Are you a 'shoes on' or a 'shoes off' household?

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chocolatesaltyballs22 Tue 26-Nov-19 08:46:05

We are strictly shoes off. We walk around in bare feet and I hate the thought of walking in outside dirt all over the house. MIL is coming to stay this weekend. She hates having to take her shoes off and there's this alwau this awkward moment at the front door when I ask her to take her shoes off (even though everyone else is doing so, so she should really just follow suit). She believes that floors should be hoovered/mopped every day anyway so why does it matter.....oh if only I had the time to clean every day - my cleaner does it once a week and that's it!

So I was just wondering if I was a bit OCD or if this is the norm?

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donotknowhownottomind Tue 26-Nov-19 08:49:30

We are shoes off but if it is someone I don’t know very well I definitely let it pass. Could your MIL wear slippers.

You are definitely not a bit OCD - my dd has OCD and it is nothing like this.

donotknowhownottomind Tue 26-Nov-19 08:50:37

I don’t definitely let it pass, not sure why I said that, I sometimes let it pass.

Autumntoowet Tue 26-Nov-19 08:51:04

Shoes off!!!
I don’t ask visitors to take them off unless they visit.
But SIL does piss me off as she lets her DCs coming in with muddy boots. I think that is very rude but... entitled.

StarbucksSmarterSister Tue 26-Nov-19 08:56:12

Off. Apart from the potential muck, why on earth do people want to wear shoes in the house?

tabulahrasa Tue 26-Nov-19 08:57:48

Well I don’t wear shoes in my house, but I don’t make other people take them off because it’s got nothing to do with dirt, I just don’t wander about my own house with shoes on.

I also don’t go back if someone makes me take mine off at theirs tbh, I’ll do it myself if im wet or muddy, but barring that I don’t want to.

Also “a bit OCD” isn’t a thing, and not ok to use tbh.

latulipe Tue 26-Nov-19 08:57:47

Shoes off.


NotwhereIshouldbe Tue 26-Nov-19 08:58:38

Shoes off! Only because we walk the dog and don’t want to traipse mud into the house. There was an article that looked into what bacteria was found on people’s shoes if that’s an incentive to get you MIL to take hers off when she visits

OrlandoTheMarmaladeCat Tue 26-Nov-19 09:05:00

Shoes on. Wouldn't dream of asking anyone to take their shoes off. People know if their shoes are muddy etc so then they take them off but otherwise they stay on.

wendz86 Tue 26-Nov-19 09:06:45

Shoes off but don’t mind if other people keep theirs on downstairs . Not too keen when they stomp up the cream carpet on the stairs in shoes though .

MaButterface Tue 26-Nov-19 09:07:31

Shoes off. Shoes on is disgusting. The poo, spit, god knows what else...

ChilliMum Tue 26-Nov-19 09:07:58

Shoes on, we have a dog and she walks in all sorts on the bottom of her feet, with the kids and a big garden we are coming and going all day through the back door. I used to try and clean the dogs paws multiple times a day with a towel at the back door but they have a strange velcro property that only releases on my tiled floor grin so I gave up.

The whole of my downstairs is tiled though so it's a quick job after dinner to sweep and mop.

We are shoes off upstairs though I draw the line there.

areyouafraidofthedark Tue 26-Nov-19 09:08:45

Shoes off. First thing my kids do is take their shoes off so use to it now.

Insomniacscientist Tue 26-Nov-19 09:08:53

Could you get a pair of slippers for mil or get her to bring her own? My mil is also vocal about how ridiculous it is to need to take shoes off in people’s houses

MrsFoxPlus4Again Tue 26-Nov-19 09:08:58

Off, I have inside crocs I hate bring barefoot lol

Mummyshark2018 Tue 26-Nov-19 09:09:24

Shoes off, but I'm not particularly militant and will wear shoes in the house if I'm getting ready for a night out. I also don't always make guests, especially if they're only popping in. We don't have carpets downstairs though so easy to clean.

isabellerossignol Tue 26-Nov-19 09:11:31

I was brought up being taught that it was incredibly bad manners to not wear shoes. I was never allowed to walk round at home on my bare feet or socks, so I hate all the 'it's such bad manners' arguments.

I don't know anyone who doesn't allow shoes indoors, so I definitely don't take them off automatically. But if someone wants me to, of course I'd do it. Because it would be rude not to.

Pilot12 Tue 26-Nov-19 09:12:06

Shoes off, slippers on! We don't do bare feet either.

Houseworkavoider Tue 26-Nov-19 09:13:25

Shoes on downstairs.
All slate floors but with cats and dogs in and out there’s often muddy paw prints!

bluebluezoo Tue 26-Nov-19 09:15:50

This pops up very regularly.

I am shoes off. For all the reasons of traipsing muck etc but also because I simply don’t like wearing shoes.

Dh was shoes on when he met me. His ex was a hygiene nut and hated the idea of feet and feet germs touching her floors. (Why feet are worse than outdoor shoe soles i don’t know)

dh used to see things her way because his feet stank and he got continual fungal and bacterial infections. At first he was embarrassed to take his shoes off and didn’t like it but after a couple of weeks he realised the smell and infections were because he was wearing shoes 18 hours a day. No stinky feet any more.

TabbyMumz Tue 26-Nov-19 09:16:10

Shoes on. Must be so annoying taking shoes off all the time. We just walk straight in. You can always wipe your shoes at the door if you think they are muddy. Carpets can be hovered and wooden floors wiped.

GiveHerHellFromUs Tue 26-Nov-19 09:16:13

OFF! And workmen can put those shower caps on their boots because I have cream carpets!

We always wear socks as well, though.

Limpshade Tue 26-Nov-19 09:19:02

Have always been shoes off but tell visitors they don't need to take their shoes off - I'd rather they feel comfortable.

I now live in a part of Asia where it's considered very rude to keep your shoes on so no one would dream of keeping them on even if I said they could!

PenelopeFlintstone Tue 26-Nov-19 09:19:14

We all kick our shoes off at different points in the house and are mostly barefoot.
However, I would never ask a visitor to remove their shoes because I think it’s very rude to do so.

IWantToBeNynaeve Tue 26-Nov-19 09:20:48

We are shoes off but I never ask adult visitors to remove their shoes, not everyone is comfortable with that. I do ask kids because their shoes tend to be more likely to be mucky than adults and also because they're more likely to be going upstairs where there's carpet. My mil always brings her slippers and changes but that's because she does the same at home, not because I've asked her or anything. We have wooden floors and tiles downstairs so they're easy to mop over once visitors are gone if needs be.

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