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What did your child do for Duke of Edinburgh volunteering please!

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somebrightmorning Fri 08-Nov-19 20:34:36

We are stuck!

SweepTheHalls Fri 08-Nov-19 20:35:38

Park run?

0ellenbrody0 Fri 08-Nov-19 20:37:03

BOth my 2 did parkrun for bronze and silver.

somebrightmorning Fri 08-Nov-19 20:37:33

Volunteer at Parkrun?
Or run?

dorkingchicken Fri 08-Nov-19 20:38:21

One helped with younger kids football training and the other volunteered at oxfam.

mumsiedarlingrevolta Fri 08-Nov-19 20:39:17

DD helped at Rainbows-Absolutely loved it and carried on for an extra year. Most are desperate for help. A really lovely voluntary thing to do.

She also got loads of babysitting jobs off the back of it

WaningGibbous Fri 08-Nov-19 20:40:33

Church youth club and primary school after school activity club.

bloodywhitecat Fri 08-Nov-19 20:41:06

Coached younger swimmers at swimming club.

EvaHarknessRose Fri 08-Nov-19 20:42:06

Helped at Brownies
Helped coach younger kids football
Worked in a community shop

ineedaholidaynow Fri 08-Nov-19 20:42:27

Young leader for Scout group

BramblyHedge Fri 08-Nov-19 20:43:02

Mine is doing national trust (walking distance from our house)

BigGapMum Fri 08-Nov-19 20:45:15

Our local library has DoE volunteers.

ShiningTor Fri 08-Nov-19 20:46:25

Helping at guides and local athletics club.

exLtEveDallas Fri 08-Nov-19 20:48:32

Dug over and replanted the elderly neighbours garden.

HuckfromScandal Fri 08-Nov-19 20:48:40

Number one child worked in a charity shop
Second child worked in a hospital cafe and then volunteered at beavers.

We love volunteers at parkrun, but can I just add, that it needs to be consistent and they can’t call off at the last minute, we have had some excellent DOE volunteers at parkrun, and some horrendous ones.
(Also - get your child to email in etc, it’s about building responsibility, and that doesn’t come from mum or dad doing it all for them).

Avihoot Fri 08-Nov-19 20:49:05

One cleaned at the school (they used to employ sixth formers as cleaners and a lot of D of E ers volunteered as a way of getting on the waiting list for paid employment). The other helped out the art department at school by cleaning art equipment once a week.

UrsulaPandress Fri 08-Nov-19 20:51:23

Rainbows. She was in Guides so it was an easy call but she did it for years and loved it.

PotteringAlong Fri 08-Nov-19 20:52:11

Volunteered at park run

backspace Fri 08-Nov-19 20:58:24

My son helped at his football club's soccer school. Your local library might be an option. Or after school clubs at a primary school. There are lots of ideas on the D of E website.

ColdRainAgain Fri 08-Nov-19 21:02:54

Long time ago, but I went and walked dogs for the RSPCA, helped out with the local guide pack, and cant remember what I did for the third award.

Voldethought Fri 08-Nov-19 21:03:28

Oxfam - one hour a week. Three years later she still volunteers there as they made her feel so welcome.

lakeswimmer Fri 08-Nov-19 22:19:07

Coached younger kids football team
Helped with maintenance tasks at local National Trust place
Helped with after school club at local primary school

MoaningMinniee Fri 08-Nov-19 22:23:07

One helped out with Rainbow Brownies. The other volunteered at Dog's Trust charity shop. Of their friends... three volunteered with National Trust major property a couple of miles away, another also volunteered with Dog's Trust Charity Shop, and two volunteered in local Hospice.

BackforGood Fri 08-Nov-19 22:37:18

All 3 of mine did Young Leader in different Scout Sections.

All 3 loved it and stayed on for years, rather than just the 3 months

Poppiesway1 Fri 08-Nov-19 22:41:28

@ BackforGood that’s what my eldest son also did. However.. we’re struggling with ds2 as he’s not old enough to be a Young Leader or Volunteer at Scouts as he’s still 13. They need to be 14and a half to be Scouting..
I’m going to read through this for ideas!!

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