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ShuddaBeenMe Wed 13-Oct-21 12:59:22

We want to celebrate a few occasions we've missed with a family meal in London.

It's for adult early twenties DCs, DH and I and MIL.

We don't mind splashing a bit but would rather not go too crazy, looking for a place we will feel welcome (mil doesn't like too posh) but also maybe a bit of fun/ novelty.

It'll be a Saturday early evening if that makes a difference.

Can anyone recommend somewhere please?

Any cuisine except Indian as one of us (guess who wink) doesn't like it.

Thank you

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ShuddaBeenMe Wed 13-Oct-21 13:12:11

Forgot to say anywhere central is good, we haven't booked a hotel yet but will do when we pick the restaurant.

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ShuddaBeenMe Wed 13-Oct-21 14:09:34

Anyone? Thank you

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TrueRefuge Wed 13-Oct-21 14:10:47

I haven't been, but everyone raves about Sushisamba, which is high up in a tower and so has great views. That would hit your novelty point I think. I do think is a bit dear, but not exclusive; I'm sure you'd feel welcome.

I've also heard good things about Burger and Lobster, but again I've never been as I'm veggie (but do know a good few people who have been and all have raved about how good it is!)

Personal recommendations would be Caravan (there are a couple of branches) or Tapas Brindisa (again, a few different sites to choose from); these are both special, amazing food and really laid-back atmospheres.

Enjoy your trip and celebrations!

IntermittentParps Wed 13-Oct-21 14:14:10

I think Brasserie Zedel is meant to be nice. Lovely looking but relaxed atmosphere.

Rummikubfan Wed 13-Oct-21 14:16:23

The Wolseley or The Delaunay tick all your boxes. Good food, buzzy, not too expensive and good for a celebrity spot

Miliao Wed 13-Oct-21 14:27:14

The Wolseley would be perfect. Great grand cafe style, not stuffy, and they do all the food your MIL would like! Or the Ivy, they also do classics such as shepherds pie, but go to the proper one not the off-shoots.


ShuddaBeenMe Wed 13-Oct-21 16:15:34

Thank you. She suggested The Ivy but I read on here it's not good anymore.

I'll check them all out, thanks.

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midsomermurderess Wed 13-Oct-21 16:26:33

I like Yalla Yalla for Lebanese food. There's one off Oxford St and a tiny one in Soho. But if one of you dorsn't like Indian food, maybe this would not suit either.

Ricekrispie22 Wed 13-Oct-21 16:48:44

Circolo Popolare

gogohm Wed 13-Oct-21 16:50:50

Download The Fork app - you can see availability and deals

roses2 Wed 13-Oct-21 16:51:01


I think Brasserie Zedel is meant to be nice. Lovely looking but relaxed atmosphere.

Your MIL would love this - it is supposed to have a lovely atmosphere

Definitely not The Ivy - overpriced and poor quality

plk323 Wed 13-Oct-21 16:55:23

Another vote for the Wolseley.

I like the food at the Ivy Cafes (rather the Ivy proper), I'm still salivating over the white onion soup I had there last week. There's Ivy Cafes all over, I've eaten in the ones at Tower Bridge, St John's Wood, the City and Marylebone (last one is quite loud as the tables are near each other).

Perhaps more on the stuffy side but afternoon tea at The Landmark by Marylebone Station is lovely.

ShuddaBeenMe Wed 13-Oct-21 16:56:37

Thanks. I've send her a couple of links.

I love all types of food. This is making me starving grin

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VienneseWhirligig Wed 13-Oct-21 16:59:44

If you want novelty but good, I'd recommend the Munich Cricket Club. It's a traditional German restaurant bierkeller, really fun and the food is fabulous.

stclair Wed 13-Oct-21 17:42:51
Loved it when went here. Israeli food and the cocktails were delicious. In a garden setting outside the church with different seating areas.

AlfonsoTheDinosaur Wed 13-Oct-21 17:56:07


I think Brasserie Zedel is meant to be nice. Lovely looking but relaxed atmosphere.

I was going to suggest that place.

Drywhitefruitycidergin Wed 13-Oct-21 18:01:32

I love Brasserie Zedel, great choice. The bar is great too for pre/post dinner cocktails.
If you are meat eaters I would recommend Blacklock there are a few dotted around.

ShuddaBeenMe Wed 13-Oct-21 18:14:47

There's almost too much choice!

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ShuddaBeenMe Wed 13-Oct-21 19:11:42

MIL has apparently been to the Wolseley at Bicester village and said it was nice for lunch but she'd like something different for dinner.

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Chihuahuacat Wed 13-Oct-21 19:15:10

Bob bob ricard is great - decked out like the orient express and food is a crowd pleaser, schnitzels, pies etc

TheVeryHungryTortoise Wed 13-Oct-21 19:24:50

Dishoom is always a treat but feels very friendly/not stuffy.

MamaPriory Wed 13-Oct-21 19:29:25

German gymnasium

KatesMott Wed 13-Oct-21 19:44:03

Quaglinos is a bit of a constant classic in an impressive venue and often has live music too

Balthazar is a little like the Wolseley in terms of French brassiere type food

A personal go to over the years has been Coq D’Argent, fabulous views from the rooftop and decent not overly pricey food for the location (often have a 2/3 course type special on dependent on time/day)

KitchenKrisis Wed 13-Oct-21 19:45:16

Quriky, Instagram?

Park View.. Apparently a discreet batman vibe?


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