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Where do you most want to visit? Is there a reason?

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ILoveDaveGrohl Tue 22-Jan-19 02:34:52

I know it's one of those generic questions, I'm not expecting loads of replies, but it's nice to see a wider range of opinions! It fascinates me how different we all are!

I want to visit Tanzania and go to the Serengeti.

I want to go to India purely to experience Holi festival.

What about you?

FortunesFave Tue 22-Jan-19 05:00:23

America because there's just so much of it that interests me. Also Mexico. I want to go to New York and all the usual things but also to the smaller, less known towns and cities. No interest in Disneyland or anything though.

In addition to America I'd like to visit China and Japan.

ShanghaiDiva Tue 22-Jan-19 05:58:04

I have visited over 50 countries, but still have many destinations on my list.
Tanzania - because my grandfather died there
Glasgow - because my df grew up there
Also on my list - Iceland, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Chile, Uzbekistan, Hungary and currently thinking about Bhutan.

Jenniferturkington Tue 22-Jan-19 06:06:19

I’m quite widely travelled but so many places are still calling out to me. At the moment I am extremely keen on going trekking in Nepal. Realistically that won’t be for at least four years yet though as youngest dc is too young.
So in the meantime I would like to see more of the Americas. Possibly travelling from chile to Canada ...

Jenniferturkington Tue 22-Jan-19 06:07:20

Oh, and dc very keen on going to Tokyo and Egypt.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Tue 22-Jan-19 06:22:05

I love America so would go back endlessly. Have been to California (most of it), Las Vegas, New York a few times, Boston, Florida, New Orleans, Texas. Next on the list is Chicago, Virginia, Washington.

Australia is a big dream.

Would love to do a luxury island where all you do is snorkel and drink!, such as the maldives.

Dh wants to start doing European city breaks for culture as we’ve done virtually no European holidays, except south of France and the algarve two weeks in the sun type holidays.

We have already done some big ones though, Japan, New Zealand, Canada.

TheLastNigel Tue 22-Jan-19 06:32:06

Sarajevo. I became really interested in it (the siege of Sarajevo and all that happened around that really) a few years ago after randomly reading a novel called The Cellist of Sarajevo and I just really want to go. It's really hard to get to directly
For some reason however. Would need to do it as part of a wider visit to Croatia which I will do but when they DD's are older as they would moan too much at the moment and ruin it for megrin

tinytemper66 Tue 22-Jan-19 08:12:44

New England-Nantucket and various places. I want to go as I did a module on American Literature in uni and want to see the places I read about.

GnothiSeafton Tue 22-Jan-19 09:53:03

I was brought up abroad and have visited some lovely countries too. But, right now, I want to go to a small town in Bavaria which is where, I discovered, my birth mother came from.

Mulberry72 Tue 22-Jan-19 09:55:56

I’d love to go to Russia, have always had a fascination with the country.

I’d also really like to go to Costa Rica to the Sloth Sactuary.

Charles11 Tue 22-Jan-19 09:56:00

I’ve always wanted to go to Tahiti. I saw images of it as a child and I just wanted to go.
(I also want to go into outer space but that’s probably unrealistic)

caperplips Tue 22-Jan-19 10:03:27

We've been lucky to have travelled a lot but there are SO many places we still want to visit! The list is endless really.

We have been to a lot of European cities for city breaks and also lots of bigger trips such as Australia (6 times), Thailand, China, Canada, America (several times )

But right now top of the list of for bigger trips:
St Petersburg / Moscow - I LOVE Russian history and need to visit these cities

And shorter haul European trips in our sights include:

Annual trip to Venice
return to Rome
return to Lisbon

We have the trip to Venice booked and working on the others..

Travel is our main indulgence

caperplips Tue 22-Jan-19 10:06:13

OMG Mulberry72 I could have written that - forgot to add the Costa Rica Sloth Sanctuary to my list - it is one of my personal dreams!

Whisky2014 Tue 22-Jan-19 10:07:36

Montenegro. It just looks interesting and beautiful.

MardAsSnails Tue 22-Jan-19 10:17:14

TheLastNigel one reason for lack of direct flights is the size of the airport. It’s horrendous, however considering the amount of money needed for the rebuild of the entire country, you can let them off for having the crappiest airport I’ve ever been to that seems to be stuck in a 90s time warp.

I found it very difficult in places. My local guide was 33 and grew up during the siege. He took me to the apartment block he grew up in and explained properly what life was like. Srebrenica was the toughest place I’ve visited, and I’ve been to a fair few. Possibly because I remember the news so clearly from when it happened.

It’s somewhere everyone should visit. The people are lovely, the city is really nice, the scenery is fabulous. And yet most people 30s and 40s wouldn’t usually consider it as a holiday destination due to the recent history. I really really loved my trip there. that’s a weird way to put it I think seeing as I went there solely for visiting the war history places - I can’t think of a better way to describe it, but it’s certainly one of the more poignant places I’ve ever been to that I think will have a lasting effect on me.

For me, I really want to visit Svalbard, also want to experience Holi (might be doing this year if boss approves my leave), and Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Bet I’ve totally outed myself now to various people grin

Teakind Tue 22-Jan-19 10:19:02

I’d love to go to Fiji. It looks so stunning and peaceful.

halfwitpicker Tue 22-Jan-19 16:20:11

Argentina, Japan, Norway.

BigGlasses Tue 22-Jan-19 16:32:17

On my list of places I want to go at the moment:

Switzerland, specifically the Interlaken/Laterbrunan
Channel Islands
Ireland - Cork and the west coast
Sri Lanka

Recently went to Malaysia, it is an amazing country, so pretty and yet very accessible and easy to travel around. A great introduction to asian countries (Vietnam and Cambodia are equally amazing but more challenging to get around)

Titsywoo Tue 22-Jan-19 16:37:58

The Maldives - I know there's nothing to do but it looks so beautiful!

Skomer Island - to see the puffins

Galapagos - looks amazing

Norway - northern lights


Those are the ones that really appeal.

DareDevil223 Tue 22-Jan-19 16:47:05

New Orleans for the food, the music and the ambience. Me and DS have discussed our desire to eat gumbo and po' boys whilst listening to blues music smile

I also want to go to New York because it just seems so exciting and vibrant. Also shopping.

icantthinkofanotherone Tue 22-Jan-19 16:53:50

Barcelona - it looks so interesting.

The Alhambra - I want to walk round the gardens.

New Zealand - just because.

I always wanted to go to Russia to see the Bolshoi Ballet, but then they came to London on tour so I saw them perform Swan Lake at the Royal Opera House instead.

Oblomov19 Tue 22-Jan-19 17:02:03

I want to go back to New York, Canada & America.

Minniemountain Tue 22-Jan-19 17:07:00

Rajasthan- my granny was born and lived there until Independence.

Patagonia- grandfather was born there and I'd love to visit the Welsh community there.

Anywhere with lots of ancient Roman or Greek ruins.

MrsDeanWinchester75 Tue 22-Jan-19 17:11:18

Machu Picchu, I'm a photographer and would be gutted if it was really cloudy up there.

DH and I would both love to do a coast to coast road trip across the USA.

BadlyAgedMemes Tue 22-Jan-19 17:26:11

New Zealand. It looks so beautiful, is so far away (so seems exotic and interesting, I guess), and I have family there.

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