the fact that he is a scientologist, because so is John Travolta and I don't think he's a wierdo, it's how TC goes on and on and on about it, or maybe he doesn't but that's how it feels....

NimChimpsky Tue 13-Jan-09 17:18:34

I've attempted to summon up the energy to express an opinion either way and to care about it.

I have failed.

marmon Tue 13-Jan-09 17:28:32

Does anyone think Nicole Kidman really was pregnant and gave birth to that baby? Perez Hilton hinted at something a few months back that she was adopting, i must admit it did look suspicious. She never really showed, then she seemed to cough and it was out and her stomach is like a washboard within 5 mins, very odd. With regards to Tom Cruise i have heard from an old friend who used to interview people in Hollywood for a magazine many years ago that Tom Cruise is gay and he has what they call "lavender marriages" allegedly, this used to be quite common in the 1950s for actors e.g Rock Hudson, Cary Grant etc. Who knows.

CharleeinChains Tue 13-Jan-09 17:30:28

Asexual deffo - i bet he is like a Ken doll just with nothing 'down below' or possible a robot or alien. Deffo not human. grin

bluebump Tue 13-Jan-09 18:22:08

Yes Marmon, there were rumours that her sister was her surrogate as she suddenly wasn't seen around much or something.

My old neighbour's sister married Cary Grant and I always thought he was gay so was always hmm as it seemed to be her claim to fame.

puffling Tue 13-Jan-09 18:25:32

There are stacks of websites on this topic.

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