To think what's the point? Christmas

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RoastPotatoQueen Wed 08-Dec-21 11:45:53

DH is asking for money this year for Christmas. Fair enough, he's saving up for something for his hobby and has wanted it for a very long time but has put mine and the kids needs first.

SIL/BIL are asking for money for Christmas.

MIL is also asking for money for Christmas.

Would it just make sense to tell everyone to keep their money and spend it on what they want rather than swapping money around? hmm Apparently it goes against Christmas by doing this but it baffles me as someone is going to end up out of pocket with less money than they put in. And Nobody's even asked what I want for Christmas... not that I'm bothered grin

What do your families do? I need a solution!

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RubyFakeLips Wed 08-Dec-21 11:50:15

I agree, hate just giving money. Vouchers at a push or suggest token gifts like consumables (chocs, wine, shower gel) and otherwise keep the money yourselves.

DockOTheBay Wed 08-Dec-21 15:05:45

I agree, it's totally pointless to all exchange money. The only people I would give money to are kids/ teens who don't have jobs to earn their own money. Adults can just buy their own things.
I would say bring in a suggestion to just get token gifts and then keep your own money.

Pennythoughts28 Wed 08-Dec-21 15:54:11

We are all big into Christmas so every year we pick out a few decorations we like or we might need new lights ect then we all make eachother Christmas hamper for example I got my sol and brother this year a beautiful snowy house decoration my sol was with me when she picked it out, they bought a house this year so needed outdoor lights and a light curtain for front window and then i git a few wee surprise decorations 2 baubles that say godmother and godfather as I had a baby a few weeks ago and Christmas chocolate snacks ect

IgneousRock Wed 08-Dec-21 15:57:50

I know what you mean OP, but logically is this any different to families who ask for specific presents? Again, each person could just go out and buy their own things instead of everyone exchanging them. (It's different when the presents are a surprise and are chosen by the giver without any hints.)

CrimbleCrumble1 Wed 08-Dec-21 16:03:04

I only buy for DC, DH and DM. My DH and I have a night out with siblings instead of buying presents. They didn’t mind at all when I suggested this.
I wouldn’t mind if my DH asked for cash but I don’t think he ever would, I have bought him book tokens before which he really liked as he loved to buy books.

Poppins17 Wed 08-Dec-21 16:13:29

Agree… I don’t see the point of giving £20 to someone to then give it you back.. either don’t bother or buy a gift!


Plopcorn Wed 08-Dec-21 16:32:42

Tell them it’s pointless, because it is, and that you’ll leave them to it this year. Buy yourself what you want instead.

Kirstos1 Wed 08-Dec-21 16:44:25

I know it seems pointless to give someone twenty quid just to get it back but if I have put the money to one side to give someone I won't use it for an essential bill or something whereas I would if it was 'mine'. Then when I receive it for Christmas it's a present that I can actually justify treating myself with. I don't know if that makes much sense to be honest!

Onionbhajisandwich Wed 08-Dec-21 16:49:38

I could have written this haha. I don’t get it either.

Bagelsandbrie Wed 08-Dec-21 16:52:15

I agree. Totally pointless and defeats the enjoyment!

Nevertime Wed 08-Dec-21 16:53:37

Yes. If they must have a swap do a £5 secret santa.

Bontanics Wed 08-Dec-21 21:25:09

Exactly why we as whole family stopped. We buy no presents and we get no presents. No money stress, no shopping stress and no disappointment.

Bluntness100 Wed 08-Dec-21 21:29:15

Your husband wants you to give him money for Christmas?

2WeeksTillChristmas Wed 08-Dec-21 21:51:04

I wouldnt give money,
I actually think its rude to ask for money

PickleSarnie Wed 08-Dec-21 22:03:32

Your MIL wants money?! That's really weird. I can't imagine giving my inlaws or parents for that matter money.

Me and my sister ended up just giving each other a list of stuff to pick from any gave up after a couple of years so don't do gifts at all. Money for kids/teenagers is fine. Anyone else is pointless and a bit weird

Plopcorn Wed 08-Dec-21 22:07:42

Your husband wants you to give him money for Christmas?… Please tell us more. This is beyond weird.

Bluntness100 Wed 08-Dec-21 22:14:18


Your husband wants you to give him money for Christmas?… Please tell us more. This is beyond weird.

Thank goodness it’s not just me. I can’t imagine my husband asking me to give him money for Xmas, and I say that as soneone with our own accounts as well as joint accounts. Worst case if he wanted something really expensive he’d transfer me some money and I’d still buy the gift and contribute to it,

What are you going to do, give him a card with some cash in?

caketiger Wed 08-Dec-21 22:32:20

We All swap amazon vouchers. It's totally pointless. Yay, Christmas!

StartingAgain33 Wed 08-Dec-21 22:36:55

Hahaha. My mum has asked for money and will give me money. The difference is I’ll give her way more than she’ll give me, but she’ll feel like she did something.

It’s bloody ridiculous.

thelegohooverer Wed 08-Dec-21 22:39:33

It sounds like the perfect opening to have The Conversation and end the madness of adult gifts once and for all! Bite the bullet OP!

Holothane Wed 08-Dec-21 22:41:53

Dh has asked a dressing I’m happy to buy it it’s something he wants and he’ll have his bottle of whiskey. Job done this year.

MamaFirst Wed 08-Dec-21 22:42:23

I wouldn't do this, totally pointless and weird. I would say we won't do adult gifts this year as nobody actually wants anything - children I understand why money is gifed though I still don't really like it personally.

Bluntness100 Wed 08-Dec-21 22:44:28

I’m guessing everyone is proper skint. Hence why everyone asking each other for money. You’d never do it otherwise. Your own husband asking though is weird

Lollypop701 Wed 08-Dec-21 23:40:33

Maybe suggest a secret Santa between adults with a limit, depending on how much you spend. So if you spend 20 pp that’s 40 per couple, up it to 40 so you get one really nice thing each? Or Maybe no one wants anything right now…..

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