My Dyson Airwrap arrived today

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MrsJBradders Tue 05-Jan-21 14:21:23

Not gonna lie, quite excited to try it, thought I'd treat myself for Xmas and tbh least can have amazing hair whilst can't get to hairdressers till god knows when

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MrsPerfect12 Tue 05-Jan-21 15:34:44

I love mine. I'm on a Facebook page Dyson Airwrap U.K or something like than. That might give you hints and tips. You'll need good products to help with the hold of the curl.

ParadiseLaundry Tue 05-Jan-21 21:15:04

Have you used it yet? Can we see? I need to live vicariously through your lovely groomed hair as mine is dreadful at the minute!

ChristmasSexyTime Tue 05-Jan-21 21:18:30

We are going to need before and after pics OP.

TheWelshposter Tue 05-Jan-21 21:43:51

I need to know if this is worth the price tag...have been eyeing them for ages but can't justify it yet.

HedgieHog Tue 05-Jan-21 21:46:13

I love mine, didn’t know about the fb group so thanks
My only issue is the curls drop out my hair but that’s not a dyson thing it happens with most curls (especially those done with hair straighteners) so I need to experiment with mousse which I’ve been recommended to use

Hobis Thu 07-Jan-21 07:08:05

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torquewench Thu 07-Jan-21 07:23:25

I sent mine back. The barrels were a load of faff and I get better results with my £50 old faithful big barrel tongs. The brushes just made my hair staticky and didnt give any better results than a normal round brush All told, my hair felt worse for using this. As for heat damage, Ive been blowdrying, crimping, straightening, curling and colouring my hair for the best part of 40 years and it noticeably looked and felt the worst it ever has after using this. I was gutted cos I love my Dyson hairdryer and wanted to love this but it was no better than anything I already own.

GuineaWig Thu 07-Jan-21 07:25:36

I love my air wrap and get fantastic results that last all day. Enjoy it! 😌

Tiltedclone Thu 07-Jan-21 07:33:11

I bought one during the first lockdown and still haven’t quite got the hang of it 🙈 I have really thick hair and little patience though lol. I do love the hairdryer and brush attachment though. I just need to learn how to use the curling attachments so I’m going to join th FB group a previous poster mentioned.

Good luck!

Tier10 Thu 07-Jan-21 08:15:18

I got the Dyson hairdryer for Christmas and it’s pretty good. I also got my first GHDs snd I’m really impressed with them.
However the most life changing thing ever if you want curls are these. It takes 7 minutes to do curls and I have bra strap length hair, the curls don’t drop at all.

torquewench Fri 08-Jan-21 07:31:00

OP, what do you yhink of it?

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