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How do I save a pdf on my ipad?

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Twospaniels Tue 21-Jul-20 14:09:58

I’ve bought a crochet pattern from etsy and can download it as a pdf from the email I was sent.
But every time I leave my ipad it disappears and I have to download it again.
How or where do I save it, or will I have to print it out?
I tried book marking it but that then just takes me to the etsy homepage.

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Fanthorpe Tue 21-Jul-20 14:14:50

Open the PDF, tap the share button on the bottom of your screen (box with an arrow pointing from the top) and it should give you options about where to save it to.

SoupDragon Tue 21-Jul-20 14:15:03

What do you open the PDF with?

Twospaniels Tue 21-Jul-20 14:16:18

It does give me options but none of them seem to ‘hold’ onto it IYSWIM

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SoupDragon Tue 21-Jul-20 14:16:27

I have a free app called Foxit PDF to keep all my PDF patterns sorted. I can draw all over them with the "comment" option which is useful.

billyt Tue 21-Jul-20 14:16:53

You should have the option to save it to your books library as a PDF. Open the pdf and at the bottom should be the 'box with the arrow out of the top'. swipe across the middle line to books and it should be in there.

Twospaniels Tue 21-Jul-20 14:16:59

I don’t know. I just click ‘download pdf’ and it opens it up

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SpartacusAutisticus Tue 21-Jul-20 14:17:10

Save it to iBooks

billyt Tue 21-Jul-20 14:17:27

Sorry, SELECT books and it should be in there

SoupDragon Tue 21-Jul-20 14:19:29

If you click the "share" icon there is the option to "save to files" as well as iBooks etc.

Twospaniels Tue 21-Jul-20 14:19:45

Thank you so much. That seems to have worked. 💐 for you

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